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    France to Italy

    If you prefer to walk, then you can walk part of the TMB from Chamonix to Courmayeur. -Paul
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    France to Italy

    Note that scenic = Expensive! The cable car over Mont Blanc from Chamonix, France to Courmayeur, Italy will cost at least 100 Euros. I can't think of a more spectacular boarder crossing so it is worth doing once in a lifetime. Currently it is closed due to COVID. -Paul
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    France to Italy

    The Mont Blanc chair lift would be the most scenic way to pass from France into Italy. I don't know if it is near any Camino. -Paul
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    Luxury train service for the camino

    Compared to the US Amtrack, almost all European trains are a "luxury" by comparison. Even the Amtrack Acela has a long way to go before it can be compared to TGV. -Paul
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    Casa Ivar Portugal opens, direct flights to Amsterdam & Paris and International Travellers welcome in June

    Covid travel restrictions map: -Paul
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    How do you train for the Camino?

    Training is not always fun, but it does provide big advantages on the Camino: 1) Able to handle the Pyrenees mountains on Day 1 2) Less injuries, less time spent mending injuries 3) Able to focus mind on the Camino rather than the body aches 4) Able to take longer, alternate routes that are...
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    Purchasing train tickets/cost of tickets

    Train ticket in Europe are increasing being priced similar to plane tickets, based on supply and demand. Prices can change in a fraction of a second! This is especially true for high speed trains. -Paul
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    Last 100 in 5 days?

    There is no magic in Sarria that will enable you to suddenly walk 100K! Walk at home in you local neighborhood park to determine how much you can comfortably walk. How may miles can you walk in a weekend? It's a great way to train your body and test out all your equipment. Don't wait until...
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    Camino Must See

    Be sure to see the chickens in the Cathedral of Santo Domingo del la Calzada. -Paul
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    How do you prepare for the faith journey of the Camino?

    I've been to several events organized by the local chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino which have included a priest to bless our packs and poles. My local parish priest has happy to bless me with a rarely used pilgrimage prayer.
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    Advice for a family

    I suggest walking with the family at a local park and gradually work up to 25Km. This will give you a good idea if all members can walk the distance. Don't wait until Spain to start walking and endangering yourself and your family. -Paul
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    Napoleon Route Closed.

    My understanding is that from Nov 1 - Mar 31, you can be fined for trespassing up to 12,000 Euros if found on the Napoleon route. I haven't hear of anyone actually be fined, but sooner or later someone will be fully prosecuted. -Paul
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    Travel from SJPDP at end of March

    I don't think April 1st is a definite date. There have been years where the Napoleon route has been closed until mid-April due to large amount of snow. It all depends upon the weather. -Paul
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    Napoleon Route Closed.

    Where is the official statement that documents the 12,000 Euro fine? I could not find that in the documents that have been posted here. -Paul
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    How do you travel with money on the Camino?

    If you are simply touring or on the Camino, you can uses these money travel tips: -Paul
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    Water bottle adapter

    I use Camelbak Eddy bottle with Camelbak Hand-free adapter. I also carry a spare Eddy bottle, then swap when the hands-free bottle is empty. The bottle is easier to clean then the plastic bag. -Paul
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    Do you keep your passport on your person at all times?

    I've seen reports that a stolen US passport is worth about $2000 on the black market, which makes it your most valuable possession. Protect it, or you will have to spend a day or two of your valuable time at a US embassy waiting for a replacement. -Paul
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    Quick “The Way” synopses (and tribute)

    For a more realistic view of the Camino, watch "Six Ways to Santiago" -Paul
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    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    There's always the story of a 2-pack a day smoker who lived into their ninety's! Just because one person survived the the camino without training and an overweight pack does not make it a general rule. Maybe it was pure luck. I'd rather not gamble with my health. -Paul
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    Train from Paris to SJPP

    Note that Rail Europe is also the source in the US to purchase Eurail and country-specific train passes which can only be purchases in the US (and not in Europe), due to special pricing. Eurail train passes would only of value if you plan to travel a lot around Europe before/after the Camino...