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  1. cbarua

    Bedbugs and Fleas

    The man with the coffee and chorizo stand on the 17 km path to Calzadilla de la Cueza was very angry when he saw the bites on my face, arms and legs. I have been unlucky with bites. Most people have blisters, I got bitten. There is great disagreement as to where I got them from and whether they...
  2. cbarua

    LIVE from the Camino Burgos Albergue

    John Brierley mentions the Albergue Emaus on Calle Mateo Cerezo in Burgos. I found my way there after a long day´s walk. From what I could see, it no longer exists and the building looked very shabby and abandoned. I believe the very new albergue in the city centre will be opened soon, but I...
  3. cbarua

    It's happening! One more sleep....

    I can't believe it! I am leaving on the flight to HK/ Paris from Adelaide tomorrow at 11:10 am!...My pack is too have been making big decisions to get the weight down. But soon I will put my feet up and relax on the flight. I love flying because I can do a lot of peaceful reading. I...
  4. cbarua

    Pre- departure nerves!

    Yes, I agree Kiwi nomad Margaret, our departures are getting closer and closer...mine is 34 days away ....arghhh....can't wait! but also a little anxious as I am concerned about being cold and wet, which Arn said is NOT GOOD. I walked up and down a BIG hill on Sunday and was absolutely soaked...
  5. cbarua

    Pilgrim Calendar: Who's where on what day

    Jeff had a great idea and created a special Pilgrim Calendar for us. We can add our dates on to it and so can see who will be where and when. It also means we can wave goodbye to those who are Deirdre is on her was to Spain today!
  6. cbarua

    Three questions for Ivar

    Hi Ivar, I have 2 questions: 1. When I go to this page: frequently-asked-questions/ and click on NEW TOPIC it does not take me to a POST A NEW TOPIC page. [FEB 4th ..oh it did today!] 2. I wonder if it is possible to select a topic question and all its responses at once...
  7. cbarua


    Hi everyone! Am so enjoying reading through the forums. :D I was wondering if anyone has attempted to learn Euskera (Basque). I can speak Spanish, so I am thinking of learning a bit of Basque before starting my Camino in April 2008. Has anyone ever come across any free websites where I could...
  8. cbarua

    plantar fasciitis

    Plantar fasciitis! Have you ever heard of this? Neither had I until 3 days into the start of my training for my Camino next April :( .... I started walking on the flat near home with my dog, feeling really well and did 30 mins the first day, 40 the next and 45 on the third day very comfortably ...