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  1. mmm042

    2014 VDLP Blog/News

    Hi. I've been back on the VDLP for + 1 week now and have a blog for those interested: (If you're wondering about the name, I created the blog when I was thru-hiking the Ice Age National Scenic Trail in Wisconsin last fall and have since used it to blog...
  2. mmm042

    New Iberia routes from Chicago

    Just heard that due to increased demand, Iberia is adding three nonstop flights/week from Chicago to Madrid in June, July and August, increasing the weekly number of flights from 7 to 10. The flights will be Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Most flights now use their new Airbus planes with more...
  3. mmm042

    English-Language App Guidebook to the VDLP

    mmm042 submitted a new resource: English-Language App Guidebook to the VDLP - Step-by-step guide to hiking the Via de la Plata Read more about this resource...
  4. mmm042

    Pilgrimages at Home

    Hi. All of my long-distance hiking to date has been along the Via de la Plata. That's about to change this Saturday, when I'm going to do a thru-hike of the Ice Age Trail, one of America's 11 National Scenic Trails. The IAT is 1,200 miles, all within Wisconsin (my home state), and traces the...
  5. mmm042

    Skullduggery in Castilblanco

    Hi. I'm currently on the VDLP. This morning in Castilblanco de los Arroyos, a local told me lots of peregrinos in the albergue are being robbed, plus some people are duping peregrinos by saying they need to pay for a sello. Not sure if this is a recent development or what, but FYI ... Melanie
  6. mmm042

    VDLP App Now Available for Droids

    Hi. My VDLP app is now available for Droids, as well as Apple products. Anyone who's interested can check it out here: Melanie
  7. mmm042

    VDLP on Facebook

    Hi. I just started the Facebook page "Via de la Plata Trail App," and I'm hoping everyone interested in the trail will check it out: ... 2511909206. This page is in no way intended to compete with this forum. Instead, I'm hoping it can act as a...
  8. mmm042

    English-Language App Guide to the VDLP Now Complete!

    Just under a year after my trail guide to the VDLP was first available as a Sevilla-to-Merida guide, it's now completed through Santiago. Anyone who's purchased the app will get the update completing the guide free. You can read about it here at: ...
  9. mmm042

    Anyone stayed at Bar Javi?

    Hi. Tomorrow night I'm supposed to stay at a place called Bar Javi in Lubian. Some of you have mentioned Casa Pachaca there as a great place, but sadly it's closed. Lots of people on the VDLP now are talking about bedbug issues in the albergues, so I'm hoping Bar Javi is clean and nice. Please...
  10. mmm042

    Dog Warning

    Hi. I'm in Zamora now and wanted to warn those behind me about two aggressive dogs that are just outside the town of Calzada de Valdunciel, a little north of Salamanca. Two days ago as I was leaving town around 1 p.m., I heard two dogs barking and racing towards me. They appeared to be German...
  11. mmm042

    Camino Portugues de Via de la Plata - On my way

    Hi Juli. Tell me where you stay the next few nights. There don't seem to be many places to stay between Salamanca and Ourense (albergue and non-albergue), and I'll be heading out from Salamanca in September. Have a great trip! Melanie
  12. mmm042

    VdlP App Updated Through Salamanca

    Hi. Just wanted to let everyone know my VDLP travel app (for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches) was just updated and now contains trail info through Salamanca. There are 174 entries and +1,700 photos, plus some video clips. The trail segments now appear in order, not alphabetized. I'll be...
  13. mmm042

    New VDLP travel app out

    Hi. I hope this note goes on two different threads, as I'm intending, and people aren't getting it twice! Anyway, my travel app on the VDLP just came out on iTunes at: ... 71301?mt=8 The app currently works on iPhones, iTouches and iPads, although in a...
  14. mmm042

    New VDLP travel app out

    Hi. My travel app on the VDLP just came out on iTunes at: ... 71301?mt=8 The app currently works on iPhones, iTouches and iPads, although in a few months it should be available for Droids as well. It's especially useful for the Camino because you don't...
  15. mmm042

    What is this place?

    Hi. My husband and I walked from Sevilla to Merida in November. Maybe a mile or two before we arrived in Fuente de Cantos we came across what looked like a very nice, newer albergue. A sign on the gate said Villa Camino de Santiago. It could also have simply been someone's home. I meant to ask...
  16. mmm042

    Sevilla pilgrim shops

    Heading out Sunday to start the VDLP in Sevilla. Anyone know of pilgrim shops that sell scallop shells and things like that? I assume there will be some around the cathedral, but I also know one should never assume anything! Thanks, Melanie