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  1. J

    Think about this...

    Yes for me if “fear of getting stuck in one place and not seeing/doing/going more” counts as a determining factor.
  2. J

    On the Camino, on this date in May...

    Logrono, staying at Entresuenos. 2015
  3. J

    From your bedroom window

    Posted that too soon. It is pitch black out my window now. Be back in the morning.
  4. J

    From your bedroom window

    No spring-breakers littering your beach yet 😋
  5. J

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    Thank you for “the glass us half full but feel free to top it up!” Best comment on life in a long time! I was 82 when I started from SJPDP with my backpack and the intention to do what I could each day and see what happened. After 15 days, I came back to the US to move from the SE to the NW...
  6. J

    Camino places to visit in Paris?

    Just a head’s up on holidays - in 2015 I arrived on May 1, having forgotten this is a holiday in Europe. I think there may have been strikes involved somewhere also. Schedules were completely “off” so I spent a good deal of time hanging about before finally getting to SJPDP. Do check the...
  7. J

    A Christmas present

    Yes indeed! Feliz Navidad to all. 🤗❤️
  8. J

    A Christmas present

    So sorry! Happy day, anyway!
  9. J

    Wading deep into another culture.

    Thank you! I, too, like to “be where I am” and as much as possible learn and live in the culture wherever I go. Enriches my life!!
  10. J

    Phone phobia and speaking foreign languages

    My Dad said his father taught him that “every person has a right to make a fool of himself now and then.” And for myself, when learning to speak Portuguese, I decided I could be okay with being a source of amusement. Also, charades can be helpful, and amusement for both sides. 😏
  11. J

    Some things a little over the top.

    This is splendid! Thank you both for your perfect imperfection!!! Or imperfect perfection. 🤗
  12. J

    The truth about Camino fashion

    Oh yes! At home and abroad!
  13. J

    Long Hikes. . . Romance vs. Reality

    Oh, my Mom was a “hanker-er” too and i’ve not seen/heard the word in a long time. Thanks for the memories !😋
  14. J

    Perseid meteor shower on the Camino!

    Thank you! This truly merits the word “awesome”!
  15. J

    On being Ruthless...

    Plus, I know some people named Ruth who embody those attributes! Nice!