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    COVID Covid and bathroom availability in Spain

    I do realize that this is a problem for males and females on the Camino. This RTVE report focused on older men because of the actor‘s complaint. They did talk to some women, but these women also seemed focused on the plight of older men as well. Oh well. I just found the report interesting...
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    COVID Covid and bathroom availability in Spain

    When I did the Camino Frances in Fall 2019, I only came across one public bathroom during my entire walk. There may have been others, but I didn't notice them. This bathroom was in a park and it was relatively typical for public bathrooms in parks in the US. Now, I never really had any...
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    Gym leggings instead of "hiking pants"

    I wore jogging tights with very light weight soccer shorts over them. They were good in the heat and the chill (Sept to Nov1) and my legs were protected from the sun and bugs. They dry so fast and there is no need for underwear and I had no problems with chafing. I highly recommend them. I...
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    Death of Felisa’s daughter, María

    I did not stop there but I remember the place because there were some French pilgrims ahead of me and there were some guys playing the Marseillaise for them as I walked by. It is funny the things that you remember.
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    Good resources for would-be expats? (US citizen in ES or PT)

    I am an dual American Irish citizen. I got my Irish passport when I was in my twenties to keep my options open. I do use it in Europe and dońt worry about 180 day Schengen limits. But ultimately, I like where I live here in California. I love to travel and can be happy going to various...
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    Pilgrim stabbed and attacked at knife point after Sacavem, was able to escape

    Dear AB and Yolan i am so glad that both of you and AB‘s friend survived these attacks. I also hope that the poor schoolgirl also survived. All of you will carry this experience with you during your lives and I hope you can access help to process this horrible trauma. When dealing with police...
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    Got a flu shot today

    Years ago in Japan, they immunized school age children against the flu. I think this was to decrease school absenteeism and parents having to take time off of work. What they found was a big drop in flu deaths among the elderly. Japanese grandparents usually take care of the school aged...
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    I do want to go back, but I won't make any plans. I was very lucky to have been able to do it last year and will always be grateful for that. I think things will eventually get to the point where I think that I can go back, but I have no idea when that might be.
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    Harassment on the way to Fátima

    Rodrigo makes a great point here about people who target tourists or pilgrims. They often benefit from the lack of official complaints. The local police need complaints in order to act. The police in Berlin were very thankful to me about a complaint I made about a group operating near the...
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    Santo Domingo de la Calzada - plenary indulgence for next 7 years

    I love some of these saint stories, but Santo Domingo de la Calzada is one of the best. Unjustly hanging man not dying in the noose, allowing parents to come and see live son strung up and not dying, disrespectful official munching on chickens that come to life and someone being punished for...
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    Recommended men's trousers please

    I walked the Camino Frances last year and did not bring pants/trousers. I wore jogging tights under light weight soccer type shorts and was very happy with the results. Not exactly ”smart atire” after the camino, but I was very happy with the choice. It is super light, dries very fast, cool...
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    Easiest walk

    Having just completed the Frances from SJPDP, there are plenty of hills from Sarria. It is essentially all hills. Now, they may seem minor to those who did the Pyrenees, Foncebadón and O Cebreiro. But for those starting in Sarria without that perspective, they may seem daunting. We were at...
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    RIP @Dorpie (Rob)

    I was with Rob and Rick in SJPDP. I only knew him for that one day, but such a nice guy. I was so sad when I realized that evening that it was Rob who had the medical emergency at Roncesvallas. I will always remember him as the big cheerful man with lots of tips for this first timer. I am...
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    Those snoring mouthpieces should not be worn by people with TMJ problems according to the sites that sell them. Something to keep in mind
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    Getting excited...

    Patrick I have the same schedule.
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    Disrespected my feet

    Best wishes. Your Camino is interrupted but far from finished. Buen Camino!
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    Training Fatigue

    I leave next week and other than the 2 to 3 mile walk with the dog, work and errands, I am just taking easy right now. I am as ready as I am going to be, and I suspect that you are as well.
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    We’re Ready and Thank You Everyone!

    Have a safe trip and we may run into each other
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    Got a flu shot today

    I decided to get a flu shot today. I usually get them at work, but they won’t be available at work until the end of September and I will be leaving before that. We are actually required to be immunized or wear masks throughout the Flu season at work. I will be on the Camino until at least...
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    Starting French Camino 26 Sept 2019

    I will be starting Sept 25 as well at SJPDP