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  1. Sansthing

    Sello in Ferrol?

    Hello, I shall be walking the Camino Ingles from June 8th, a Wednesday. I know I need to get my first sello in Ferrol if I want to qualify for a Compostela. My problem is that I shall be arriving in Ferrol on the bus at about 13:30 and want to walk to Naron that same afternoon. I understand the...
  2. Sansthing

    Early start

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I hope someone can help me with bus times. I am doing the Camino Ingles in June, and afterward will need to get from Santiago to the airport for a 9:30 flight. I know there is an airport bus which leaves from the bus station and I would like to know what time it starts...
  3. Sansthing

    Easter on the Via de la Plata

    I am hoping to start from Seville early in April 2012. I know Easter Sunday is on April 8th and that Easter can be a busy time as many Spanish people take that week off, some to do part of the Camino. My question is whether Easter week is the week before or after Easter Sunday, and whether there...
  4. Sansthing

    New CSJ guide

    I'm planning on doing the VdLP in April 2012 and wondered if anyone has actually used the new CSJ guide yet, and if so what did they think of it? From the number of posts on the subject of VdLP guides I gather finding a good guide in English, with maps, is a perennial problem. Any help would be...
  5. Sansthing

    Hotel near Madrid Airport

    Hello all, I shall have to spend a night in Madrid between flights after my Camino. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a cheapish hotel as close to the airport as possible. Many thanks, you are all so helpful. Sandra :arrow:
  6. Sansthing

    Madrid to Pamplona

    I was wondering if anyone has done this by train? Last time I took a bus but found the journey rather long as I had jetlag.I believe there is a bus service from the airport to a rail station now. Is there more than one rail station in Madrid for Pamplona? Also is the train direct or do you have...
  7. Sansthing


    Hello fellow pilgrims! I have been unable to resist the call of the Camino and shall be doing the CF for my second time this May. I went to the forum calendar to see who else would be starting around then and found only one entry, one single solitary pilgrim for May and none for other months...
  8. Sansthing

    One year on...

    I have just realised that I started my first Camino one year ago today, doing the Frances from Roncesvales. What memories it brings back and how much I want to do it all again! I am hoping to do the Portugues or even the Frances again, maybe next year. It is strange how even a year on I think...
  9. Sansthing

    Alloy or Carbon?

    I'm thinking of buying the Pacerpoles as they seem to come highly recommended! My only doubt is whether to get alloy ones or carbon ones. Any special reason for choosing one or the other? All input much appreciated. Thanks. Sandra :arrow:
  10. Sansthing

    Santiago at last

    I finally made it to Santiago last Wednesday, 35 days from Roncesvalles. I want to thank forum members and fellow pilgrims for all the good advice and help I received which made my Camino easier. I'd also like to say to other lone female pilgrims that I never had a moment's unease or any...
  11. Sansthing


    I`m in Viana, having a wonderful Camino. Is anyone from the forum near here? I haven`t seen a single forum patch yet, but I´ll keep looking :!: Buen Camino to all of you out there. Sandra :arrow:
  12. Sansthing

    Airport bus

    I know I have to get the red no. 204 bus outside Madrid airport to go to the bus station at Av de Americas. Please, can anyone tell me whether you have to buy tickets beforehand for this bus or do you pay a conductor? Also, any idea how much it costs? Any info would be much appreciated, thank...
  13. Sansthing

    Thank you

    Well, a week today and I´ll be on my way (gulp). Nervous, excited, apprehensive and dying to get going, usual pilgrim feelings for a first Camino I imagine. As I´m sure it is usual behaviour to keep packing and unpacking your ruck sack and changing your mind about what you can do without! I...
  14. Sansthing

    Changing money

    I shall be bringing some pounds sterling in cash with me and am wondering where´s the best place to change them for euros. Is the exchange rate fixed or can it vary from place to place? Any info would be much appreciated. I´m arriving in Madrid airport and will be traveling to Roncesvalles by...
  15. Sansthing

    May/June 2009 - Roncesvalles to Santiago

    Hi, I´ve started a blog about my preparation for my Camino Frances later this year. It´s at: Sandra
  16. Sansthing

    Hanging hooks

    I don´t know if this has come up before, but today I was chatting to a 2008 pilgrim when I went to fetch my pilgrim´s passport, and he gave me a tip I thought very useful and wanted to share with you. He said that you should never ever let your bumbag or money belt out of sight, including when...
  17. Sansthing

    Madrid to Roncesvalles

    Looks as if my plans are slowly coming together, thanks mostly to all the useful information posted here. I´m unsure on a couple of points though, so would be glad of any suggestions or advice. My plan is to fly from Brazil on May 11, arriving in Madrid May 12 at 11:55 am. As far as I can see...
  18. Sansthing

    Maps and Guides

    I plan to start my Camino from Roncesvalles early in May. I've been checking the site for information on the best guidebook and/or maps, and notice there are a variety of opinions (these dabates are very useful, it is so good to hear all sides of the question). Being very weight-conscious I am...
  19. Sansthing

    Camera batteries

    I´m wondering if any camera experts can help me. I have a Sony digital camera, and I have been round their website in circles trying to find out if I can use ordinary duracell alkaline AA batteries instead of Sony´s rechargeable AA ones while on the Camino, but I haven´t managed to find an...
  20. Sansthing

    Backpacks again

    I have read (and reread) just about all the advice on packs, but am still struggling. I know at the end of the day it is a personal choice, but I think an informed choice is best. One of my problems is that I am unsure about size (not capacity). Very few packs seem to have a choice of sizes. As...