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  1. cbarua

    Bedbugs and Fleas

    The man with the coffee and chorizo stand on the 17 km path to Calzadilla de la Cueza was very angry when he saw the bites on my face, arms and legs. I have been unlucky with bites. Most people have blisters, I got bitten. There is great disagreement as to where I got them from and whether they...
  2. cbarua

    bed bugs

    I have been bitten by bed bugs over the last week. I know from a London experience in 1976 that bedbugs come out of their hiding places when the temperature is just right and this is usually about 3 or 4 in the morning when your body is very still and all is very warm. Then when they bite they...
  3. cbarua

    LIVE from the Camino Burgos Albergue

    John Brierley mentions the Albergue Emaus on Calle Mateo Cerezo in Burgos. I found my way there after a long day´s walk. From what I could see, it no longer exists and the building looked very shabby and abandoned. I believe the very new albergue in the city centre will be opened soon, but I...
  4. cbarua

    It's happening! One more sleep....

    I am very lucky and have lots of time to do the walk....up until the 22nd of June. :-) I am all packed now and off to bed. :!: :arrow:
  5. cbarua

    It's happening! One more sleep....

    I can't believe it! I am leaving on the flight to HK/ Paris from Adelaide tomorrow at 11:10 am!...My pack is too have been making big decisions to get the weight down. But soon I will put my feet up and relax on the flight. I love flying because I can do a lot of peaceful reading. I...
  6. cbarua

    Public holiday and rest day recommendation please

    What a gorgeous photo of Santo Domingo Sil, I love the orange colours. Taking a detour to hear the choir sounds absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for all your wonderful information. We are so lucky to have you in our forum. Casi en Camino, Clarisa
  7. cbarua

    Pre- departure nerves!

    Yes, I agree Kiwi nomad Margaret, our departures are getting closer and closer...mine is 34 days away ....arghhh....can't wait! but also a little anxious as I am concerned about being cold and wet, which Arn said is NOT GOOD. I walked up and down a BIG hill on Sunday and was absolutely soaked...
  8. cbarua

    Pilgrim Calendar: Who's where on what day

    Kiwi Nomad, Do you think you will be in St JPP around the 8th of May? Maybe? Cheers, Clarisa
  9. cbarua

    2 days to go

    Wow Arlene, How exciting is that !!!!? Two more days!!!!!!!! I am imagining how it might I leave on the 4rth of May for Paris to start on the 8th from St JPP and that is getting very close! It is really amazing what we are hoping to accomplish and I never cease to be amazed at anyone...
  10. cbarua

    plantar fasciitis

    Thanks for the info John and Caitlin, I think you are right! Orthodics and stretching are important and now too for me the rolling of my bare feet on golf balls. If I can, I might even take one on the camino for self-massaging sore muscles and feet!
  11. cbarua

    café con leche

    Un cafe con leche siempre es lo mejor! Que rico!!!! Can't wait to have one! Yum!! Clarisa
  12. cbarua

    How many training km's

    Hi Bear, Do some self-physio on sore muscles related to your tendons. Take a golf ball and put some Feldene Gel, or some other anti-inflammatory gel, on it. Then, gently and firmly rub the ball along where it hurts staying in the same area for a while, rather than rolling the ball all over your...
  13. cbarua

    Aussie Aussie Aussie

    :oops: Yes, I was
  14. cbarua

    Aussie Aussie Aussie

    Hi Cyd, Oh!, I just realized your message about the badges was from last year... I don't understand why your message was on the Front Page at the top of Recent Topics from the Forum. I thought that only the latest messages go there. Do you think Ivar is rotating messages? ha ha :lol: Clarisa
  15. cbarua

    Pilgrim Calendar: Who's where on what day

    Si! Buen viaje! :wink:
  16. cbarua

    Pilgrim Calendar: Who's where on what day

    Jeff had a great idea and created a special Pilgrim Calendar for us. We can add our dates on to it and so can see who will be where and when. It also means we can wave goodbye to those who are Deirdre is on her was to Spain today!
  17. cbarua

    Google Calendar

    Re: Calendar Test Hi Deirdre, Thanks for that! I finally got it! Still a little confusing though as I noticed the camino calendar site got a note from me that I want to share my own calendar! I hope I have cleared that now! But most importantly! you are off tomorrow, lucky you! and I...
  18. cbarua

    Google Calendar

    Re: Calendar Test Jeff, Yes I have, but when I click on below the calendar to log in, it takes me straight to my own calendars in my gmail, so I don't have to enter a username or password.
  19. cbarua

    Google Calendar

    Re: Calendar Test Hi Jeff (and Keith), What a great idea!! but I can't seem to get my info onto the calendar. What is the site for the calendar log in? When I login it takes me to my own calendar (I can't see a space to put in the user name or the password. Keith suggested I read your...
  20. cbarua

    plantar fasciitis

    Thank you all for your advice recently. I had some great advice last year and now I am wearing my made to measure orthotics daily; rolling my feet back an forth on golf balls as I watch TV; I never stopped walking; I also stretch before I walk in the morning and on the whole I don't have the...