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  1. Babyboomergirl

    Tips for the long distance flyer

    I agree. I would happily endure all the discomforts of a long haul flight now and cannot wait until our Australian international travel restrictions end. I am longing to walk a Camino again and more importantly visit children and grandchildren I haven’t seen for 2 years. I have also found it...
  2. Babyboomergirl

    How do you wear a hat with a backpack?

    I have worn an adventure hat on all my caminos. It is lightweight and cool and is not a problem with my backpack. I also wear it under my rain jacket hood to keep rain from my face so it works well for me.
  3. Babyboomergirl

    VdlP - Walking 2021

    I too dream of starting the VdlP in mid April, being unable to travel in 2020 due to the restrictions on leaving Australia and of course Covid. Realistically I think I may be waiting until October.
  4. Babyboomergirl

    Reservation Orisson and Roncesvalles

    This is very encouraging. Like so many others my planned walk this year was postponed and I’m hopeful to go next year.
  5. Babyboomergirl

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Lebaniego

    I too am feeling very envious of your walk but so happy for you. Loved reading your blog and seeing the photos and I share your thoughts about bus stops. We took shelter from the rain on the Norte last year in many bus stops , having a picnic of oranges and muesli bars and often watching the...
  6. Babyboomergirl

    Currently Walking VDLP - Daily Updates

    Hi John, I too am following your journey with great interest. I am still dreaming of an October start but seems unlikely coming from Australia so hopefully next year . Thanks for sharing and buen camino
  7. Babyboomergirl

    Virtual (and very detailed) plan to walk the VdlP and Sanabrés (planning while in confinement)

    I am so happy to have found this virtual walk on the VdlP @AJGuillaume and all the helpful tips and advice. What a great idea. I had been planning to walk the VdlP this year and sadly am having to accept the reality that it probably won’t happen and for now all I can do is plan and wait. Thank...
  8. Babyboomergirl

    COVID New start dates?

    Still hopeful for October 2020 which keeps me motivated to stay fit and well.
  9. Babyboomergirl

    Still starting my Camino

    Thanks for this. I’m going to start the Camino Francés and relive the journey, although will miss the real Camino experience. Keep well everyone.
  10. Babyboomergirl

    Women over 60 who DON'T take a sleeping bag...

    I have no regrets to only carrying a sleeping bag liner. I am a very warm and restless sleeper and the liner has worked well. As previously mentioned it really depends on when you are walking and if you get hot or cold at night. I have only walked in March/April/ May or September and the...
  11. Babyboomergirl

    Which is the best rain JACKET to buy?

    I have worn Marmot Precip on 3 caminos and have been very happy with it; waterproof, lightweight and agree the hood folding into collar is great. I wear it as an extra layer in the cool mornings and nights as well as a rain jacket when necessary.
  12. Babyboomergirl

    Which Camino in June ?

    Thanks @peregrina2000 Lots of different routes for me to consider
  13. Babyboomergirl

    Which Camino in June ?

    Thanks @jungleboy That sounds like the perfect combination. Oh the excitement of planning another Camino , something friends and family don’t really understand.
  14. Babyboomergirl

    Which Camino in June ?

    Thanks I am thinking the Camino Invierno would be a good choice . I wouldn’t have time to walk the Francés again but could perhaps start at León
  15. Babyboomergirl

    Sara’s Camino de Invierno Video Blog - Dec 2019

    Hi Sara, I have just watched the first two days and am loving the videos and now more than ever want to walk the Camino Invieno. Can’t wait to see the rest of your journey. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Babyboomergirl

    Which Camino in June ?

    Happy New Year with hopefully lots of wonderful Camino adventures ! I’m desperately looking at the calendar for 4 weeks to escape and it’s either wait until October or brave a Camino in June. My initial thought was the VdlP in October/ November but could possibly get away for 3-4 weeks in June...
  17. Babyboomergirl

    What's happened to the Buen Camino app?

    Thanks . Have just downloaded the Vía De La Plata app and can’t wait to use it this year.
  18. Babyboomergirl

    The Invierno may not be quiet for much longer...

    Thank you for sharing this .. I am now rethinking my 2020 Camino . The Invierno was on my list along with the VdlP ( if I can organise enough time away from home ) so perhaps this timely discussion will help with my decision.
  19. Babyboomergirl

    Now this is 'Serious' Training!

    Love this and also prefer private rooms for all the same reasons but occasionally staying in albergues has definitely provided some memorable moments. Planning to walk VdlP next year so might see you there.
  20. Babyboomergirl

    Camino del Norte from Australia

    Hi Dan, We booked flights with Qatar - Perth, Madrid, San Sebastián and return Santiago,Madrid,Perth on the one ticket. The internal flights in Spain are with Iberia. It worked well and we caught a taxi from San Sebastián airport to Irun . Only a short walk but after such a long flight the taxi...