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    App Miam miam dodo not available ( for the moment anyhow)

    Just to let you know, if you're talking about the Dutch co-fraternity file (posted by Thomas1962 and dated March, 2018) it's slightly out-of-date, as the trail has changed in several places. That said, it's a terrific resource, but in moments of doubt, trust the map in MMD. No worries...
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    App Miam miam dodo not available ( for the moment anyhow)

    You might also find useful the logistical guide I put together and posted in the resources section.
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    App Miam miam dodo not available ( for the moment anyhow)

    I had both the paper and app version when we walked it in the fall of 2019. I actually found the paper version more useful. The information is more complete, and it's very easy to use even if you don't speak French. It's virtually all in symbols, with a key to understand them, and insofar as...
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    Can I have my backpack transported to municipal albergues?

    There's an easy way to get the answer: contact the transport companies directly. The two main one are Jacotrans and Correos. and They can arrange transport for your whole camino, or just day-by-day on an ad hoc basis. Both communicate in...
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    Bus schedules app/website

    All resources are good! Even Rome2rio can be of limited help sometimes. I tried it out for the 3 Camino towns I mentioned above (La Virgen del Camino, Fromista, and Navarette), and although Rome2rio gave me some options, it didn't give me the names or itineraries of the local bus lines I...
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    Bus schedules app/website

    Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried it out, though, and it seems to only show the major inter-city routes that would be served by Alsa, or the major bus companies. I tried to find buses for the day after tomorrow for 3 smaller places on the Frances that I've taken buses to / from...
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    CP: Some general questions

    With respect to your question about jumping from one route to the other, it's easy to do at multiple points. For example, on the coastal route most people make it to Vila do Conde on the first day. From there, there is a marked trail to Arcos on the central route. From Povoa de Varzim and...
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    From Le Puy France to Roncesvalles Spain

    I wrote up a practical, how-to guide to the Le Puy route that should answer most of the questions you have. Here's the link:
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    The Way of Le Puy: All the Stuff You Wanna Know or Oughta Wanna Know Before Starting Out

    I used Gronze, but not for the gps tracks. The Le Puy route is constrantly changing, and I found that the only accurate gps track of the ones I checked out was the one with the Miam Miam Dodo app. (I also tried the All Trails map, and the track from the Dutch cofraternity that you can...
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    Good map apps for El Norte?

    QUOTE="MarkyD, post: 874582, member: 82926"] Good morning, afternoon, evening to everyone who has been on El Norte and found good ways to reduce/avoid too much tarmac crunching, especially the more dangerous sections. I'm interested to find out information from anyone who has any good tips or...
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    Le Puy to Santiago 2021

    You might find this useful. It's a general resource guide to the Le Puy route that I posted in the resources section. Buen camiino!
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    2020 vs 2019

    You can get the exact statistics here: In July, just under 10,000 Compostelas were issued. 7859 went to Spaniards, and a total of 106 went to Americans and UK residents.
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    Advice sought for Norte now- Ribadeo to Santiago

    It's not clear what you mean by "safety aspects." Do you mean personal safety -- i.e fear of being assaulted or accosted? In response, all I can say is that that part of the Norte, after Ribadeo, is always pretty deserted. My wife and I walked it in the spring of 2018, and usually didn't see...
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    Booking directly

    It's not that much more hassle to book directly. What I'll often do is use to identify the possibilities, then after I've narrowed them down, I google the lodgings I'm interested in (or look them up in gronze) find the contact info. and then contact them directly -- either through...
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    What would you like to ask John Brierley?

    This and many other questions are answered in Dave Whitson's podcast interview of Brierley. It's truly a fantastic interview, which will deepen everyone's appreciation of Brierley and what he's done for us and the Camino. Whitson, who is himself the author of one of the leading guidebooks on...
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    What would you like to ask John Brierley?

    He's still the best for me! But even an old troglodyte like me has gone mostly digital, so I'm wondering whether he'll ever issue his main guidebooks (and his upcoming one on the Invierno) in app. form or as kindle books?
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    Comparing Caminos by Challenge

    I find these kinds of musings lots of fun, especially with the situation outside. I agree with the comments above that a theory based only on elevation gain is limited. 5 sharp up and downs of 100 meters each over the course of 20 kilometers is going to be a lot harder than 1 500 meter gradual...
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    Rome2Rio Refunded Our Money

    I'm glad you're getting your money back, but this is a complicated issue. There's a lot of economic pain out there, and to the extent we can afford to not ask for refunds, that may often be a better choice. In the San Francisco Bay Area, for example, where I live, many non-profit theater...
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    Stage After Casa da Fernanda

    The steepest and most rugged climb on the Camino Portuguese is between Ponte de Lima and Rubiaes, so you're probably best off breaking up Casa de Fernanda to Rubiaes into two stages, with a stop at Ponte de Lima. Plus it would be nice to have a few extra hours to spend in Ponte de Lima, after a...