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  1. bib

    Connectivity from Australia

    I’m in Melbourne and it seems ok😊🌸
  2. bib

    New hostel between SJDPP and Roncesvalles after Orisson

    Lovely news - especially for us 'slowies' who wouldn't even contemplate walking over the Pyrenees in one day! Yay, looks gorgeous, thanks for the photos Monasp, will definitely keep this option in the back of my mind if another Camino calls in the future :)
  3. bib

    Video/Pocast Woo Hoo. It's Jenny about Volunteering

    Thanks Robo and Jenny Rabanal was one of my favourite places I stayed. I love all the stone buildings and felt a deep peace there. I hope to volunteer there one year and have already put my name down for the next training. Really appreciated this video 🙏
  4. bib

    Video/Pocast Alex from Romania walked the Camino during the COVID Pandemic

    Alex, with great love and respect for you, can I suggest when you come back to walk with your daughter you open your heart to walk with some Americans and Asians. And just listen deeply to yourself and to them.
  5. bib

    Trish Walked from Porto to Santiago, arrived yesterday. I talked to her this morning (July 17th 2020)

    Had a big smile on my face watching this. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to doing the Portuguese route at some point. Thanks Trishb and Ivar 🙏😊
  6. bib

    Video/Pocast A collection of Camino videos

    Thanks for collating these David. Great to have so many in one spot...and with times listed too. Wonderful. Looking forward to coming back here to click on them whenever I need another Camino dose! (Which is quite often these days)
  7. bib

    Camino Conversations: Would you like to be on?

    ahh...thanks Wayfarer :)
  8. bib

    Camino Conversations: Would you like to be on?

    This is a great idea Ivar. I would love to WATCH a really diverse range of, women, young, 'mature', first timers, veterans, different nationalities, backgrounds, different get the idea. (and I'd love to see a funny one too - maybe from Andy wild if he's still...
  9. bib

    COVID I'm plummeting...

    Camino Chrissy Thanks for your heart-felt post - I love when people just name and claim what they truly feel without trying to gloss over or cover it or hurry one emotion to get to the next one. We feel whatever we feel. I once read some beautiful wise words which might help... “take one step...
  10. bib

    What would you like to ask John Brierley?

    I'd ask him how the Camino has affected the big picture (and inner reality) of his life and what the Camino means for him today.
  11. bib

    Program alert for Aussies

    Hello fellow Aussie Camino lovers I discovered the end of the show last night and then thoroughly enjoyed watching the full first 2 episodes on ABC iview catch up. Looking forward to the last one. I was glad the show had a mix of people.:)
  12. bib

    creative virtual camino anyone?

    Thanks C Clearly. Maybe close this thread and move to the local walks.
  13. bib

    creative virtual camino anyone?

    My last post didn't work (not very tech savy with my phone). What I was trying to say was looks like there's a few virtual camino/ walking at home threads on this forum so don't want to double up - maybe we can join them? By the way - thanks everyone for the humour threads too - love that...
  14. bib

    creative virtual camino anyone?

    Here's what I discovered on my local walk today - the creativity of kids in lock down - our schools have now closed. Made my day. How gorgeous!
  15. bib

    creative virtual camino anyone?

    Great, so let’s share our insights on our local walks. I’m doing the same - I have a beautiful natural reserve near me. I usually walk through this, to the local cafe - but alas - cafes have closed in Melbourne Australia now. I can still get a take away cafe con leche!
  16. bib

    creative virtual camino anyone?

    ok, so first steps - St Jean PdP. What's our memory from there that's relevant for life today? For me, my memory of being at SJPdP was one of dream come true. I'd dreamed of walking the camino for about 15 years before having the opportunity to actually do it. It was the last thing on my...
  17. bib

    creative virtual camino anyone?

    So, let's get creative in these challenging times. Let's take a particular experience from our 'real' camino's and reflect on how this can help our current circumstances. For example - packing our backpacks- what do you really need now at this time? In my virtual backpack at this time I...
  18. bib

    Explain your forum Avatar (name and picture).

    Interesting thread - and haven’t been on the forum for ages. My avatar - just me in my home town - eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia. My name - my real name Bridget was already taken when I joined here years ago ( and I know Annette didn’t take it!) Bib was the first alternative name...