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  1. tyrrek

    A good first Camino? Ourense-SdC

    I just walked this route in the last week or so, and it struck me that it would be a great option for those looking for a short 'introduction' to the Camino. It's a pretty route, not too challenging after the initial climb out of Ourense, and with some options for distances to walk each day...
  2. tyrrek

    When are the busy periods on the Camino Frances?

    tyrrek submitted a new resource: When are the busy periods on the Camino Frances? - Interactive charts modelling pilgrim statistics (prototype for discussion) Read more about this resource...
  3. tyrrek

    Hotels near Chamartin station, Madrid.

    Hi All. I'll be in Madrid in a couple of months on the way to the Camino and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for hotels near the station. I'll have no time for any sightseeing due to a late night flight and early train so would prefer to be walking distance from the station than...
  4. tyrrek

    For non-peregrino peregrinos!

    Hi All! This is a difficult one. Let's start with the idea that the Camino for many people represents the journey through life; uphills, downhills, flat land, the dull and the exciting. I have someone in mind who is helping me through my alcoholism. She's not a pilgrim, but I see her as that...
  5. tyrrek

    A couple of new albergues on the Finisterre

    Hi All! Just thought I'd mention a couple of new albergues on the route to Finisterre is case they don't appear in your guidebooks yet. The Casa Pepa is at Santa Marina/Maronas, and is a private albergue with a bar downstairs. Run by a friendly couple and does a very acceptable pilgrim's menu...
  6. tyrrek

    Sorry, this must have been asked a million times before, but

    ...I'm thinking of walking just from Santiago to Finisterre and Muxia at very short notice. I have completed several Caminos in the past but always stopped at Santiago. Now I'd just like to spend a few days walking before winter to 'complete the journey' as it were. I'm interested in the...
  7. tyrrek

    Bethlehem pilgrimage route

    Hi All! I see Bethlehem has gained UNESCO World Heritage Site status for the Church of the Nativity and the pilgrimage route. I'm struggling to find what that pilgrimage route is, though. Has anyone got any details? I know it's not far from Bethlehem to Jerusalem (10kms or so?), so I can...
  8. tyrrek

    Addressing an ordained person

    Hi All! Sorry if the same question has been posted twice, but the site seemed to crash just as I pressed 'submit'. I speak reasonable Spanish, but don't know how to address priests/nuns/monks directly. Do you say, for example, 'Hola Padre/Hermana/Hermano' as you would in English? And what if...
  9. tyrrek

    New Bells for St James

    The UK is currently marking Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee with a flotilla of boats through London. These are led by a boat with a bellfry of newly cast bells, which will end up at the church of St James in the City of London. Buen Camino!
  10. tyrrek

    The first few steps.

    Hi All! I love reading about the excitement of pilgrims setting off on their Caminos. However I worry that those first few steps might be a bit of a let down for some; there are no fireworks going off or crowds lining the street. It might feel a bit like 'OK, turn left out the door and keep...
  11. tyrrek

    Valladolid to Pamplona

    Hi All! Has anyone got up to date info on travel between Valladolid and Pamplona for next week? I've tried the Rail Europe website and it doesn't come up with a suggestion (I have to call their helpline :( ). I'm sure it's possible and might take a long time but I've got all day to do it. Where...
  12. tyrrek

    You know St James is looking down at us when.... go shopping for a sleeping bag, expecting to pay about £40. You find one on sale reduced to £12. You get to the till and the till says it's only £5. The cashier is happier to go along with the till than the price tag. How good is that?! Buen Camino!
  13. tyrrek

    Old boots. What to do?

    Hi All. I have finally accepted that my boots that I wore and loved on a Camino Frances and Ingles have reached the end of their life. If I had a garden I'd give them a decent burial, but I haven't, so they'll just have to go in the bin. I'm reluctant to throw them out though. Has anyone had...
  14. tyrrek

    Manchester - Biarritz starts 25th March 2012

    Ryanair are starting a Manchester - Biarritz route on 25th March. There seem to be flights on a Sunday and Wednesday arriving at 21.45, so you'd have to stay overnight in Bayonne and get to SJPP the next day. It makes a part Camino from SJPP to say, Burgos, very reasonably priced. Prices to...
  15. tyrrek

    Hostal Recommendation

    I don't want this posting to detract from the albergue at Hospital de Bruma, which everyone I met who stayed there was very happy with. However I opted for the hostal O Novo in Meson do Vento, and I have to say it was probably the best value accommodation I have ever had in my life (and I've...
  16. tyrrek

    Options for spare days on the Ingles

    Dear All I'm flying into La Coruna on Wednesday (7th Sept) to do the Camino Ingles. I fly back, also from La Coruna, on Friday 16th. My only real aim is to do the Ferrol-SDC route, however as that only takes 5 days or so I may find myself with the time and inclination to walk for another...
  17. tyrrek

    Music that goes through your head on the Camino

    While walking, I found that a few songs came into my head early on, and stayed for the rest of the Camino. I didn't have an iPod or similar, so they didn't come from that. I'm a bit embarrassed about some of the music concerned, but I'll start off with one of my less embarrrassing ones - Eva...