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    Happy New Year for 2021 from NZ

    Happy New Year to all, may Gods love shine on us all brighter in 2021. May we all accept Gods love and join together in making this world of ours a better place for all.
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    Why do pilgrims carry on when it is really hard?

    I belive that,for me, an important reason is a " thank you" for all the things that He has provided for us. the wonderful singer, Sissel, asks in a song, " how can I give thanks for all the things he has done for me. Can I suggest that one of the reasons ,but not limited to, is love. I will do...
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    Camino Covid survey

    Thank you for this, found it to be meaningful.
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    LIVE from the Camino Going for it

    Hi, which route are you taking ? if its the Central route,we will be waiting for your posts. Have a wonderful camino and God Bless.
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    Is the Camino an addiction, an obsession or something else?

    For us its " something else " The Camino offers us Peace, Love, Bewilderment, Joy and a desire to be even closer to our God. Also what a privaledge to walk in the foot steps of Saint James. In our troubled world how wonderful it is to be given the chance to find the one who is able to...
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    The Legacy of the Bones

    Thank you for posting this. We have been watching for the 3rd in this set and now we know why we could not find it. The country scenes in these films are great and a joy to see. Again thankyou.
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    What would you like to ask John Brierley?

    We would thank him for his contribution to the camino and to the lead he has given to our thoughts.
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    Toronto: Camino Day, March 7, 2020

    Is there a schedule for the days tropics. Do we need to book places and is there a cost/or donation. Thank you Ian.
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    Now I understand...

    Its all udder nonsence,we all know that Milk comes from Goats.
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    Orisson question

    Thanks for your text, We just booked for Sept 2020, paid half and could not figure out how we pay the balance. Thank you again for you explanation. Ian and Helen
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    Free breakfast at the Parador

    In our opinion, we feel that you should be grateful and give thanks. Ian and Helen.
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    He is risen, Easter Blessings to all pilgrims

    Thank you Father, for your wonderful gift to us. After all of my Seventy- Eight years on this earth I still cannot understand your love, your compassion and your You, that you would give your only son for millions of others. Just amazing, thank you .
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    Canadian Company of Pilgrims - Victoria Chapter

    We live approx. 2 to 3 hrs east of Toronto. Can you advise as to address and time of your Brierley seminar. Also if possible the duration of same. Thanking you in advance, Ian.
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    What is a Pilgrim/What is a Pilgrimage?

    May we respectfully ask you to look and read your own writings from the Cambridge University Dictionary " Keeper of the English Language " We feel that if you read that carefully you would not have penned this post. Sincerely Ian
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    What does the camino mean to you?

    For us " Not a Holiday " but a "Holy Day" A day or days when we can walk with and talk to, our God, a time for peace, a time to feel his grace, a time to listen to his call in our lives. Just simply a wonder. God Bless you and thank you or your post.
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    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Walked our first Camino when I was in my 75 year, my wife in her 56 year. We both are planning to walk again in our 78 and 59 years and then again in our 80 and 61. The camino offers us he chance to be alone with each other and alone with our friend who is with us always. We plan for our...
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    Death of a German pilgrim in Triacastela

    We can hear God saying " Well Done My Good and Faithful Pilgrim " " come sit with me "
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    Giving Thanks!

    Thankyou and how kind and thoughtful, your Camino friends in Deseronto wish you a blessed and wonderful day. Ian and Helen.
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    A better guidebook?

    You can read all the replies and I would like to add that I find most guides are not accurate re distance. There is more to guides than just the distance, My vote in overall all inclusive content in guides is Brierley, with Wise Pilgrim a close second. Ian