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    Rhode Island Pilgrims

    Thanks for the suggestion, Taiji! I just emailed them.
  2. K

    Rhode Island Pilgrims

    Hi! I've recently moved to Rhode Island and am trying to make friends during this socially dampened pandemic time. Thought I'd light up the spirit of the Camino and see if there are any other fellow pilgrims in the area who are open to friendship. If so, let me know! Or, if you know of...
  3. K

    Starting in Lisbon

    This thread had good info. A lot of it recent. Let me know if you have any specific questions!
  4. K

    Liechtenstein Trail

    I recently heard about a new trail marked out for a 75km criss-cross walk across Liechtenstein. Has anyone actually done this? If so, did you do it in 3 days, or would you recommend more? How were accommodations? Were there affordable (10-25 euro places) along the way? Any hostels at all? In...
  5. K

    I Need starting advice from Porto

    I just finished the walk, Lisbon to SdC in November. We also skipped the part out of Porto, on the recommendation of locals there who had done the walk before. We took a train, which was quite easy and cheap (maybe 4 euros?). We looked on our phone for the stop we wanted that was right along the...
  6. K

    Sultans Trail

    Completed the Camino Frances starting in SjPP immediately followed by the Camino Portuguese from Lisbon. Whole trip started in August 2019 and finished a few weeks ago. Caminos are quite clear. I don't have experience going it my own with maps, apps, and GPS. That's what's concerning me about...
  7. K

    Sufi Trail

    Thanks @Galloglaigh . What exactly do you mean by "conversion"? I'm new to map file and apps, so I'm not sure if you're describing some sort of technical step I need to be wary of when trying to use the information purchased from the Sufi Trail website. And yeah, looking at that map provided...
  8. K

    Sufi Trail

    Thanks for the reply, Tim. I am considering starting the Sultan's Trail in from Vienna in April, which would take me about 3 months, I figure. By then, I'll be in Istanbul to start the Sufi Trail in July or August. Not sure if it would be too hot to do the Sufi walk at that time of year. Looks...
  9. K

    Sultans Trail

    Has anyone actually walked the Sultans Trail from Vienna, Austria to Istanbul, Turkey? I am looking for some first-hand experience from walkers. I'm holding off on purchasing any guidebooks until I know this is something I can reasonable expect to do on my own. I don't want to waste money if I...
  10. K

    Sufi Trail

    Hi Sedat, Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but what are the GPX/KML files? Is that something purchased and used on a smartphone? Is it an app? And, to clarify, what sort of support do you supply via whatsapp? Lastly, if you wouldn't mind sharing your opinion, is it safe to complete...
  11. K

    Sufi Trail

    @O Peracha and @timr Did either of you end up walking the Sufi Trail this year? If so, how did it go? I, too, am looking for some more first-hand info. I've reviewed the website ( ) but am holding off on purchasing any of the guidebooks/apps until I have a better sense...
  12. K

    Lisbon to Santiago October

    I want to thank everyone for their input! I completed the walk and wanted to write a follow-up post for future walkers. Any questions, let me know. I walked with a male friend, both of us in our late 20s. Took the Central Route after Porto. Walked Oct 3- Nov 3. Tooke several rest days. We...
  13. K

    Lisbon to Santiago October

    Thinking of doing the Portuguese costal route october 1-31 in a few weeks Ive heard a lot of the albergues are closed in Oct., especially from Lisbon to Porto. Is that true? Can anyone confirm? Also should I expect more expensive albergues? Im hoping for plenty of 5/6 euro spots or...
  14. K

    transport back from Santiago De Compostela to Lisbon

    hughb, How did you get from the Braga bus station to the train station? Google shows it's a 15 minute walk. I'm concerned about making that walk myself, not knowing the area and being worried abut poorly labeled streets. Did you walk, taxi? Were there ample signs? Any recommendations?
  15. K

    Question about train/bus tickets out of SdC

    Is it necessary to buy bus or train tickets out of SdC in advance? Do you recommend it? I need to get from Santiago to Lisbon end of Sept. Can I buy my ticket for the bus out of Santiago the day of/ day before when I'm there? Likewise, when I look for a change over in Porto to catch a train...