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  1. Sansthing

    Pre-Camino walking regimes - are they worth it? Do they work? Are they needed?

    For my first Camino I did a six-week preparation with exercises and walking with a weighted pack, for my second Camino I did no preparation at all. The difference I felt between the two only lasted for the first week.
  2. Sansthing

    COVID "Permanently Closed"

    Change is part of life. From a "glass half full" point of view think of all the wonderful and interesting new things there will be on the Camino in the future.
  3. Sansthing

    COVID Airline vouchers 2021 to 2022

    As far as I know if your voucher expires you can then ask for a refund.
  4. Sansthing

    Searching for the perfect hiking pole

    Pacer poles every time!
  5. Sansthing

    Monte de Gozo - statue commemorating visit of pope has been removed

    I must admit I found the monument very strange-looking and could not understand its symbolism. I would have loved to have seen the pilgrim statues but never knew they were there. Maybe next time, hopefully.
  6. Sansthing

    Three years ago...

    I have a similar picture from 2016 (can´t find it anywhere!). Happy days...
  7. Sansthing

    What a week!

    Thank you Rachael, I managed to join them briefly on a video call. Just as well I didn´t try to go, it now looks like I have the dreaded virus, although only mildly thank goodness (I´m 74!)
  8. Sansthing

    What a week!

    A day to remember in more ways than one. Glad it turned out well. My youngest son is getting married today in a quiet civil ceremony followed by a meal. We are in lockdown so I will be unable to go. Difficult days.
  9. Sansthing

    Mens or Unisex Sarong for walking in August

    The longyi looks like a very interesting option, whatever your gender. In fact it looks so comfortable I might make myself one for chilling out at home.
  10. Sansthing

    Sept 2021 - Trails of the unexpected ! Camping

    It may be worth considering that there could be even fewer shops for provisions than usual in the smaller places as many businesses are closing down due to the pandemic.
  11. Sansthing

    While Waiting to Walk - What are you doing?

    I am shielding in my apartment but trying to walk 4000 steps a day. One full circuit is 75 steps...gets a bit boring. My poor dog follows me round wondering what on earth I am doing but at least we get a bit of exercise. Other than that I am reading, potting and have started blogging again...
  12. Sansthing

    Yet another health threat to worry about

    Where I live (Brazil) we have to contend with dengue fever and zika from the mosquitos, let alone the current Covid problem. Keeping my head down at the moment!
  13. Sansthing

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Born in England, living in Brazil.
  14. Sansthing

    Alert: Exhibitionist on the CP after Barcelos

    Taking a photo is not recommended, it may escalate the problem to aggressive or violent behaviour.
  15. Sansthing

    Walking through cancer. A thread for inspiration.

    I had surgery for lung cancer last April, luckily caught early...I´ve just bought my ticket for Madrid for this April, my 5th Camino. Thinking of you Anniesantiago.
  16. Sansthing


    If you put your bar of soap in one of those little mesh bags that lemons etc come in, and tie it off with string, you can then hang the bag from your 'S' hook. You can use the soap without taking it out of the bag!
  17. Sansthing

    The back of beyond

    In Brazil I´ve heard "where St Jude lost his boots" to denote a faraway place!
  18. Sansthing

    Court Ordered Camino

    I met a French social worker and young offender on the VDLP a couple of years ago, and our paths crossed so often we became friends and ended up doing most of the Camino together. The social worker had a tough job at times but handled difficult situations very well and the improvement in the...
  19. Sansthing

    Sello in Ferrol?

    Thanks for all the useful information...two days to go! :)
  20. Sansthing

    Have any of you left the Camino and done long walks elsewhere?

    I´ve done the French Camino twice, followed by the Via de la Plata. Before that loads of walking in the Lake District (UK) but before my first Camino I did the Inca Trail in unforgettable experience. This year I am doing the Camino Ingles (short but sweet due to time constraints). My...