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  1. sulu

    Anyone got any advice about places to stay on the Spiritual

    Please God, by September next year everything will be back to normal :) In that case they have reduced the number to reflect the lack of pilgrims, that's nice of them because it was a very long walk and badly signed.
  2. sulu

    Anyone got any advice about places to stay on the Spiritual

    You don't say when you are planning to walk! I did the spiritual variant in July this year and the boat was not an option. there has to be a minimum number of people, I can't remember whether that was 10 or 20, but this year that number may be difficult to find. Hopefully next year the...
  3. sulu

    From Vila Nova de Arousa to Santiago or Padron/Herbon?

    I am fairly sure that Emilio, the hospitalero in Vilanova, told me that it is €20. My memory is bad and there were insufficient pilgrims at the beginning of July this year so I had to walk. Depending on when you plan to go the price may be immaterial! Ultreia!
  4. sulu

    Picking up where I left off!

    Thank you all! I am now back home, over all it was a great camino but .....the downside was no boat from Vilanova as there are not enough pilgrims. The walk was exhausting, after Carril the signs were really bad; badly placed, old and faded and illegible with sun glasses. Some signs just lead...
  5. sulu

    Picking up where I left off!

    My next stop is a banquet, well not quite, but the last time I stopped in Pontevedra I had calamares and vino Albarino in the bar/hostal opposite the xunta albergue, now I'm doing the same 😊 the next 2 nights are fine, I'm going to do the variante espiritual. My problem may be Padrón, the...
  6. sulu

    Picking up where I left off!

    Thanks for all the good wishes, I'm only on day 1 and I've already discovered that only some xunta albergues are open and kitchens are closed.
  7. sulu

    Picking up where I left off!

    Back in March I got the urge to do a camino. At the time coronavirus was just lifting it's head in Spain but it didn't look like it would be any major problem, and I wasn't planning to go far, I thought I would just try a different route in Galicia, so I started in Baiona on the 12th March!! I...
  8. sulu

    Sanabres; Verin alternative February 2019

    Hi Laurie, I'm not really out exploring new Galician routes I'm, finally, finishing the Levante:) As I said above the Allariz albergue is closed which is why I walked to Xunqueira. The new albergues are very impressive, they are obviously trying to encourage this route, maybe one day, some of...
  9. sulu

    Sanabres; Verin alternative February 2019

    Hi! Leaving Verin is on the road. I cheated and visited Monterrei the afternoon of the day I arrived so I did it without a backpack, it was a steep walk up! There is a sign that says Albergue, which I thought was interesting but it only led to the Parador. It was asphalt until Enfesta but then...
  10. sulu

    Sanabres; Verin alternative February 2019

    I have just walked from A Gudiña via Verin. It is difficult to get information on this route so here are my findings and the places I stayed. It is now very easy to do this in short stages, there are albergues along the way, several very new. A Gudiña to Trasestrada 22k: this is not a typical...
  11. sulu

    New Xunta albergue in Ourense

    I have just walked from A Gudina to Ourense via Verin, I suspect that the 800k price tag was not just for the albergue in the city but for those along the way as well. The albergue in Verin is almost brand new inside and there are new albergues in Villaderei and Sandias, I will post a list else...
  12. sulu

    Sleeping bag or liner only on Inglés in May?

    I walked the Ingles in June in 2013. The weather forecast said the weather would be good but it wasn't, it was cloudy and wet. Because of the weather forecast I only took a sleeping bag liner and a small fleece blanket. I survived but I promised myself not to walk without a sleeping bag again.
  13. sulu

    Vdlp pack transport and shoes recommended

    I can't comment on pack transport and I can't recommend shoes but I can comment on weather at the end of March. I walked Seville to Cacares in March 2012 and Cacares to Verin in March 2013. 2012 was mostly dry and Winter had been mostly dry so there were no streams to worry about and the ground...
  14. sulu

    Via Francigena or Via de la Plata again?

    Hi! You don't say what time of the year you are intending to walk or where you are planning to start. The Via Francigena starts in Canterbury and takes about 3 months, give or take a bit. I've only walked from Reims to Aosta, I did it in September and didn't meet anyone till the last day but it...
  15. sulu

    LIVE from the Camino Walking In The Footsteps Of Pilgr (and Others!)

    Toro, I tried staying at the convent in February this year (last month!). I had no problem speaking to someone, the shop is open 5pm to 7pm but I was told that they do not have an albergue for pilgrims! I had to retrace my steps to the Pension Zamora.
  16. sulu

    taking a shower in the albergues

    I have stayed in 1 albergue where it was a communal shower, but it was on the Camino Portugues, women only, I don't know what the men's showers were like! The showers in Arzua and Negreira municipals have no shower curtains, the showers in Palas de Rei are unisex and very small, no room for...
  17. sulu

    Via de la Plata starting late March 2018

    I walked Seville to Cacares in March 2012 and Cacares to Verin in March 2013. March 2012 was hot and sunny with only 1 or 2 days with rain and no problems with streams, and there was a steady stream of company. 2013 was wet, wet, wet. It had been a very wet winter in Extremadura, the ground was...
  18. sulu

    LIVE from the Camino Warning, fires on the path Tricastela to Samos

    There were 100 fires in Galicia on Sunday night, more than 500 in northern Portugal, many people lost their lives, many more lost their homes, some of those who died were in cars trying to out run a fire. This is a major issue at the moment, fortunately we've had rain now but probably not enough.
  19. sulu

    Stages on Camino de Levante

    Probably a combination. I always walk in Spring and Autumn so I usually walk alone and should be used to it. I found the walk through Castilla la Mancha to be boring, it was too sunny, it is very flat, there were no villages, seldom anywhere to sit and rest and no shade, it all became too much...
  20. sulu

    Stages on Camino de Levante

    You can see the book on line, though only in the Spanish version. I did some in March/April 2015 and some March 2017 and it's in my blog; Twice I gave up and said I would never walk again, twice I've been back and I intend...