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  1. shefollowsshells

    Street Art- I'm about to have this beauty put on Canvas

    One of my favorites...from Lisbon! though others might enjoy, and would love to see your favorites!
  2. shefollowsshells

    The Tympanum in Conques- slightly comical, an education

    Recently I shared a thread about beautiful Conques and the monk playing the House of the Rising Sun on the organ. Conques gave us many memories, a monk offering us to sleep in the garden behind the monetary and bringing us leftovers of the dinner served. One of the best conversations in the...
  3. shefollowsshells

    Estrella Galicia witch tap- a little humor during Covid times

    I had shared the story on how I acquired an Estrella Galicia witch, I've never shared the story on how I got its partner with the witch hat (one day)... in the meantime, having six kids and their friends coming and going, at times I feel we need to censor her depending on the company. All three...
  4. shefollowsshells

    A layover in Canada , coming from the US

    With vaccines behind me, I'm starting to think that maybe there is a chance for a Le Puy in August. Would love thoughts on that, realizing everything is "unknown"... A good flight is appearing , it takes me to Canada though (from the US), its the fastest and cheapest. Cheaper than some flights...
  5. shefollowsshells

    The House of the Rising Sun- in Conques

    I know this has been mentioned before, in fact I might have started the thread. The connection of Le Puy route to the song The House of the Rising Sun. But a strange coincidence, like so many things Camino... I, like everyone else here, am licking my wounds with overseas travel halted for 18...
  6. shefollowsshells

    A special edition to a Portugues shell

    Last year in Lisbon we bought tiny little fish that we attached to our shells on our backpacks. We were asked often where we bought them. I had not made note of the place, and it was the only place I saw such fish. We are at the location now, so I thought I would share an image and location if...
  7. shefollowsshells

    a return to the RV

    at the airport heading to Portugal to do the RV again. A year ago I did it with two of my six kiddos... this time with just the hubby!!!!! I’ve done several Caminos solo, two with kids... and now “ just us”. Super excited to share this beautiful hike with him. His first European hike with me...
  8. shefollowsshells

    Orange Juice- a topic of interest to me re: Portuguese Camino

    After just watching a video John found for me here it mentions exactly what I thought the whole time I was in Portugal. So many beautiful orange trees but difficult to be served a fresh glass of orange juice, or even a carton of regular (more natural tasting) orange juice. I found when places...
  9. shefollowsshells

    Can you help me find a thread- video of guy walking from Lisbon

    I've searched and searched and it must be right under my nose. About a month ago (unless I dreamt it) I started watching a rather lengthy video of a guy walking from Lisbon. I enjoyed it but paused it with the intent to enjoy it with my children and watch it with them. I now can not find it. It...
  10. shefollowsshells

    Santiago Nativity - made in Galicia (updated with ARTIST info)

    I'm not a souvenir purchaser but when I saw this in Santiago I couldn't help myself. Merry Christmas Pilgrims and family! I had searched and searched for the card of this artist when I posted this and couldn't find it. I knew it looked similiar in style to Sargadelos but was pretty certain it...
  11. shefollowsshells

    Graffiti on the Camino- this is how I handled it

    I'm not saying I love the sight of graffiti...I'm not on the forum much these days but got an email of top threads this past week and one was titled Graffiti or had the word in its subject line. It made me think maybe I should share... FIVE points to whoever can say where this graffiti came...
  12. shefollowsshells

    A return to sleep with the town floozie, who won our heart

    The siren draws us are booked to return to the beautiful Basque region of France. We had joined the Le Puy route to the Norte by hiking several amazing days on the GR 10 connecting St Jean Pied de Port to Hendeye. Some of the greatest memories of my life were there! We return to...
  13. shefollowsshells

    This Sunday Anthony Bourdain (RIP) in ASTURIAS, SPAIN

    I remember being so excited when he was heading to San Sebastian and came here to share... This Sunday is one of his final shows in Asturias. From what I heard it will not be done in his voice, with his humor and poetic style as his death proceeded that editing. I thought others might be...
  14. shefollowsshells

    Quinta da Burra- A special place a few days out of Lisbon

    My daughters and I have been home now for more than two months on a trip that started at the South/West tip of Portugal on the Rota Vicentina (thanks to this board and all of the wonderful advice and help from others)...and took us up to Santiago. We were just talking about one of our favorite...
  15. shefollowsshells

    Sharing our Roto Vicentina - blog

    I gained so much help from this forum as we prepared for our Roto Vicentina. It is a breathtaking feast of a hike! We walked South to North and while I have never been one to write well I hope my pictures can give someone a glimpse of all it has to offer. is my...
  16. shefollowsshells

    To the trail angels of the Roto Vicentina

    We want to thank you here on our loved forum for all the work that you have done to make this trail spectacular! The trail is beautifully marked! When one is walking through the woods and comes across water blocking the path a walkway has been put in place. This trail is loved! It is obvious...
  17. shefollowsshells

    Fares from SCQ to Paris CDG...and flight schedules

    I wondered if anyone has mastered the Santiago flights, what is a good deal, possibly when to find them, or a route that I might not have even thought of. For two Caminos it was just me flying from Santiago to Paris so I didn't pay attention to the cost. My children and I need to be at CDG on...
  18. shefollowsshells

    input needed re: Train from Lisbon to Lagos

    To those that have either done this or know the train system way better than I do (which would be the majority)... this site seems to imply there are two different transactions for Lisbon-Tunes and Tunes-Lagos that total about 50 Euros. It does imply that there is "now" away to purchase both at...
  19. shefollowsshells

    Salads in Portugal - curious

    Don't get me wrong, I love seafood and I love pastry. There is no way Portugal can disappoint me. I'm not asking for assurance of the quality of the food, I know I will be thrilled. But I am wondering what is their reputation regarding Salads? For example the Salads from France, in many places...
  20. shefollowsshells

    UPDATED POST: umbrellas are different-Trekking umbrellas

    Eighteen months ago it seemed difficult for me to get my hands on one of the silver "Euroschirm" handsfree umbrellas. If I'm not mistaken it had just been sold and was under a different name before. There was a distributer out of the USA that I worked with personally to secure our precious 6...