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  1. vinotinto

    Orujo de Hierbas - digestif, pain killer, conversation start

    Still miss this nectar of the godz...gotta order it one of these days, or better yet, walk again & enjoy it at the source!
  2. vinotinto

    how much weight did you lose on your Camino?

    I lost around 20 lbs, but have gained it back since then (2007). I'm in solidarity with those who'd like to go back on the Way to re-shed their chunk... :oops: Man, one of my favorite things about the Camino was being able to eat/drink whatever I wanted and not pad my gut as a result...sigh...
  3. vinotinto

    Orujo de Hierbas - digestif, pain killer, conversation start

    Yum - sounds good! I wonder if cinnamon as an additive would work? My favorite whiskey is a brand called "Fireball," which has cinnamon in it. It goes well with stogies, and makes a great hot toddy when I'm sick! :wink:
  4. vinotinto

    Did ANYBODY take crappy equipment

    I brought a pair of chintzy gaiters that I got rid of quite quickly. My boots were also too heavy, and I ended up replacing them with a light Spanish pair in Logrono. I had a non-breathable rain jacket that I left in SJPP because it was like a portable sauna. And my neck wallet ended up being...
  5. vinotinto

    Orujo de Hierbas - digestif, pain killer, conversation start

    Copied and pasted for future reference - gracias! :mrgreen:
  6. vinotinto

    Items I overlooked, but wished I had

    Way to bust a rhyme, homes! Say, if you stagger across one of those never-ending vino bottles, let me know! But then again, the Spanish bar economy would suffer, and we can't have that... :mrgreen:
  7. vinotinto

    Kindle the perfect pilgrim gadget?

    Good points, except that one can go with the Wi-Fi only iPad and avoid any data charges at all. Plus, I never did much reading in the hot Spanish son - instead, I read in bars, cafes, restaurants, and albergues in the cool shade. Anyway, I see the iPad as a device for the pilgrim who wants to...
  8. vinotinto

    Has your camino experience changed who you are as a person?

    Well, here are a couple of mine: I became an atheist after walking the Camino, which is kind of ironic given the Way's context...but that's how the walking stick bounces sometimes, I suppose. Perhaps it was the reading I did on the Camino's background, along with meeting so many cool people...
  9. vinotinto

    Hand sanitizer?

    When I did the Camino Frances in 2007, I tried to replenish my supply of hand sanitizer (alcohol-based gel/moisturizer) at a farmacia. However, the person behind the counter told me that Spain didn't have such a product. Anyone know if that's still the case in 2011?
  10. vinotinto

    Kindle the perfect pilgrim gadget?

    Luves my Kindle, but I'm coveting the iPad 2 (with Kindle app, of course)...still waiting to see if anyone's done the Way with an iPad, cuz it would be pretty handy depending on how much free wireless there is on the trails nowadays (the 3G fees would probably be horrendous)... :arrow:
  11. vinotinto


    The first shot of orujo's on me! :wink: I just saw a funny and topical episode of South Park that should be required viewing for all who post/lurk on this thread... :mrgreen:
  12. vinotinto

    Spanish Language

    I recommend that you know numbers from one to 100, names of common food items/utensils, simple commonly-used sentences, directions, and courtesies. Arn's list is a good start (I would add "grande" to the vino tinto phrase, though, and "orujo" is kind of like the pepto-bismol of Spain...
  13. vinotinto

    What did you read on your Camino

    I spent a lot of time poring over my Brierley guidebook, but I also picked up books on the trail or hung out in the rare albergue library/reading room (like the one at Rabanal). I love to read, so I always had something on hand to go through. But I also made an effort to spend time just...
  14. vinotinto

    "The Way" movie being released??

    I'd like to see a Camino trek combined with a Bachelor or Bachelorette premise, where one person starts off in SJPP with, say, twenty members of the opposite gender, and then he/she picks a spouse out of whomever makes it to Santiago with him/her...I'd be happy to star in that one (hehe)! :mrgreen:
  15. vinotinto

    Orujo de Hierbas - digestif, pain killer, conversation start

    Listerine...bleh! Nah, in fact, I didn't start drinking alcohol until my 30s, well after my tour as one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. I had to go to seminary in order to become a lush... :mrgreen: That's boss makes a mean limoncello (or so he says, I haven't tried any from...
  16. vinotinto

    Thinking of writing a book about your camino?

    Si, Senor! Indeed, I buy most of my books in Kindle format nowadays, so that avenue looks like the future to me. It would still be nice to run one's book thru an editor & get some secondary opinions before publication, though...always good to get outside critique... :arrow:
  17. vinotinto

    Computer security along the Camino?

    Kind of figured that was the answer I'd get - thanks for the confirmation, though. :) Ah well...I'm cool with the Euro trains anyway. Plus, it would give me an excuse to hang out in Porto again after the me that Porto vino, especially with a puro de habana! :mrgreen:
  18. vinotinto

    Orujo de Hierbas - digestif, pain killer, conversation start

    I was introduced to Orujo at a private albergue early on during my Camino. After an excellent dinner prepared by the owner/operator and her husband, some of us bellied up to the albergue's bar. "Have you tried Orujo?" asked the barkeep, not coincidentally the owner. "Orujo? What's that?" I...
  19. vinotinto

    Computer security along the Camino?

    Two questions, Jefe: 1) How is the airport at Santiago? I chose to take a bus from Santiago to Paris to catch my return flight home back in 2007, but others have mentioned flying out from Santiago. I did an el cheapo flight from London to Madrid in 2003, and while it worked out for that...
  20. vinotinto

    "The Way" movie being released??

    If anyone wants a decent Camino-related movie fix while waiting for The Way, look for a flick titled Americano, starring Joshua Jackson, Leonor Varela, and Dennis Hopper. It's set mainly in Pamplona or thereabouts, and it has an intriguing Camino angle... :arrow: