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  1. ELHS220

    COVID CDC Do Not Travel List

    I am not sure exactly where to post this, but the interactive map put out by the CDC within the article might be of general interest. Not very encouraging to say the least.
  2. ELHS220

    Can I have my backpack transported to municipal albergues?

    I used CORREOS and in BAAMONDE, on the NORTE, they were dropped at a bar across the street and I had to leave it in the same place the next morning. It is probably the same on the FRANCES for those that have the arrangement.
  3. ELHS220

    Video/Pocast The Parador and the Cathedral closed again, although for different reasons

    I have tried several times, but the video does not play.
  4. ELHS220

    Post your favorite flower photo(s) taken on Camino(part 2)

    Shortly before San Bol with, what I refer to as, the Sentinel Tree in the background.
  5. ELHS220

    Video/Pocast Church of San Francisco in Santiago de Compostela

    That hill is a stinker, isn’t it? When I volunteered at the Pilgrim Office in late June/early July, 2019, I did the Mass reading several times, both at the noon Pilgrim Mass and the much less crowded evening Mass. It is certainly a beautiful church. That hill is a stinker, isn’t it. When I...
  6. ELHS220

    A barber in Santiago.

    Yes, and here I am sitting in one of those chairs.
  7. ELHS220

    Camino Norte + heights

    I just can’t be near an edge. If I lived in a high rise, I’d probably never go out on the balcony unless it was VERY wide and I could be sufficiently back from the edge. P.S. I’ve been skydiving 3 times. Figure THAT out!
  8. ELHS220

    Camino Norte + heights

    Here is the link to the short video I made while on the bridge:
  9. ELHS220

    Camino Norte + heights

    I did about two-thirds of the Norte on foot, the rest via bus or train because of poor weather. I too have the “unprotected edge” height issue and don’t remember anything that set it off - EXCEPT THAT BRIDGE - OMG!!! - THAT BRIDGE!!!!! There is a high fence on the traffic side, but the railing...
  10. ELHS220

    Help about passport stamps and Compostela

    In looking more closely at those stamps, they don’t even appear to be anything more than random designs and not official stamps of any kind. But I know he was given the completion stamp on the shirt. It has always amused me that there is so much discussion on getting two stamps a day for the...
  11. ELHS220

    Help about passport stamps and Compostela

    I worked in the Pilgrim Office and this gentleman was collecting stamps on his shirt as well as in his credential.
  12. ELHS220

    COVID Iberia Airlines vs. TAP

    I had a TAP “non-refundable” for May 6 - July 18. I received a voucher with the 20% bonus good for two years. I hope I will be able to use it.
  13. ELHS220

    Camino de Madrid Handbook

    It is available on Kindle, but maybe that is just in the US? It’s available in Kindle, but maybe that is just in the US??
  14. ELHS220

    COVID 2020 Plans B, C, etc. - Alternatives to the physical camino

    This came across my Facebook today. No idea if someone else might have posted this previously, but here it is.
  15. ELHS220

    News Story Update: U.S. D.O.T. Warnings to Airlines Regarding the Issuing of Refunds for Cancellations

    I also took the TAP voucher + 20%. Hopefully things will be back to normal by the time it expires.
  16. ELHS220

    Denise Thiem - Five Years "In Memoriam"

    I also started right around that time (May 17) from SJPP. Articles in the newspapers regarding her disappearance were frequent and, after Astorga, so were the missing posters. This one was on the door of Albergue Pilar in Rabanal where I stayed. In 2017, I spent the night in El Ganso...
  17. ELHS220

    Tacky or Cool?

    I have some pictures of this. I will look for them.
  18. ELHS220

    Tacky or Cool?

    Tacky or cool? I can't decide...
  19. ELHS220

    Explain your forum Avatar (name and picture).

    My name, ELHS220, part of my e-mail address, represents the school (East Longmeadow High School) and the classroom (220) in which I taught Spanish for 35 years. The avatar is me, doing the scripture reading, at the Pilgrim Mass in the Cathedral.