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  1. shefollowsshells

    Will you walk a Camino in 2021?

    I wonder if I’m the only one imagining this “ border crossing” that seems to be mentioned- lol. On the border if your lucky you might be met by a horse or two in some gorgeous fog ( or not) and a tiny shepherd hut near by. There’s no dramatic crossing, in fact if your phone doesn’t buzz with new...
  2. shefollowsshells

    Will you walk a Camino in 2021?

    Yup as long as things stay open for those vaccinated Le Puy to Santiago, then home ten days and off to Turkey! then home one month and off to Thailand for 40 days then home one month and back to Portugal leading a group of friends! Busy fun awesome year planned!
  3. shefollowsshells

    A slight change in the air?

    Peaking out from under a rock with Ivar's new announcement that seems to support those that want to dream of an upcoming Camino and that they won't get chastised and insulted for doing so. I agree we are a forum for pilgrimage not one to stand on a branch discuss pilgrimage and get picked to the...
  4. shefollowsshells

    Street Art- I'm about to have this beauty put on Canvas

    One of my favorites...from Lisbon! though others might enjoy, and would love to see your favorites!
  5. shefollowsshells

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    Well I'm a foodie!!! I'd have to say hands down Le Puy if it is based on food only and IF money is no object. Beautiful artisan salads!!!!! If its based on company at the table Portugal.
  6. shefollowsshells

    On this date in February...

    I didn’t know that was you!!! Wow what a small world!!! Ahhhh I think of that night and CLEAN SMELLING laundry. They took all of our clothes and washed them and our noses were in our laundry for days!!!
  7. shefollowsshells

    On this date in February...

    pitter patter of my heart, you know I love the RV!!!! and you had so much influence on that!!!... it is ALWAYS calling me!!!!
  8. shefollowsshells

    Silly Christmas Tradition

    This post is so touching to me, and so glad you shared it!!!! So sweet and just perfect!!! Merry Christmas!
  9. shefollowsshells

    LIVE from the Camino Driving Today in Spain

    I too would have thought staying put is best, gas handles etc.... staying put and self contain in dreamy portugal....
  10. shefollowsshells

    Leaving small children behind

    in 2012 i left six children behind... ages 3 and upwards.... they made a nice sized wall map and moved a stick figure of me along on it... they drew pictures on it, for example an octopus sitting on a plate and a cat near by... then five years later five of the six joined me for 1,100 miles of...
  11. shefollowsshells

    Graffiti on the Camino- this is how I handled it

    I'm not saying I love the sight of graffiti...I'm not on the forum much these days but got an email of top threads this past week and one was titled Graffiti or had the word in its subject line. It made me think maybe I should share... FIVE points to whoever can say where this graffiti came...
  12. shefollowsshells

    Stop Spraying Lavender Oil!

    agreed! for some reason I love ,” it’s your Camino”, but detest the, “ it’s my Camino”....
  13. shefollowsshells

    American using Debit card for ATM?

    YES!!! Great advice, so repeating it so you are aware of why... Withdrawl when bank is open so if there are issues you can get them resolved. I used my card once and the machine literally "ate" (took away) my card. Thank God the bank was open. I too withdrawl about $200 each time I withdrawl, I...
  14. shefollowsshells

    Salads in Portugal - curious

    Thank you all so much guys!!!!!
  15. shefollowsshells

    6 Words

    My 10 year old who walked at age 9 just said to add, "hey guys are we there yet"
  16. shefollowsshells

    6 Words

    My story has to do with me convincing a gal here in the States why I was so thrilled with my upcoming plans to be walking my first Camino. She snarled at me in total disgust when I was smiling and saying how I couldn't wait!!!!! I said, "you walk, stop and eat tapas " After just honestly...
  17. shefollowsshells

    6 Words

    Thank you...I will carry these words with me FOREVER!!!!I...and will need to adjust my budget in doing so... I gathered the kiddos around and read this to them, I suspect we all will continue to say this forever...
  18. shefollowsshells

    Salads in Portugal - curious

    Don't get me wrong, I love seafood and I love pastry. There is no way Portugal can disappoint me. I'm not asking for assurance of the quality of the food, I know I will be thrilled. But I am wondering what is their reputation regarding Salads? For example the Salads from France, in many places...
  19. shefollowsshells

    What goes around comes around.

    Some of my best moments in life as I recollect them are sitting at a table with friends and strangers... some on a large boat in the Greek islands (even though sea sick), one in Conques when American pilgrims from Colorado, who are now like grand parents to my kids insisted on treating my kids...
  20. shefollowsshells

    What goes around comes around.

    " Take the trouble to connect" such powerful, powerful words...and love the poem! Thank you for sharing!