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  1. mpallen004

    Camino Saves. Ex Drowns. No **it.

    Namaste indeed! Sorry for yourvloss.
  2. mpallen004

    April /May/June 2016 Peregrinos - Camino Frances

    Hi Joe, I will not be starting April 7th as planned, family medical issues have made me a caregiver for the time being. Please remove me from the list. Thanks,
  3. mpallen004

    Always pack light.....

    Brought a smile! Thanks!
  4. mpallen004

    April Walkers

    I'll be a few days ahead of you, but you're lucky to be able to all have the time and means to do it together. Enjoy it all!
  5. mpallen004

    (Nearly) Live Updates Via de la Plata February > Abril 2016

    Hello SYates, I couldn't find a Patron Saint for tendinitis, so I said a prayer to Padre Pio for you. Hey, It can't hurt. ;) Buen Camino
  6. mpallen004

    Health, Heights, and a Horrid Horseman.

    Well done! Didn't see it coming.
  7. mpallen004

    Is it me?

    I feel the same some , but I never wish time by anymore, it's all precious. I need my few more weeks to lower my carried weight (FSI). Enjoy the planning and anticipation!
  8. mpallen004

    Another special moment unique to the Camino experience...

    Thanks for posting this. This is what attracts me the most I think, random acts of kindness as they say, and gratitude for all things.
  9. mpallen004

    Rain Gear Product opinions please

    I've covered all the bases an have probably lost my mind! I now have 2 ponchos, one being the Ferrino. Today I fell in love with the Marmot precip jacket and purchased that. I probably could have someone walk beside me with an umbrella for the same cost. The current forecast for most of the...
  10. mpallen004

    What worked and what didn't -- SJPDP to Finisterre, Sep 15

    Thanks Obilix! Great review, love the guide app too!
  11. mpallen004

    An animated Google Map of the Camino Frances

    Cool! Thanks for posting. It's like Astral projection across the Camino. :)
  12. mpallen004

    I would dread an albergue night if someone had one of these

    To often I complain about Gen Y,Z as being to self absorbed and narcissistic, as all I see are generally the ones that fit this mold with their constant selfie and social media updates. Every so often I see that these folks are just generous and conscious as any other generation, just with more...
  13. mpallen004

    Foiled again! Iberia changes flight time from Santiago

    I feel your pain as that's all I could find. Also some airport appreciation time with a 4 hr 45 min layover in Madrid before heading home as well.
  14. mpallen004

    Rain Gear Product opinions please

    Very good feedback! Being bathed in sweat and to trying to get changed while wet sound like lessons I'd rather not learn. Thank You.
  15. mpallen004

    Rain Gear Product opinions please

    Has anyone had experience with this rain suit? I'm starting the CF in early April and I will need to bring rain gear, 295 grams seems fairly light. Thanks, mike
  16. mpallen004

    Santiago Syndrome?

    I think our guide had this syndrome while she was describing Michelangelo's David. :)
  17. mpallen004

    What happened to the Forum?

    We never knew why dad suddenly volunteered to give up his license, we always suspected something really bad almost happened. Nobody ever liked going for a car ride more than him. Good for you for being incisive even though it makes you the enemy for a time!
  18. mpallen004

    Sleeping bag

    Thanks Tom I took this advice.
  19. mpallen004

    Sleeping bag

    Thank all for the feedback. It's starting to come together, except I have the chicken and the egg dilemma, should I buy the gear and get a pack that fits it or buy the pack first? o_O In the end, it'll all work itself out I'm sure. I sometimes laugh when I think of all the planning and...