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  1. Stewpot

    Have you been married a long time?

    C Clearly, You got that in one. But some kind o of love can be so special
  2. Stewpot

    Found (38 years old)

    Good news! Hope all goes well.
  3. Stewpot

    Hi, Everyone. An Update, and My Gratitude For You All

    Good to hear from you Dave. Congratulations to yourself and Caleb on completing your caminos. Take your time and give yourself the kind of care that you have so generously given to others. Go well on your journey. PS The rock plates are working wonderfully well. I have got them in 3 pairs of NB...
  4. Stewpot

    Beverage of choice?

    A good drink is always improved with good company, friendship and love. My good lady thinks I am an old romantic. Maybe I am romantic. Go well my friends
  5. Stewpot

    An uncharacteristically sensible question

    Don't get too boastful (2 caminos in a year). You could be about to face your nemesis in Portugal; FRESH VEGETABLES. The Portuguese love them and know how to cook them! Eat them up! they will make your beard curl. Buen Camino
  6. Stewpot

    14 Days to Go.... Checklist Checkoffs For the Day

    It is "squeaky bum" time. I am sure your prep is sound. May I join everybody in wishing you a safe camino . Keep us all in touch with your journey. Go Well my friend
  7. Stewpot

    One Month To Go :-)

    By the way watch that Andy fella. He drinks like a fish and swims like a camel.
  8. Stewpot

    One Month To Go :-)

    Hi Dave, Glad to hear your Mojo is getting up to speed. May you go well my friend. By the way the home-made Rock Plates work a treat; what a breakthrough. Buen Camino
  9. Stewpot

    Light At The End of The Tunnel? :-)

    Well Dave, you really have surprised me. All the time you were helping me recently you gave no inkling of the problems you were dealing with. I am sure that even though your problems are difficult to cope with I know you will bring all your experience and knowledge together to *sort them*. As an...
  10. Stewpot

    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    Hi Dave, I am never too old for good advice. I have just been in Majorca giving my Teva sandals a good workout. When I got back I ordered a pack of flexible plastic carving boards to make Rock Plates. These are 1.2mm thick and can be cut with scissors and are textured on one side to avoid...
  11. Stewpot

    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    Hi Dave, Does one cut out the plate to the full length of the shoe interior or just the front end? I knew this would catch on!
  12. Stewpot

    Are goretex shoes necessary?

    Thanks Dave, Unfortunately there are not many sizes of 910 available in the UK. However I shall pursue the matter. You may have started a new trend in "making your own rock plate". I am going to experiment with a thin plastic sheet (a plate made out of food boxes may do the job). You may have...
  13. Stewpot

    Are goretex shoes necessary?

    Thanks Dave. You are spot on with your thinking. I started out some months ago looking for boots for general hill and trail walking. I have Mortons Neuroma in both feet, middle two toes on both feet are part joined and my feet have spread somewhat. I also do fitness walking on tarmac and passive...
  14. Stewpot

    Are goretex shoes necessary?

    Thanks folks you have been really helpful. I am likely to choose New Balance 860V7 in 4E width in a size one up from my usual shoe size. I shall have my trusty Teva sandals for when it gets really wet.
  15. Stewpot

    Are goretex shoes necessary?

    Thanks Dave for a very informative post. Is there any balm/salve you would recommend? Would Vaseline do the trick as this tends to stay put when wet. I am currently testing New Balance trail/running shoes and after getting caught in a monsoon like downpour can see the wisdom of 3 footbeds and 3...
  16. Stewpot

    Chiruca Dynamic 52 Gore-Tex

    Hi does anybody have any ideas/tactics re Trail shoes and tips for keeping the inners dry. For some reason my post got shunted off piste before folks had time to look at it. Thanks
  17. Stewpot

    Chiruca Dynamic 52 Gore-Tex

    Hi, I am interested in the discussion regarding Trail Runners/Walking shoes/Boots. In the past I have worn good quality top brand walking boots and shoes. With the advent of increasing birthdays I have found my feet have changed quite considerably. What have been comfortable in the past are not...
  18. Stewpot

    Over halfway!

    Hi Andy Really enjoying your blog. It really is so "entertaining". Your photography is improving and I hope you are not suffering for your art. We know that as an "artist" you give it your all. I am sure that like me your readers are really humbled that you are going through such pain and tough...
  19. Stewpot

    I think I've found my favourite albergue

    So are you rocking orl just chilling. We are enjoying your blog; keep it up
  20. Stewpot

    Favourite albergue

    Hi Andy Just catching up on your little walk. The tough training on the peaks of Sutton on Sea must be of a benefit to you. Just remember when the going gets tough, get your head down and think of Batemans - The beer that made Wainfleet famous. Keep smiling