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    How to use my laptop in a friend's home without wifi

    As a stranger in this paradise I'm very reluctant to take my laptop abroad because I have no idea what mishap may happen when I try to use it for browsing AND mailing in a place without hotspot or wifi connection. How do I prepare myself and my laptop at home? How many and which cables do I...

    Prepare at home what you can't adjust across borders

    Years ago my pilgrim friend and I checked our cell phones at home and got a perfect connection there. In Spain it didn't work. Everey time I tried to phone him I got a Spaniard on the line who got angrier and angrier. I didn't understand what was wrong. We had to communicate via his wife in...

    Santiago Colloquium 2012

    santiago / la voz 18 de octubre de 2012 05:00 «El interés por las peregrinaciones aumenta» ... C29930.htm El CSIC quiere convertir a Santiago en referencia en la investigación académica sobre un fenómeno mundial Santiago quiere convertirse en un...

    The Santiago Enigma – what did YOU see in that mirror?

    Today the view count passed 12.000 and still nobody reported seeing the same or something like it in the similar faces of the main statues in the Pórtico de la Gloria. "The message is about what this Pórtico has to tell you. The discussion is also about the question whether this message is...

    What do the blank faces in the Pórtico de la Gloria tell you

    Today the view count of The Santiago Enigma passed 11.000 and still nobody confirmed what I saw back in ‘83. * Beach pavillion De Kwartel that burned last year has risen like a Phoenix from its ashes. ** So let’s have lunch there soon so we can discuss what these facial similarities in the...

    Tierra de Santiago - Land of the Dead

    Georgiana King mentiones the Celts only 3 times and says: “To the Romans as to the Celts, the Tierra de Santiago was the Land of the Dead.” So here it is what she says about them, beautifully written as ever on “Celts and Jugo-Slavs” in THE WAY OF SAINT JAMES, Volume III, THE BOURNE - By...

    … or just human?

    … the title refers to Religious, Spiritual or...Travel? or... just human? in on this forum. For those who liked posts on Heavenly and Mortal Twins like this one on...

    Synagoga-Ecclesia motif

    Has anyone recognized the Synagoga-Ecclesia motif in Santiago Cathedral? See and ... 441&ss=fro "In the thirteenth century, sculptures of Synagoga and Ecclesia – paired female personifications [...]...

    Diabetes 2, pen & pills, no daily checkups

    I got an invitation to walk to Galicia and my diabetes specialist just promised to support me all the way by phone so there should be no problem at all! Untill now I thought I couldn't do it... On this Forum there are already a few dozen posts on diabetes and diabetic and I PM'd with a few...

    Hark the herald angels sing - on Georgiana Goddard King

    For soul mates who can’t get enough of Georgiana Goddard King and her thrilling masterpiece The Way of Saint James: Hark the herald angels sing Hark the herald angels sing, Here’s to Georgiana Goddard King. Who is this who knows each thing Yet she wears no wedding ring? Peace on earth and...

    History of Saint James

    Congratualions all with this innovative developement and thank you, Ivar and your staff, for just doing it! Wonderful! A great day! :idea: I'm searching for the historical sources describing how and when the Jewish Jacobus (was) converted (in his lifetime?) into a Catholic Saint. Could anyone...

    Santiago Enigma > last post > last tabu ?

    The other day on another popular santiagoforum it said that Jewish-born fisherman, James the elder, became a Christian in his lifetime and that touches precisely the core of the matter in the final question in the last post in topic 6491 on this forum. I can't discuss or argue that quote because...

    Pórtico de la Gloria - iconographic program

    Found some nice sites: Pórtico de la Gloria - ... la-gloria/ Significado Iconografico "Sobre el significado de esta escenificación teológica se ha especulado mucho, aunque en general casi todos los estudiosos coinciden en que se re presenta a Cristo...

    Dutch bishop in Ethiopia

    Is this on topic? The story goes that Saint James's message travelled from the Holy Land to Galicia not only by boat but also over land along the African shore of the Mediterranean. Ethiopia was an important station with an large Christian community. Another story tells about the Arc of the...

    The Santiago Enigma - the last post

    “Only speak when it supports silence!” Today the view count on The Santiago Enigma on miscellaneous-about-santiago/topic3794.html passed 6.000 so it's time to explain what happened a quarter of a century ago sitting with my back to the wall opposite of the Pórtico de la Gloria. After about an...

    Pórtico de la Gloria gateway into Divine Revelation

    The Santiago Enigma - clues 2 - breathtaking culmination of the Camino Following our recent post The Santiago Enigma - clues on miscellaneous-about-santiago/topic6469.html we here quote some interpretations of the faces of the Christ in Majesty, Jabobus Major, Jacobus Minor and the prophet...

    The Santiago Enigma - clues

    It's time to give more clues regarding the faces in the Pórtico de la Gloria as discussed inThe Santiago Enigma on miscellaneous-about-santiago/topic3794.html . These clues are already shown in because there was more room for all the necessary...

    wander through the galleries of the Vatican Apostolic Librar

    "SPECIAL OPENING OF THE VATICAN MUSEUMS VATICAN CITY, 16 JUL 2009 (VIS) - On Friday 24 July, the Vatican Museums will remain open to the public in the evening and night. On that day the Museum will remain open from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., with the last visitors being admitted at 9.30 p.m. Visitors...

    Who was the true Jacob (Jacobus, James) of Santiago

    Who was the true Jacob (Jacobus, James) of Santiago deCompostela? * This further exploration of who exactly the historical Jacobus (Jacob, James) of Santiago de Compostela (Sint-Jacob = Sant-Iago = San Tiago) was, fits the broader framework of the discussion of the classic The Way of Saint...

    St Paul revisited

    While Wahrheit und Dichting ( ) around the translation of St James to Santiago have faded into the mists of time, we're witnessing now an interesting new chapter as in Rome the tomb of St Paul has been and perhaps will be examined further...