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  1. ivar

    What to see and do, or eat, for a few hours in Madrid?

    I love this place close to Sol: El Riojano
  2. ivar

    Camino Chat app (WhatsApp/Messenger for the forum)

    Sorry.. this app has been discontinued :-(
  3. ivar

    Is cash still King on camino?

    There is nothing strange about this. If you use a card to pay, the money goes into the bank account of this business. This means that the transaction needs to have the correct sales tax (normally 21% in Spain). It means it goes "on the books". If you pay in cash, the owner of the business may...
  4. ivar

    Is cash still King on camino?

    The fees used to be a thing, but I think the banks has also reduced them now.. this is less of an issue than it used to be I think.
  5. ivar

    Is cash still King on camino?

    Just to note that during the pandemic, Spanish banks (for Spanish customers) have really been pushing people to use "tap to pay" (with the actual card or Apple Pay or Google Pay). The use of this has really grown over the last year and you will find it available in many places, at least in...
  6. ivar

    Who wants an Ivar (Forum) pin?

    Here we go... I got this in today. I only got 50, but will order more if this sells well. Thank you all! Ivar
  7. ivar

    Is Something Missing?
  8. ivar

    Connectivity from Australia

    Yay! Happy that that worked!
  9. ivar

    Ideas to help forum member with internet shutdowns

    The Opera Browser has a built in VPN where (I don't think) you need to log in to use it.. might be worth a try Hang in there!
  10. ivar

    No International Travel for Australians this Year ? (2021)

    If I were to bet, I bet that by August/September Spain will open up at least to EU travel.. moist likely other countries and well. Depends how things go with the vaccination passports I guess.
  11. ivar

    Who wants an Ivar (Forum) pin?

    I have ordered something... only 50 pieces (so not many), but just to see what they look like. Will post here when I have them in my hands... :)
  12. ivar

    Who wants an Ivar (Forum) pin?

    Good ideas... and what would the design look like? The round Casa Ivar logo? (Do people really want this?) Maybe we could do a new design that "only we know about"?
  13. ivar

    Who wants an Ivar (Forum) pin?

    Hi all, I am coming in late for this one... hmm... when you say pin, where you thinking of a "button" pin? Like this?
  14. ivar

    Lost Formatting Options?

    I know that forum software in a recent update did reorganize the menus... to make them less complicated. They put more things in sub menus instead of having everything displayed at the same time... If we are missing something, please let me know.
  15. ivar

    Lost Formatting Options?

    Could it be that it is just a bit more hidden in sub-menus?
  16. ivar

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 4.0.

    I just added the ability to upload jpeg photos again... try and see if this works now. Sorry! Ivar
  17. ivar

    3 Caminos, season 1 now available
  18. ivar

    3 Caminos

    This is coming out January 20th I think... get ready.
  19. ivar

    Holy Year passport

    I am sure it will be valid after the two holy years as well. I will start selling it some time next week. Buen Camino! Ivar