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  1. nellpilgrim

    How Hot is Too Hot for You? (NOT a Poll)

    Happiest at 0-12 degrees can tolerate up to 15 after that I turn cranky unless close to a large body of water! So late Autumn, Winter & early Spring are my perfect time for walking.
  2. nellpilgrim

    You Don't Have to be a Lemming...

    Having beaten a path down through Germany across Switzerland & into France without shedding real weight I can't imagine how adding delicious Italian food & wine into the mix would help indeed I could go up in size! I just need to 'stay away from the table' on whatever pilgrimage path I'm on 🙁
  3. nellpilgrim

    You Don't Have to be a Lemming...

    Unfortunately walking makes me hungry & thirsty (& I admit the guilt free "well I've walked 20-30km so I've earned it" logic kicks in big time!) & the food on all the Jakobwegs, Chemin & Camino's is so delicious that I generally come back at just below the weight I set off at. I also actually...
  4. nellpilgrim

    You Don't Have to be a Lemming...

    I was going to suggest that we formally convene the first official meeting of the GOP......Grumpy Old Pilgrims association (though of course I'm pretty sure there have been many informal sessions over the years/centuries). I can guarantee that I will be the fastest to point out the hot spot on...
  5. nellpilgrim

    Sweating using pack with contact back suspension

    One of the other advantages of the trampoline style to think about is that it reduces wind resistance allowing air to flow through and around your pack rather than slam into & spin you & it as can sometimes happen with foam panel packs. I'm an Autumn, Winter & Spring pilgrim so I have to pack a...
  6. nellpilgrim

    What historical evidence exists of Jewish influences on the Camino de Santiago?

    Claudia Roden the food writer was the first to point out that Tarta De Santiago was, in essence, a Jewish Passover cake (see' The food of Spain' Claudia Roden page 472 for a cracking recipe!) Roden also pointed out that in addition to existing Jewish communities in the area Jews from...
  7. nellpilgrim

    Preparing mentally for a solitary Camino

    Solo walking on less traveled paths is a challenge but it's also great fun one finds oneself thrust into situations and engaging with people that one might not come across otherwise. OK sometimes after a couple of weeks of meeting no-0ne I can feel myself going a little bats%*t crazy but that's...
  8. nellpilgrim

    I´m Out Of Here

    You'll be missed MendiWalker. Go well. N
  9. nellpilgrim

    WHY would you do a winter camino?

    It's partly genetic as I've red hair, pale sun sensitive skin and generally hate the heat. But also love late Autumn Winter and early Spring so much.
  10. nellpilgrim

    Am I a Pilgrim?

    Well in an odd and Camino like way perhaps those friends did you a favour? Pausing to reflect and consider what your/our motivations and values are is a blessing and a gift. And just look what a treasure trove of shared thoughts, poetry and reflections your question unlocked! Having done it...
  11. nellpilgrim

    Place to stay in Dublin

    Hi Cherry, Happy Birthday! If you have no luck in the city centre try one of the outer suburbs on the DART line (suburban coastal train line) that gets you to and fro to the city centre easily-think about Dun Laoghaire, Glasthule or Bray on the south side or Howth or Clontarf on the north...
  12. nellpilgrim

    Belgian pilgrim killed by a hit and run on the camino

    Wishing his family and friends every strength and comfort over the coming days.
  13. nellpilgrim

    Three Irish Guys Play Traditional Spanish Bagpipe Tune

    ….and now just because, though as traditional pipers my father and Uncle Aiden will be spinning in their respective graves, this has opened up a whole new world of piping and I think it's fab. You can teach old dog's and instruments new tricks!
  14. nellpilgrim

    Pre Christian Tracks

    My father played the Uileann pipes and I love all pipe music but while the Celts adopted. adapted and transformed pipe music we didn't alas invent bagpipes. It seems likely that they were developed in the east (appearing on Hittite carvings etc) and that the Roman Empire popularised their...
  15. nellpilgrim

    RIP Pilgrim

    I lit a candle and said a prayer for him at St James on Church James street-a step or two away from the site of the old St James Gate where medieval Irish pilgrims used to congregate before setting off on their pilgrimage.
  16. nellpilgrim

    Little-traveled routes - How do seasoned pilgrims remember the details so well?

    Whilst walking my first long distance pilgrimage I fell into that strange Camino time space continuum. The only thing I knew for certain was that a 'thing' had happened, or a that a place 'was', but they were located in that confusing melange of memories known as 'before' the present (the...
  17. nellpilgrim

    Dealing with sweaty back from backpack

    Lowe 'Airflow' packs are really good for allowing ventilation to the back in hot weather and as I'm an Autumn, Winter early Spring pilgrim also prevent 'wind spin' caused by the wind hitting your pack and buffeting you-this can be pretty extreme with a strong wind. The 'gap means the wind goes...
  18. nellpilgrim

    Three Irish Guys Play Traditional Spanish Bagpipe Tune

    The name means 'elbow' pipes. I think they sound the sweetest of all bagpipes but I'm irish and my father and uncle in law were uilleann pipers, so I'm a just a little biased;)