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  1. Anhalter

    Winter Camino & Washing Clothes?

    Some albergues did have an indoor option for hanging clothes, but they were few. I'd take another pair of briefs and socks, bringing the total to 4 pairs each and adding less than100g to my pack, so i only need to wash every 3 days and then go for a dryer or be lucky with the weather or the...
  2. Anhalter

    Anyone use a Montbell backpack?

    They are missing at least one thing i like (daisy chain), and are a bit to heavy for my taste. On the other hand, they are way cheaper than the typical UL backpacks and don't seem to have any obvious flaws. So i see no reason they should not be considered an option (if they are a comfortable fit...
  3. Anhalter

    Longevity of Trail and Street Running Shoes vs Boots

    The reason behind this is quite logical: (Trail)Runners are usually lighter than hiking shoes/boots. Since no manufacturer can do magic and has to use the available materials, less weight usually equals less material used. Less material used equals less durability. Not sure if that behaves...
  4. Anhalter

    Camino Frances - Limited time, avoiding lots of roadside walking

    Took me 18 days of walking from Burgos to Santiago. There are definately some sections where you walk a lot on roads, but many different types of landscape aswell. Meseta, Mountains, Galicia. But honestly, I am not sure i would do it this way since the way up to Burgos is incredibly beautiful...
  5. Anhalter

    How many pairs of shoes did you go through?

    If it was me, i would send some ahead. There might be people, that used their runners for that amount, but that will be the rare exception. The more sturdy variants of shoe might be more likely to be good for that distance, but I, again personally, would rather deal with the extra logistics than...
  6. Anhalter

    How many pairs of shoes did you go through?

    Used my Trailrunners for about 200km, walked the Camino Frances for 800km. The "midsole" (cushioning?) was somwhat at the end of the lifespan, the sole itself might have lasted another 100-200km. Funnily the rest of the shoe was in remarkably good shape. They been good to walk around towns the...
  7. Anhalter

    COVID $24 home COVID Ag TEST

    Antigen Self Test kits are currently being sold up from 2€ in Germany. I can not imagine them being significantly more expensive in Spain (or hard to come by). Anyways, they are usually just being used for testing in shopping malls etc (or now: have been). For mandatory testing (for crossing...
  8. Anhalter

    best way to SJPP from Paris

    Train from Paris Montparnasse - Bayonne - SJPDP worked like a charm
  9. Anhalter

    REI Sleeping Bag - Camino Light

    My sleeping bag, which is rated a 13°C comfort level (and with extra cloth put on in an emergency likely to still be OK for around 5-10°C) It compresses down to 1,6L of volume. I usually have it in a 4L drysack. Even with my rather small backpack it fit comfortably inside, so yes, you will not...
  10. Anhalter

    REI Sleeping Bag - Camino Light

    that bag honestly seems like overkill to me. Might be a lot of warmth for the money, but then it's quite heavy. I paid about twice that much for mine, but thats only around 1/3rd of the weight (240g) and should be good for indoor sleeping in most of 3 seasons and some outdoor sleeping in warmer...
  11. Anhalter

    Not as good as I thought...

    guys, the post is 12 years old...
  12. Anhalter

    Current intel on non-walking options for Finisterre

    I did rent a car for 20-something euros for 1 week in 2019. That kind of rate might not be available this year, and you have to figure in the rental company trying to rip you off (which happens about 2/3 of the time and might put stress on you if you are not used to it) and also driving in...
  13. Anhalter


    Pilgrims meal and breakfeast at Roncesvalles were...nourishing. Not bad. Not good. I liked the dinner for the company and the breakfeast for the coffe. I might skip the breakfeast if i was staying there again, but more likely, i'd skip Roncesvalles alltogether and sleep in one of the following...
  14. Anhalter

    What to do and not to do in a Refugio/Albergue

    Sorry @Arn i have to dispute your recommendation. While theft might a thing that happens on the camino and in Spain, it is nowhere near as bad as you make it look. I left my valuables in my pockets, my phone on my bed and my backpack outside of multiple establishments without any of it going...
  15. Anhalter

    How to take trekking poles to Spain despite airline regulations...

    Wrong. Since you have to put the pole in motion before putting it in its next position, weight of the pole is directly proportional to the amount of energy used (for moving the pole).
  16. Anhalter

    How to take trekking poles to Spain despite airline regulations...

    Depends on where you are travelling from. theres the option on taking them on the plane (if allowed) of mailing them to the post office (poste restante) of mailing them to someone, be it a person from the forum or first albergue (yes, you need to talk to them first) or get a pair from a...
  17. Anhalter

    Decathlon/Quechua MH500 40L pack

    Well... i wouldn't go so far as to call this backpack "lightweight", but "bang for the buck" Decathlon stuff is usually very good. If you like it, and don't care to spend more, it will work. And even if not, it's easily replaced.
  18. Anhalter

    Wild Camping option and sufficient gear

    Unless i missed something, you still did not post a packing list. So i am guessing a bit. Anyways: 9kg is a lot. Even when on a budget. Even after subtracting 3,5kg for your (heavy) tent and (heavy) backpack. So please, make a list of the items and either look it over or put it here (or...
  19. Anhalter

    Pre-Camino walking regimes - are they worth it? Do they work? Are they needed?

    Since there seem to be humans in all forms and shapes, i guess the answer is a "it depends" For some, putting in some training before their camino is mandatory since they would not be able to complete it otherwise. But i guess those are few For most, putting in some walking experience...
  20. Anhalter

    COVID Without herd immunity will you really sleep at an albergue?

    If had my shots, sure i would. But thats gonna be a while till i get them.