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  1. onwayhome

    Another boring weather question

    Very comprehensive stats dougfitz- what a range of possibilities! Frida1 looks like a selection of light layers and a water resistant shell would keep you comfortable as conditions change.
  2. onwayhome

    Anyone have a favourite British Pilgrimage?

    There are several villages with pubs along the way Bella2017, though in smaller places they can't be relied upon to always be open. You might find it useful to track along the map in the guidebook (, this also mentions likely pubs for lunch stops. I particularly enjoyed...
  3. onwayhome

    Anyone have a favourite British Pilgrimage?

    Wow what a rich thread, thank you for starting this off. If you are looking for a British version of Santiago then I suppose Canterbury comes the closest - it does have an extensive pilgrim history though compared to Santiago there's a very low key contemporary presence but a warm individual...
  4. onwayhome

    Enjoying your evocation of the coast path atmosphere. As for whales, there was a humpback that...

    Enjoying your evocation of the coast path atmosphere. As for whales, there was a humpback that hung around off Paignton and Slapton a couple of years ago. I've seen dolphins too, a little further South. Could be worth keeping an eye out. As you've noticed, this region isn't generally noted for...
  5. onwayhome

    How hot is too hot to walk?

    Just noticed it's looking super hot in central Europe and NE Spain this week, with 40degC forecast for Pamplona. This is unusual for June and pilgrims might not be expecting conditions that make walking potentially dangerous.
  6. onwayhome

    New foot injury -requesting advice - do I cancel my Camino?

    Hi Lynne. Ouch! It does sound disappointing to get this injury just a couple of weeks before leaving. The CP has it's share of hard surfaces to walk on, but I guess you'd want to consider whether doing any Camino right now would be creating helpful healing conditions. Hope a fruitful plan...
  7. onwayhome

    St Augustine's Camino

    I decided to make my own arrangements for accommodation ( booked via a mix of phone and and carry a light-ish pack so can't comment on how the organised booking and transport side works out. Andrew Kelly is behind the organising, he was helpful to me and seemed very approachable if...
  8. onwayhome

    Augustine Camino in July

    Hi Brian, I've just walked St Augustine's Camino and posted some comments which you might find useful in a separate thread. I enjoyed it a lot, sacred sites and lovely countryside. Hope you have a great time, if you decide to give it a go.
  9. onwayhome

    St Augustine's Camino

    Saint Augustine's Camino goes from Rochester Cathedral to the shrine of St Augustine in Ramsgate, via Canterbury, a total of 67miles (108 Km) spread over seven days using the suggested stages. Although recently developed, the walk visits places rich in pilgrim history, current centres of...
  10. onwayhome

    St Michael's Way: The UK Camino

    I don't think there's any way to carry on directly to the Ingles... unless you find an adventurous boat owner in Newlyn harbour 😉. The Finchale Priory route in County Durham is also recognised as part of the Camino Ingles. I've often wondered how long a gap is possible between the two walks if...
  11. onwayhome

    St Michael's Way: The UK Camino

    Looks like St Michael's Way is now formally recognised as part of the Camino Ingles, complete with its own credential, although I'm wondering if there are any places to get it stamped? When I walked this path there was one church open but unattended and the bar staff at the pub, while providing...
  12. onwayhome

    What to do if you Lose your Smartphone

    To secure a phone I'd suggest also setting a SIM lock, which is separate to the phone lock and very easy to do in the settings menu. This prevents anyone getting access to your account by simply taking out the SIM card and putting it in another phone.
  13. onwayhome

    Organised tour or do-it-yourself?

    I think you've pretty much laid out the territory in your question and the answer is in your personal choice. Personally I like to reserve at the start so I have somewhere to land and then take it flexibly day by day. Apps like booking. com etc can be very helpful and the Camino Frances is...
  14. onwayhome

    Credential stamps when walking from home

    The credential marks your intention and journey as a pilgrim, so could be started where you begin walking, if you wanted. It probably has less practical use off an 'official' route but can make a good record of places visited and enjoyable connections with local people in shops and churches as...
  15. onwayhome

    LIVE from the Camino 20 year old Pilgrim FOUND safe and sound

    If she was two days beyond the iron cross a week ago I reckon that puts her somewhere near Villafranca then and, continuing at the same pace, possibly near Arzua/Pedrouzo now. Santiago is a further day or two then it's around four days to Finisterre. Everyone takes the Camino at their own...
  16. onwayhome

    Is there a Camino library?

    I'd like to see it somewhere that pilgrims can enjoy and make use of it. I'm following up Wiilliam Marques CSJ suggestion to start. Been enjoying hearing about the memories evoked by its distinctive shape and apparent potential for multiple uses :)
  17. onwayhome

    Is there a Camino library?

    Having a clear out and I've just come across an early guidebook- Guia del Peregrino (Everest 1985). Its not doing a lot on my bookshelf and I'm wondering if there's a Camino library in the UK/Europe that might like it as a donation? With big maps and colour photos it actually weighed too...
  18. onwayhome

    Clothes washing - what to use?

    One soap for everything works for me. I am wary of washing waterproofs in anything other than cold water when on the trail. Detergents etc can affect the water repellent coating (dwr) which helps modern breathable fabrics to function.
  19. onwayhome

    2nd Camino anxiety and fear I'll compare everything to the first time!

    There you go....another use for Brierley guides- airport pilgrim spotting. Have a great (and unique) time. Sounds like you're getting on pretty well without extra advice and are well set up for a Camino adventure!