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  1. tyrrek

    LIVE from the Camino Where are the Ditch Pigs this year?

    An 'honest Scot'? Heaven forbid! ;)Yes, it was a busy week with much work done. Thank you to our sponsors. Here are 'before and after' photos to show a little of what your generosity achieves, and a third to remind us how beautiful our Camino is.
  2. tyrrek

    When are the busy periods on the Camino Frances?

    Hi Camster Sorry you're having trouble with the charts. I just downloaded it onto my phone and it seemed to work OK, but I know what these things can be like. It may be worth trying again just in case there was a glitch when it unzipped. As far as updates, I started one in spring but then lost...
  3. tyrrek

    Not enough Scots on the Camino

    Hi Jacques-D. You probably took the photo! I've been a bit ill over the last year or so, so no Caminos for me. I miss it, so I'm hoping to do one next year. I hope all is well with you! Buen Camino amigo. K
  4. tyrrek

    Not enough Scots on the Camino

    Loved the video. As for Scots on the's me a couple of years ago on the annual litter-pick.
  5. tyrrek

    Foncebadón haunted?

    I saw a horse there, but no headless horseman unfortunately.
  6. tyrrek

    UK Channel 5 documentary on Galicia

    I thought this programme handled the Camino very well. It embraced to spiritual and religious aspects rather than 'playing it safe' by reducing it to a long walk. Alex P was clearly moved by the whole experience of Santiago. Pity the bit about the Camino wasn't a bit longer, and Jonhiewalker...
  7. tyrrek

    When are the busy periods on the Camino Frances?

    Hi Robo I can't remember that post about the file no longer being available - I know I had problems loading it originally and Ivar had to help me out! It is still there. From what I remember that analysis was based on the 2013 figures. I repeated it again in 2014 and the results were almost...
  8. tyrrek

    Camino-themed Baby Names For English Speaker

    'Elias', after Fr Elias Valina Sampedro, who did so much to stop the Camino dying out in the late 20th Century by painting the first yellow arrows etc. He is also referred to with the Spanish honorific 'Don' (i.e. Don Elias), which would also work. :-)
  9. tyrrek

    The future of Camino Hospitality

    Well, we all love Reb as well. :-)
  10. tyrrek

    Novels Set In Spain, Any Recommendations?

    I read it (in English) about 25 years ago. My abiding memories are of two people wandering through Spain, with heads full of romantic dreams getting into a range of "situations'. Obviously not at all relevant to the Camino, but a good read. :-)
  11. tyrrek

    Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup 2016: They're BACK!

    Great photos! Keep 'em coming... :-)
  12. tyrrek

    Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup 2016: They're BACK!

    Sound advice. In my 4 years as a Ditch Pig I've suffered no more than a groin strain, a near-death flu, and gunshot wounds. You might not be so lucky. Seriously though, have a great time and thanks to you all!
  13. tyrrek

    Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup 2016: They're BACK!

    If we have too many ditch pigs, I'll volunteer to go to the abattoir (so to speak). I've been fortunate to take part several times, and we don't want anyone taking the dogs' beds from them, do we? Have fun!
  14. tyrrek

    Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup 2016: They're BACK!

    My girlfriend will kick my shins if I go off to Spain again without her. Just out of interest, there still space?
  15. tyrrek

    Did you see the Botafumeiro?

    Yes - I've arrived in Santiago several times, so my answer would be 'more often than not'. However I usually arrive at busy times of year and spend at least a couple of days in SdC, so that increases my chances too!
  16. tyrrek

    Sad death of Irish pilgrim after completing the Oviedo route.

    Such sad news. Seamus stayed here in Grado a couple of days before I took over as hospitalero. The priest kindly included prayers for him in tonight's mass. May he rest in peace.
  17. tyrrek

    Starting Oviedo 9 July

    TWO sugars?! I'll expect the donativo box to be heavier than usual... ;)
  18. tyrrek

    Starting Oviedo 9 July

    Pop in and see us at the new albergue in Grado! I'll put the kettle on especially for you. If you're staying, get here early...! :-)