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  1. Marie_pri

    Garmin Fenix

    I used mine to track my walk for the day but not for navigation- just followed the yellow arrows
  2. Marie_pri

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    all good, just so true - the more we get immunised the better- then hopefully we can all go walk the Camino again! :-)
  3. Marie_pri

    Icebreaker Merino Shirts - Now a Blend - Alternatives?

    I don't know a company, but I have been finding a lot of 100% at op shops. Keep an eye out at your local op-shop and you will always find discarded merino tops.
  4. Marie_pri

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    haha 'some one I slept with' I'm sure you would like to think that :) but more because you put health care worker when your not, as you are retired and not a healthcare worker anymore. Not luck at all, just sneaky answer !
  5. Marie_pri

    Wildfire Season?

    Thanks for writing this, and that explains why when I saw our trees in spain I could not understand why they were lusher and so so much taller than any I have seen at home. (sorry , off topic)
  6. Marie_pri

    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    You get them in the $2 stores or Asian market shops.if Sydney go to paddys markets
  7. Marie_pri

    newcomer packing list

    I only took my Solomon hiking shoes and hiking sandals. Don’t pack more than that. I did not take flip flops i used hiking sandals in shower. But think I will buy foldable flip flops for next Camino. You have packed too many shoes. Clothing depends on what time of year you are walking.
  8. Marie_pri

    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    We flew from Au and yep can’t take poles and sharp objects on plane. I went to Kathmandu store and brought a luggage tracker. I took the majority of my hiking gear and back pack on plane as it would be hard to replace if lost at short notice. I place poles and sharp objects as check in. It’s a...
  9. Marie_pri

    Which route - CF or CP?

    ¿por qué no dos
  10. Marie_pri

    Are you thinking to walk the Camino (the way of the Saint James) again?

    oh yes! I think of it every day now. funny but the first few months back, my thoughts done that, move on! don't need to go back. Then 6 months later it was the most strongest pull in my life, now I think of it everyday and cant wait to do it again. Seems it gets under your skin once you have...
  11. Marie_pri

    Split Frances and Porto

    How long did the train take?
  12. Marie_pri

    Split Frances and Porto

    Planing my second Camino, I did not enjoy the walk in the las 100ks on my last walk. I want to avoid that again and I also want to experience the porto coastal. I looked into the options and think this is the route I want, just trying to figure out the best place and way to hope off and...
  13. Marie_pri

    Split Frances and Porto

    did anyone start the Frances then split it with Porto? For example, start at sjpdp Then hop off that rout and either bus or train to Porto and finish from there? At what point did you leave one to go to the other? Did you use train or bus to get to porto.
  14. Marie_pri

    Hi all, just doing some planning. Has any done or have advice on splitting the Frances with...

    Hi all, just doing some planning. Has any done or have advice on splitting the Frances with Porto in Portugal ? for example -where is the best place to hop off the Frances rout and get transport to Porto? -what transport would you take (train, bus or car hire)? I looked at getting across from...
  15. Marie_pri

    Food lessons for life....

    I take offence to this comment, as a vegan I managed and did not judge others for their beliefs. May be a lesson in that.
  16. Marie_pri

    Terrible Weather in Galicia

    I agree my thoughts too. Wish we had some rain here to put out those wild fires
  17. Marie_pri

    Split routes

    so where did you get the train to Porto from?