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    LIVE from the Camino I just saw Martin Sheen!!!

    I'm in SJPdP RIGHT NOW and I just saw Martin Sheen. I'm 100% sure...he waved at me when he saw me staring inquisitively! Why's he here?? I'm off tomorrow walking. Thanks to everyone on this board for all their help over the last few months!!
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    Lockers at the Austerlitz train station in Paris?

    Are there lockers in the Austerlitz train station in Paris? I arrive early in the morning and don't leave until later that night and would love to drop off my backpack and wander the town for a little bit. Thanks!
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    Anyone ever use Yoigo mobile service?

    I'm leaving on Friday for SJPdP via Paris. Has anyone ever used Yoigo ( mobile service? It looks pretty cheap with data capping out at EU 1.20/day and rates sounding reasonable. There's also an office about a block off the path in Pamplona, where I should be on day 3 of...
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    Just noticed this on the AP news wire ... wD9A7AJ980 Spain: For sake of swine flu, don't kiss the saint By DANIEL WOOLLS (AP) – 2 hours ago MADRID — Spain's Catholic Church has new advice for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela: Don't kiss the saint. For centuries, pilgrims have visited one...
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    Will I need sleeping pad on Camino Frances in October?

    I leave SJPdP on September 28. I know some of the albergues will be closing for the season (e.g. I miss staying at L'Espirit du Chemin by one day). So will I need to carry the weight of a sleeping pad? With the fewer open albergues, will I probably see a need for it? (Or do you think some kind...
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    Place to stay in SJPdP - Sept 27

    This is fun. I land in Paris on the redeye on September 26. I leave for SJPdP on the overnight train that night and planned on starting to walk on September 27 to Orisson. So apparently, the contact form on the Orisson site doesn't work. I didn't know this. For the last 3 weeks, I've been...
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    Should I buy train ticket in advance?

    Should I buy my train ticket from Paris to SJPdP in advance? I need the train departing on 9/26/09. It looks like it's $167 for the Freedom Flexible 2nd Class ticket on the RailEurope site for the overnite train to Bayonne. I figure the Freedom ticket gives me a sleeping berth to (try to) sleep...
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    Plan for my first few days...

    Wanted opinion from those who've walked before me on whether or not this timeline looks good for my arrival and getting started on my Camino. I arrive at 6:55 am at Charles du Gaulle International Airport in Paris on September 26 after an overnight flight from Washington, D.C. My plan for that...
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    Random: Safe to have US Flag on backpack?

    Yes, this is random and paranoid...but I'm going to ask it anyway. Is it safe to have the U.S. Flag on the outside of my backpack? I don't want some Basque separatist taking my bag and doing who-knows-what to it. :) (Told you it was a random and paranoid question.)
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    Bed availability if I am leaving Sep 27 from SJPdP

    I'm trying to figure out what I need to pack. I'm leaving from SJPdP on September 27 (or 28). Normally, I wouldn't be too worried about finding a bed given the time of year, but with the closing of some albergues for the season, should I still carry a sleeping pad just in case? Trying to save on...
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    Availability of water of Camino Frances

    I'm trying to decide what water storage means to bring on the Camino Frances starting in SJPdP. I have a Camelbak for the hydration sleeve in my backpack that's 3 liters. I think this would hold plenty of water. Except that it adds weight and requires repacking more than half my pack when...
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    It just became VERY real: I just bought my plane tickets!

    I'll be arriving in Paris on the Lufthansa redeye on September 26. It'll take me a couple of days to get to SJPdP, but then it's off! I'm excited and still a little scared.'s now very, very real. -Thomas
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    Shoes...gore-tex or breathability?

    What does your experience on El Camino tell you? I've been using La Sportiva trail runners that I've been happy with. Well, yesterday, I got my custom orthotics in. Now the shoe feels too small. It's lawn mowing shoes badly need replacement anyway. I leave for El Camino the last...
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    Need GPS Suggestions

    I'd like to take a GPS unit with me to Spain. Looking for suggestions on a good one to buy. Here's some features I'd like it to have: * Good battery life * Chargeable by USB (I have a solar-powered USB charger already on my backpack) or uses AA batteries * Enough memory to store my track from...
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    Anyone try a bag alarm?

    I'm thinking of getting 2 of these for my Camino in September: You set a 4 digit code and arm it attached to your bag. If it moves (and continues to move, allowing it to accidentally be bumped) and the code isn't entered to disarm it, it blares a...