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  1. long trails

    Can anyone give me any advice on doing the Camino Frances with a two-year old.

    Not being negative. I just think children have the right to refuse being dragged half way across the country. As a two year old, they will not be able to protest!
  2. long trails

    Hospital bill from spain

    Spanish hospitals have often refused EHIC cards from Brits. Totally against EU law.
  3. long trails

    For U.K. people

    Expect lousy weather, expensive everything and unfriendly locals (particularly bad in the SE of England).
  4. long trails

    Norwegian Trekking cabins

    I avoid Scandinavia. It's a complete rip off for a tourist.
  5. long trails

    Trekking poles

    I personally don't think they are necessary on easy hikes like the Camino where you are on well formed trails usually carrying minimal weight. They are well worth it for tougher hikes that include challenges such as very steep ascents and descents, river crossings and rough terrain.
  6. long trails

    Portuguese Central- which stage to skip?

    Try not to skip any. Join your footsteps to make it a complete thru-hike.
  7. long trails

    Twelve Camino Rules for Life

    Not always true. Some people will end up in less desirable albergues or in a taxi to the next town.
  8. long trails

    Backpacks in bars/cafes

    If I see 'no backpack' signs then I take my €s elsewhere. Why should you be expected to leave your possessions on the street? Nope, I just walk on.
  9. long trails

    Protein bars yes or no?

    No. They are full of preservatives and other bad stuff.
  10. long trails

    Do's and don'ts in the albergue?

    What a list! Surprised breathing is allowed.
  11. long trails

    BBC Program "Celebs" on the Camino

    Too true. This forum has more of these types of people than any I frequent! The BBC show was not that bad at all. Someone mentioned the disruption that the film crew can cause. Maybe they should just film using their phones!
  12. long trails

    Most hotels on almost full for November?

    You won't need to book in November. They'll always be a bed somewhere.
  13. long trails

    Are there Camino routes with decent weather in the winter months?

    Nowhere in Europe really - you definitely have to venture much further South! Maybe the Canaries? I did part of the VDLP in March and it was very cold and wet even down near Seville. There are a few hikes in the south of Portugal that looks ok? I have done the Bibbulmum track, well section...
  14. long trails

    Decathlon is now in the US...Find of the day!

    I had to buy a backpack once and it lasted about two weeks of trail. It was a seriously bad product. If you are in the slightest bit ethical about where you shop then you'd avoid Decathlon. Evidence is for everyone to see. Go into one of their stores and see how cheap their gear is. How can...
  15. long trails

    Roncesvalles... is just not for me

    I found it unfriendly. To be honest I found a lot of the camino unfriendly particularly once people get into their clicky little groups.
  16. long trails

    Decathlon is now in the US...Find of the day!

    But many pilgrims are not serious hikers. They probably do just one or two caminos in their lives and are not found on forums like these. Many of course only do the last 100km. Either way, you get what you pay for and good quality that lasts comes at a price. It is ridiculous how cheap some...
  17. long trails

    How crowded is it.

    Carry a tent. Why pay €190 for a room when you can camp for free? Even if an albergue is full, they may let you camp in the grounds.
  18. long trails

    LIVE from the Camino More bed bugs!!

    You rarely get them in albergues. Cheap hotels and pensiones are probably more risky.
  19. long trails

    Decathlon is now in the US...Find of the day!

    Decathlon is rubbish quality. Complete waste of money.