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  1. Rambler

    Santiago Garden Statue

    I am looking for a garden statue of a pilgrim or Santiago that I can put in my yard as a remembrance of my Caminos. I remember seeing some small (2 foot) statues of rough stone when in Santiago, but cannot find anything on the Internet. Any ideas? Thanks. Rambler
  2. Rambler

    Pilgrim with shattered wrist

    Today in the Atlanta airport I saw a young lady carrying a pack with The Shell. I stopped her to see if she was leaving or returning from the Camino. She had her arm fully bandaged and had shattered her wrist in a fall outside of Pamplona. Although having to undergo a long period in the...
  3. Rambler

    LIVE from the Camino Looking for father son American pilgrims on Camino now

    We met up with a father and son from Ohio when we left Pamplona and EDT them in Logroño. Dad is marine and newly retired police chief(60s). Son was a runner in college, about to start medical school (late 20s). We have not heard from them and they did not provide an email. We heard the dad...
  4. Rambler

    LIVE from the Camino Live from Logroño

    Got to Logroño yesterday through the brutal heat. There is a Rioja festival going on now with regional foods and medieval activities going on through Monday. Just know that the stores are closing for the holiday. We also got to see the running of the bulls in Los Arcos! It was loads of fun. A...
  5. Rambler

    LIVE from the Camino We're off then!

    My son and I head to the airport here in Atlanta to begin our Camino adventure together. Plan to be in St Jean tomorrow evening and then start on Monday morning. If anyone else is starting then, look for us! Let's hope the rain let's up and we can enjoy some good weather. Rambler
  6. Rambler

    Basque albergue from the movie the Way

    Quick question: The albergue in the movie the Way where the main character has the outdoor dinner and meets the Canadian girl; what is the name of it? I understood that it was an actual refugio that is run by Americans. I could not find the answer to this anywhere on the forum. Thanks. Rambler
  7. Rambler

    Getting a hometown blessing

    Yesterday, My son and I got a Pilgrim blessing from our local parish priest as we set out on out Camino next Friday. It is a great way to truly start your Camino "From your doorstep". The priest asked that we pray for the parish on the pilgrimage and at Santiago. He is even going to use the...
  8. Rambler

    101 uses for a Bandana

    One of the best and most versatile items on the Camino is a bandana. I found these items and thought you might enjoy: Excerpts: Cowboys originally wore bandanas because they served a bunch of different purposes. You can...
  9. Rambler

    Favorite Sello?

    My favorite sello from the Camino Frances is from the Museo del Chocolate in Astorga. My daughter and I got it on a layover day when we were not sure if she would want to continue the Camino. There had been lots of tears and soul searching (and that was just me!!!) ;) But the museum was a great...
  10. Rambler

    Conversations with a Son

    Next week, my son and I leave for our time together on the Camino Frances. It will be a great 3 week period of time where we can strengthen our relationship and have an even greater bond. But this weekend, I realized that it would be good to think about some questions that would be great...
  11. Rambler

    Brierley Guidebook hack

    This is an easy way to reduce some of the weight in your pack and make your guidebook a little easier to use. Take your guide book to a printing/copier place (Kinkos in the US) and have them cut the binding off the book. then remove all the pages that you feel you won't need while on the Way. If...
  12. Rambler

    Poll: Which iPhone Application is best for Camino Frances?

    You know I love polls. And it is time to consider one of the iPhone apps to take as a guide for our Camino. But no one can afford to buy all the paid apps out there, so hopefully many of you have tried some of these and may have opinions of which ones are valuable and which ones aren't. Also...
  13. Rambler

    Designing the Perfect Camino Pack

    So we have discussed which packs are popular... But now let me ask everyone here, if you were to design the perfect pack for the Camino, what would it look like? Think about aspects like weight, features, pockets, accessories, etc. I realize that no one pack is perfect for every person nor every...
  14. Rambler

    CAMINO, The Journey to Santiago documentary

    Having watched the You Tube videos Ivar suggested a few weeks ago, I was impressed with the cinematography for "CAMINO, The Journey to Santiago". It was so interesting that I ordered the DVD (OK, I am a sucker for anything Camino). Just watched it this weekend and again loved the camera work and...
  15. Rambler

    Poll: Which backpacks are most popular on the Caminos?

    Since many questions are asked about which pack to get, I thought it might be interesting to see what brands are most carried right now on the Camino. Though this may show more about where the members of our virtual community may live than an actual census on the road, it may help those that are...
  16. Rambler

    Can't book overnight train from Santiago to Madrid

    I have been waiting patiently for the 3 month window to start to make my train reservations on for the overnight train from Santiago to Madrid in Late June. For the last few weeks the last date that the train reservations have shown up for is June 14. Everything after that date is...
  17. Rambler

    Photo transfers to Flickr using wifi

    I am looking for some advice on how many of you have managed your pictures on the Camino. I am planning to carry a Canon digital camera, an iphone 4 with a Spanish SIM, an Eyefi SD card that will wirelessly transfer my pictures to my phone and I have a Flickr Pro account. I hope to take many...
  18. Rambler

    Leg Heat Rash - Golfer's Vasculitis and socks

    Last camino I got a red leg rash that looked like an allergic reaction to something. In Sarria I stopped at the hospital and they gave me a cream that seemed to make it go away. It appears to have been Golfer's Vasculitis. For this year' strip, I was going to wear hiking shoes instead of boots...
  19. Rambler

    NEW! Revised Techno Geek’s Guide to the Camino

    Or How to stay connected when you don’t want to be… Much of this Forum’s questions are related to various technology issues that pilgrims want to address prior to leaving on their Camino. I have tried to capture as much of the information from various people’s posts to pull together a single...
  20. Rambler

    Lightweight LED headlamp

    I am always on the lookout now for items I would take on the Camino. Just saw one of these LED headlamps: A Scouter friend has one and says he...