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  1. annakappa

    walking with my young son

    This is one of the nicest videos that I have ever seen about the Camino. A Korean father and his young son, I guess about 8 years old, walked the Camino back in the Spring of 2013. A joy to watch.
  2. annakappa

    Leaving Porto 8th June

    We arrived yesterday and spent most of the afternoon and all today visiting various places and generally walking around ( today we walked almost 16 kms)! The sello is available at the Cathedral, but we could only get it after the 11 o'clock Mass. There is no information posted. You have to hope...
  3. annakappa

    What DO men put in their backpacks?

    It's puzzled me for sometime now.....why, oh why do men have so much more weight in their backpacks than us ladies? You read time and time again that they, the men, mention that, first of all, they have at least a 45 lt. pack. Then they mention that they managed to get the weight down to a mere...
  4. annakappa

    Alternative route from Villatuerta via Luquín to Los Arcos

    Instead of staying in Estella (a major stopping place), we have now twice stayed in Villatuerta at the lovely Casa Mágica and taken the advantage of walking the alternate route, via Luquín to Los Arcos. This cuts off Estella and Villamayor de Monjardín. Last time we stayed, we actually left our...
  5. annakappa

    Sending extra luggage from Oporto to Santiago

    What are the possibilities of sending extra luggage from Porto to Santiago?
  6. annakappa

    At the Pilgrim's Office

    To all of you Forum members, if you arrive in Santiago during the first two weeks of October, please look out for us and say hello ( fraluchi aka Adriaan and me Anne) as we will be on duty there, starting 2nd Oct. Buen Camino to you all! Anne
  7. annakappa

    Not only Bed Bugs. What about flees?

    So much has been written about the Dreaded Bed Bug! Poor thing, it gets blamed for every bite. But what about the other crawlies that abound? There are mosquitoes, biting ants and flees. Just to mention a few. We are so pampered nowadays. Have you thought how it was in the not too distant past...
  8. annakappa

    Hornillos - new Albergue

    A small, privately run Albergue has just opened on 20th June in Hornillos: El Alfar de Hornillos. Anne
  9. annakappa

    Things you accumulate along the Camino

    Most of us carefully choose what to take in our backpack, often packing, taking out, re-packing several times. We arrive finally at what we consider to be a correct weight according to our own weight ( trying to remain in the famous 10% of our body weight). Still we often take too much, as we...
  10. annakappa

    Going up - or going down!

    So much is written about the various difficulties of walking up some of the steeper inclines, but not much is taken into consideration that once you get up, you have to get down the other side and this is usually where one might sustain an injury: banging your big toe to the extent that you...
  11. annakappa

    Pamplona to Jaca

    Our planning has gone wrong! The daily bus from Pamplona to Jaca leaves at 15.15 and our plane arrives at Pamplona at 15.20! No way we can make the connection. Originally we found a later bus leaving Pamplona, but it seems that by the time we travel, on 17th Sept, it doesn't exist any more. Does...
  12. annakappa

    Why SJPP?

    Considering the complications to get to S.Jean Pied de Port, especially for anyone landing in Spain or coming from Spain/Portugal/Southern France, I always wonder why so many of these people want to start their Camino in SJPP! I remember that when I was a hospitalera, I always gave a...
  13. annakappa

    The most significant moment of the day.

    So, you've got yourself out of your sleeping bag, dressed, gone through the "hygiene routine", packed your backpack, had a quick breakfast (if you're lucky enough to be staying in an Albergue that provides breakfast), you might have written a note in the Visitors Book, checked your proposed...
  14. annakappa

    Osprey Backpack

    I have a problem in that my old backpack is on it's way out! It has "fabric fatigue". The material and seams are giving up and there is no way that I can walk the Camino with it again. Unfortunately one can't find a backpack specifically for women here in Costa Rica and my only possibility is to...
  15. annakappa

    Walking back - or walking FROM Santiago

    After having walked 3 times the Francés and once the Sanabrés, we have been thinking of doing what the ancient pilgrims did - walk back (even although it can't be to my doorstep - Costa Rica - a bit difficult)! Has anyone on the Forum ever attempted the return walk? Anne
  16. annakappa

    A gem of an Albergue

    Last night we stayed in Villatuerta at the fairly new Albergue Villatuerta, also called La Casa Magica. Over the last 4 years I have stayed in more than 70 different albergues, but this one comes top on the list for me. It is a beautifully restored house in the centre of the village. The dorms...
  17. annakappa

    alternate route Estella to Los Arcos

    Having stayed twice in Villamayor de Monjardín, we would like to take the alternate route on the left side of the autopista and passing through the village of Luquín. Although I know it exists, I haven't been able to find any description of this route and, looking on Googel Earth, can't...
  18. annakappa

    Albergue for sale

    I have just seen, posted this morning on a Spanish forum, that the Albergue Espinosa del Camino is for sale. This is a village situated not 2 kms before arriving at Villafranca Montes de Oca.Anne
  19. annakappa

    Alternate route into Burgos

    I have ben requested to re-post the directions of the alternate route into Burgos. See below: Before starting our second Camino, I did a bit of researching regarding the alternative route into Burgos. The distance probably works out the same, but instead of walking through the whole unpleasant...
  20. annakappa

    Time out!

    I have just read a reply posted by TerryB under the heading Walking for someone else. Terry mentions time out! For me, as the years go on and my Comino's accumulate, Time Out has become perhaps the main reason why I walk accross Spain for nearly 6 weeks: A time for leaving all the family and...