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  1. pilgrim b

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2021?

    A beautiful walk through Nidderdale woodland as we walked to the source of the River Nidd
  2. pilgrim b

    What's your favorite sello (stamp) from the Camino?

    This sello in wax I receive from a man on the Way. He had prosthetic legs and was trying to raise money to go to the Paralympic Games the following year. it was my first camino and well, I will let his seal speak for him!
  3. pilgrim b

    Back to basics on the forum

    Thank you Ivar and the mods for keeping things going it is worth saying the camino is still attracting new pilgrims. Who are asking all the right questions and we can point them to the forum Pilgrimage is very much alive in the Uk and so is the Camino six friends of mine want to come next year...
  4. pilgrim b

    Podcast A double episode with Will Parsons, co-founder of British Pilgrimage Trust

    Hi Dan , Dr Guy Hayward who works for BPT and Nick Mayhew- Smith last year completed a book "Britiain's Pilgrim Places which now published. Some wonderful pilgrim routes to suit pilgrims of all abilities. You don't have to buy the book rather expensive, though well worth it. because all the...
  5. pilgrim b

    Comment by 'pilgrim b' in media 'Leaving Pontedeume'

    Thank for your kind comments have a very Happy Healthy and rewarding Camino where ever you are in 2021
  6. pilgrim b

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    I hope to walk for a seven to ten days this year in Italy to do the St Francis Way.But I wish to see and walk into Assisi (I walked into Rome on last year’s Francigena. This may well be my last pilgrimage who knows I was born in 1941.But it seems as long as I am fortunate and blessed . I shall...
  7. pilgrim b

    Merry Christmas to you all

    Thank you David and every good wish and blessing to you and all this Christmas tide x
  8. pilgrim b

    Considering the Borders Abbey's Way or the St Francis Way still undecided which or both?

    Considering the Borders Abbey's Way or the St Francis Way still undecided which or both?
  9. pilgrim b

    question for spiritual pilgrims

    The beginning of freedom is the realisation that you are not the “thinker”. The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You begin to realise that there is a vast stream of intelligence beyond thought that thought is only tiny aspect of...
  10. pilgrim b

    Camino effects at home -- years later

    Our Camino's never stop at SdC they go on ...................
  11. pilgrim b

    Cathedral Closed...Is the Camino still worth it?

    In my humble opinion the whole walk is in a Cathedral one of nature’s thinnest places!
  12. pilgrim b

    Do You Ever Get Days...

    My friends there is no known cure for this condition, you can only have a few weeks of respite !! And that is when you are again on camino. I have suffered from this condition for several years now and my only relief has been my annual (this year twice) walk on pilgrimage. b
  13. pilgrim b

    Death of a cyclist pilgrim near Roncesvalles

    So tragic, so sorry for his family, may they find strength at this sad time. Rest in Peace.
  14. pilgrim b

    71 year old man dies at albergue in Tricastela

    Prayers for his family and condolences for their loss, always remember he was doing what he wanted to do and he will always be a pilgrim. May you all receive the blessing of strength to cope with your loss.
  15. pilgrim b

    Test of the new forum version

    I like it Ivar nice clean modern look easy to navigate thank you for all your hard work.
  16. pilgrim b

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2017?

    Walking in Billsdale looking back at Easter Hill
  17. pilgrim b

    Do you have blue eyes? Meet your pilgrim cousins

    Blue eyed yes me too, but right handed not left, that means you will hug to my left and I to your the right perfeccc. It's important to pay attention to a hug!
  18. pilgrim b

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2017?

    A walk over two summits in the lakes the views were wonderful we reached this summit from Robinson and with one foot put in front of the next climbing one a moment at at time reminded me of walking the Camino.
  19. pilgrim b

    German Pilgrim Found Dead in Burguete

    May he rest in peace and his loved ones gain some strength from each other in their great loss .