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  1. islandwalker

    Camino de Costa Rica

    Wow - this is great to know about. Thanks @trecile for the information and @Conchita Espino for giving us the details of your experience. I see from the trail website that the tracks are on Wikiloc. They include some photos to give an idea of the terrain. Entire route...
  2. islandwalker

    Roman architecture for beginners

    Thanks! There a lot of nice info in there. I'm intrigued by Munigua - especially since it can only be reached by a dirt track. Here's a gps track from wikiloc for anyone interested. It looks like a stunning site.
  3. islandwalker

    Roman Roads in Spain and Portugal

    Oh, @Faye Walker, I am so glad you like it. All three of us in our family are loving this series. We can hardly believe our eyes at some of the steps taken to produce these constructions. I thought I knew a lot about Roman roads and aqueducts, but wait til you see the real story behind those...
  4. islandwalker

    Roman Roads in Spain and Portugal

    Hmm...that is a shame, because watching the entire series is like taking a course in Roman engineering. The narrator is enthusiastic and the topics are presented as mysteries to be solved. The visuals alone, especially the animated reenactments, are stunning. As to why it won't play for you...
  5. islandwalker

    Roman Roads in Spain and Portugal

    This new video mentioned by @Raggy in another post is excellent for answering a lot of questions about Roman roads. The prevention is in clear Spanish which you can slow down if desired by clicking on settings. You can also add subtitles. Even if you don't understand a word of Spanish, the...
  6. islandwalker

    Weather information for Spain and Portugal

    I agree. One of the very useful screens on Windy shows a map with the predicted number of centimeters of new snow (or accumulated snow depth, depending on what you choose) for coming days. It helps you decide if it is prudent to forge ahead in winter months, and if not, where to detour to where...
  7. islandwalker

    Car parking in Seville for 1 month

    @jony jony, I always have fun imagining your rides! Have you seen this video about cycling the Via Augusta and Via de la Plata starting in Cadiz? It won't play in the US, but maybe it will for you...?
  8. islandwalker

    Roman architecture for beginners

    If, by any chance, you have an interest in Roman Spain and missed this posting by @Raggy (like I did) back in January, you'll be delighted that you have found it now. The first one we watched, the one on Roman mines, is fascinating. It covers mines all over Spain and Portugal, so no matter which...
  9. islandwalker

    Information wanted about Camino Portugues

    Thanks for including this link. Your marvelous photos bring the past to life!
  10. islandwalker

    Car parking in Seville for 1 month

    I'm glad to hear you are planning another ride! If you are going to start in Cadiz, you might find some helpful route information on the Transandalus website. Their route from Cadiz to Sevilla is excellent and there is full information for free in their handbooks. We did that route on folding...
  11. islandwalker

    Any interest in a new "virtual camino?"

    When you're ready for another virtual camino, I'll add a vote for the Mozarabe. I've been accumulating as much info as I can, and would love to see the day-by-day input of others. So inspiring!
  12. islandwalker

    Walking around Spain

    To continue on from this point along the coast of Spain, here's a recent GPX track that will take you from Ayamonte (across the river from Vila Real de Santo António to Tarifa where the excellent GR7/E4 route begins. Along the way, you will cross the Parque Nacional de Doñana, 30 kilometers of...
  13. islandwalker

    Best Islamic Architecture on the Camino

    The Mezquita that Raggy mentions in Almonaster la Real is a treasure worth a detour if you are walking the Camino del Sur in Huelva province. When you step inside, although the scale is as different as it could possibly be, the effect is as stunning as stepping into Cordoba's Mezquita...
  14. islandwalker

    If you start in Almería.....

    Parts of Exodus were filmed just above Pechina (Stage 1, Km 10 on the Mozarabe). These two wikiloc tracks will take you there:
  15. islandwalker

    If you start in Almería.....

    This article indicates that at some point in the future there is going to be a pedestrian walkway along the Cable Ingles. That should make for an interesting stroll. From the Cable Ingles, it is also possible to see directly next door the Mauthausen Memorial, 142 white concrete pillars in memory...
  16. islandwalker

    GR 70:- Robert Louis Stevenson trail

    Wikiloc has GPS tracks for all the stages of the GR70, many with extensive notes (in French; open in Chrome for auto-translation) and photos. Even if you don't plan to use a GPS, looking at the photos might give you a sense of what each stage is like. Here's one (click on the user name for the...
  17. islandwalker

    Official interest in the Mozárabe in the province of Córdoba

    Lots of nice details in that article. Thanks! I've read several articles recently about the attention Spain is paying to the depopulation of rural areas and how Spain is worse off than either France or Germany in terms of its percentage of rural population. Camino pilgrims are always mentioned...
  18. islandwalker

    Free online course about the camino (in Spanish)

    I didn't notice it at first, but you can see in @jungleboy's helpful photo above that not only can you choose from the preset playback speeds, but there is also a custom speed button (top right) that lets you set intermediate playback speeds. So if you would prefer to listen at 85% or 70% or...
  19. islandwalker

    Free online course about the camino (in Spanish)

    Thanks for the reminder about checking junk mail. My confirmation email came within minutes, but I had to retrieve it from the spam folder. This looks like fun!