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    Plantar Fasciitis

    For me about 2 months in Crocs. Worked for my brother also. All the exercises, stretches, etc., did nothing or very little. What helped when I was walked from SJPP to Santiago was some good inserts (green Superfeet). Whenever it starts to flare up, back into Crocs or other shoes I have learned...
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    Is it practical to plan to travel CDG - SJPDP in one day?

    We flew last year. Arrive CDG, flew HOP airlines from CDG to Biarritz then Express Bouricott shared ride to SJPDP, less expensive than train (and much faster). Don't fly out of Orly, too much trouble getting there from CDG. Piece of cake really.
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    Rail strike

    Also, bus is an option, very inexpensive but long ride! I would not do it.
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    Rail strike

    I just returned from walking Camino Francis (40 days) followed by 11 days in Normandy and Paris area visiting family. I had no problems. My sister lives just outside of Paris near Euro Disney. You can take the RER or SNCF to her home, both of which I did, no problems. My mom lives in Normandy...
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    Should I Pack This???

    Don't think you need it. Currently in La Portela Valcare, started SJPP.
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    3 Quick packing questions

    You need passport. I wondered about trekking poles and I am so happy I brought them. Yes, if you want your camera, bring it. Don't let the minimalist packers scare. For me first time, pack about 20 lbs., started SJPP, currently Leon, no problems.
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    My wife and I started April 18, we have had about 20 minutes of rain. Currently in Leon for 2 days, cold and windy but quite sunny. Overall, we have had great weather. Some wind and cold, but mostly sunny. I am getting a very nice tan.
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    In Pamplona today, Saturday 20th. Crossed Napoleon Wednesday & Thursday. Weather magnificent, warm, trees in bloom. Perfect! Napoleon clear and beautiful, windy but easily manageable.
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    Rail strike

    Below is a link to "scheduled" strike days. We fly into Paris mid April with Air France flight to Biarritz the next day. I spoke with my sister who lives in Paris and she says the schedule is all in all pretty reliable. I am continuing on with my journey as is...
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    Train travel from Paris to SJPP

    Another option is to fly from Paris to Biarritz, that is what we are doing April 17. Airfares have gone up since I purchased my tickets. You can still go from Orly to Biarritz for about $79.00 on EasyJet. Quite a bit more going from CDG to Biarritz on Air France. EasyJet only goes out of Orly...
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    Pack is too large for carry-on

    I bought an item to carry my backpack so I can check it. Flying on Norwegian also. Light weight, compact and works wonderfully. I am able to pack my poles in it also so that problem is solved. I will use the sack as a liner for my backpack while walking providing extra protection from April...
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    picking a start date in April

    At one time I remember reading about it being hard to get a bed in Pamplona on weekends? We plan to leave SJPP on a Wednesday with first night in Orisson which should put is in Pamplona on Saturday. Should we anticipate a problem? That will be Saturday, April 21 having departed SJPP on the 18th...
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    Backpack in airline holds

    So, I have had the same questions. Really did not want to spend more money but decided I should, primarily because of the issue of how to carry my trekking poles and fears of dangling straps. After a great deal of searching I settled on the Pro-Tector Rucksack cover. Competitively priced...