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  1. ELHS220

    COVID CDC Do Not Travel List

    I am not sure exactly where to post this, but the interactive map put out by the CDC within the article might be of general interest. Not very encouraging to say the least.
  2. ELHS220

    Tacky or Cool?

    Tacky or cool? I can't decide...
  3. ELHS220

    Cathedral Renovations

    Article about the removal of the grill and restoration of the main staircase and the crypt. Time frame is 16 months.
  4. ELHS220

    2019 Statistics
  5. ELHS220

    Terrible Weather in Galicia

    There has been rain on each of the last 25 consecutive days in Santiago. November is on its way to becoming the wettest in years. YUCK!!
  6. ELHS220

    Found Camera

    A camera was left at the Pilgrim Office sometime in June. It would appear to belong to THIS person.
  7. ELHS220

    San Sebastián University Hospital

    I arrived in Spain on Tuesday (5/7) expecting to start the Norte today. But yesterday, while having a look around Irún, I sat down on a bench. As soon as I sat down, I got this sharp searing pain in my knee. I do have arthritis and have had similar episodes periodically, but they’ve always...
  8. ELHS220

    Post a Picture of Shoes or Boots

    Recently someone started a "POST YOUR SHADOW" thread and the resulting pictures were awesome. I was rather hung up on discarded boots and shoes and photographed them at every opportunity. My favorite is this pair I saw as I approached Cirauqui (Navarra). Anyone else have some good footwear pics?
  9. ELHS220

    Pilgrim Mass and Botafumeiro

    This past May through July, I walked the last part of the Norte, from Oviedo/Avilés, the last two days of the Francés, served as a volunteer in the Pilgrim Office for two weeks, and then walked to Finisterre and on to Muxía. During this time, I did the Mass reading 37 times in various churches...
  10. ELHS220

    Found camera.

    As I was getting my pack out of the 14:30 Muxía to Santiago bus today, July 6, I found a camera that had evidently fallen out of someone else’s pack. The pics are all of the Camino Francés. There are fewer than 300. There are none with any people close-ups, so I can’t provide any image for ID...
  11. ELHS220

    PLEASE - ID your Credential

    I will be finishing a two-week volunteer period in the Pilgrim Office this weekend and I have a few observations to share. 1. People are showing up with the TITLE PAGE of the credential BLANK. What happens if you lose it along the way? Please fill in your name CLEARLY. Otherwise we have to...
  12. ELHS220

    ATM Fees

    ABANCA doesn’t charge a fee.
  13. ELHS220


    I did the Francés in 2015 and again in 2017 and rarely had to pay an ATM fee. I am now doing the Norte from Oviedo/Avilés to Santiago and was rather shocked to find that a €5 fee is the norm no matter whose machine you hit. I am currently in Luarca and I happily stumbled upon a CAJA RURAL ATM...
  14. ELHS220

    German Pilgrim Found Dead in Burguete