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  1. Eve Alexandra

    Knee length macabi as a rain skirt

    I have the longer one already that I was planning to take to throw over leggings if it rains. But I hate how much it weighs (11ish oz). Then I got to thinking perhaps the shorter one would be fine for some rain protection along with a rain jacket in April/May. I am not looking for the...
  2. Eve Alexandra

    FSO so proud and Lent on Camino

    is it wrong that I'm inordinately proud that my end of winter pack weight is 10%. And my FSO is 13% (absolutely everything except water)? I'm so happy! :D And since Spain is mostly culturally Catholic, do you think that Pilgrim meals on Friday will have a fish option on my Lenten Camino?
  3. Eve Alexandra

    Speaking of tattoos (London)

    So if I wait until I have finished both my Camino Frances and my Canterbury pilgrimage, I could get my foot tattoo on my last day in London. I know some of you are in the area. Can anyone recommend a shop within easy access of the Heathrow side of London (my hotel is at that end for my last...
  4. Eve Alexandra

    How hard are these stages?

    Molinaseca to Villafranca Del Bierzo Villafranca to O Cebriero Both of these are over 15 miles. How hard are they? And has anyone taken the alt route from Villafranca called the Pradela? It's listed as an alternative to the regular or the Dragonte in Brierly and it sounds nice. If you have...
  5. Eve Alexandra

    shipping my poles

    If I purchase Pacer Poles online and have them sent directly to my hotel, do I have to worry they might get hung up in Spanish customs at all? The h0tel assures me they will hold the package and Pacer Poles says they only take 5-7 days to ship to Spain from the UK. Is this risky with Spanish...
  6. Eve Alexandra

    albergue recommendations?

    I've got some tentative stages, and for a few of them, nothing much is coming up either in the directories here, or the wise pilgrim app, that is open in March. I'm trying to avoid municipal albergues unless assured otherwise that a specific one is worth the stop. I just don't want to be the...
  7. Eve Alexandra

    Monastery in Sarria I cannot find a thing about whether this monastery offers pilgrim services, vespers, etc... I found something about its history and plenty about the albergue. I'm trying to decide if this monastery should be on my...
  8. Eve Alexandra

    women if your hair tangles easily...

    I've no idea where to put this question, so I settled on equipment. Please move as necessary. :D I tested a shampoo/conditioner on my hair. Sea to Summit. It was a disaster. I could not draw a comb through my hair at all. Then I tried some leave in conditioner on it. And somehow I ended up...
  9. Eve Alexandra

    Second guessing on rain gear

    So I bought my rain pants and rain jacket at REI, last november. I'm more aware of what is available now...and also about weight and space. The two of them together are almost 3 lbs, and they take up about a third of the bottom section of my pack (I've been shoving them there with my sleeping...
  10. Eve Alexandra

    dry sacks/trash bag/ziplocks?

    Is it a good idea to invest in dry sacs? Does the "line your pack with a trash bag" thing work well, given nice sturdy contractor bags are going to be waaaaaaay too big for a 35 L pack? What about freezer style (thicker) ziplocks instead of dry sacks? Just looking at the mess on the floor of my...
  11. Eve Alexandra

    barefoot just into Santiago???

    I rewatched 6 ways to Santiago this weekend and noticed that they showed a lot of people walking the last few blocks to the cathedral barefoot. Is that a thing? Or was it just hot the day they were filming? :D
  12. Eve Alexandra


    I've got a big fat roll I need to size down. I've never used this stuff before. Its sticky. If I unroll a portion and try to reroll it won't the sticky not work as well when I need it? How am I supposed to size this down? The whole roll currently is 4 oz/113 g as is.
  13. Eve Alexandra

    Pack weight question

    I did a test of my pack weight a few weeks ago. I took it to the vet's office where they kindly weighed it for me as my home scale doesn't seem to want to register anything under 35 lbs. 10% of my ideal body weight is 18 lbs (I'm 6 ft tall). It came it at 19 lbs..including 1.5 liters of...
  14. Eve Alexandra

    Intro and question about mass...

    Hi there, I've been lurking here since November when I bought my tickets. I'm leaving for Spain on the 15th of March. I'm 46. I'll be walking mostly alone, although I have a Camino Angel (Julia) from this forum who is meeting up with me for the first two days. <3 I'm starting in Astorga...