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  1. KJFSophie

    Picture Within a Picture

    I've a few of these photos, where I'm captured in the picture I was trying to take... Have you any to share?
  2. KJFSophie

    San Roque ...a novena for healing

    Many who have walked have encountered San Roque in Spain ( San Rocco in Italy ) , oftentimes mistaken for St James as he is depicted dressed as a pilgrim. He is seen wearing pilgrim hat, carrying a staff, often with a shell...but he is accompanied by a dog and revealing wounds on his leg. He is...
  3. KJFSophie

    Ancestry DNA Explains it all !

    I've received updated results from DNA tests : 80% France, 9% Spain, 8% Basque, 2% Scotland, 1% North America Maritime .... Apparently, my roots are on the Camino. Explains a lot! 😁🎒🍷❤
  4. KJFSophie

    The Silent Camino "People"

    Would love to see photos of pilgrims with the 'strong silent types' on the camino... Here I am in Ferrol with my iron buddy ... Who have you met along the Way?
  5. KJFSophie

    A 'One Word' Why?

    I'm in my 5th class of teaching a university course on "Walking Pilgrimage: El Camino de Santiago" and I'm having a blast! We are full at 24 students and deeply entrenched. I broke down my course into 1) introductions/ me/ them/ university and brief overview on how course would unfold 2) the...
  6. KJFSophie

    The Pilgrim Soul

    We find, ourselves Who we are not Perhaps Who we might be at best We see, in another the heart of an unknown brother familiar In the Camino guest The soul of the pilgrim Restless It stays long enough in each The shadow remains , an unexpected rest It leaps to the next Dancing...
  7. KJFSophie

    Opportunities without the 'training' ?

    5 Caminos, a few nursing and mental health professional licenses, retired with time....but have yet to be able to connect to any 'training' ! There have not been volunteer trainings offered in locations or time tables that I could possibly attend during the past four years that I've been...
  8. KJFSophie

    Summer on the CF 2020

    Teaching a course on the Camino in Jan/Feb, having surgery in March, expecting first grandchild in May...looks like life has prescribed a summer camino as I'll be back to working in the fall. I'd like to run a possible plan to the well seasoned walkers...Begin in Pamplona July 22 ( a week or so...
  9. KJFSophie

    Follow up to request for photos -VIDEO!

    Thank you to all who have contributed photos for my upcoming course on the Camino...Here are the Camino Faces, Hearts and Souls... It was uploaded to Youtube in 480, instead of 1080 HD, but I assure you, you all look fabulous on the real video in HD ! Many Many Thanks ! Enjoy and please leave a...
  10. KJFSophie

    Hoping to Walk Geneva to LePuy in Sept 2020

    Very excited about researching this Geneva to LePuy route for 2020 in September. Lots of information so far seems to be a bit dated ( 2014-2016 ), hoping someone has updated resources for guidebooks, route suggestions, accommodations, etc. ( yes, I do speak a bit of French which I'm told will be...
  11. KJFSophie

    Marilyn Kline, Camino Frances, Sept 2015 RIP Peregrina

  12. KJFSophie

    Consider a RIP thread?

    I wondered if the option of a thread to post the passing of a pilgrim would be nice to have. I've just learned of the passing of an American woman from CA that I walked with in 2015 via her FB page and thought it might be nice to have a thread here with a posted picture to 'memorialize' fellow...
  13. KJFSophie

    Pilgrim Photos for Presentation Needed

    I will finally be teaching my course at the local university in the spring 2020 session : Walking Pilgrimage, El Camino de Santiago. ( yay!!!! ) As it's a condensed non-credit course this year ( as a pilot for a humanities course next year ), I've been given six sessions of 1.5 hrs each. I'm...
  14. KJFSophie

    St Andrew's Way, Scotland ...thoughts?

    I've just returned from the Camino Ingles and am considering my next walk. Has anyone walked the St Andrews Way in Scotland ( I know there are a few various routes ) who might offer the pros and cons and perhaps some comparison to any of the Santiago routes?
  15. KJFSophie

    Poles, Poles, Poles...and Planes

    I fully appreciate the topic has been discussed ad nauseam and usually ends in arguments regarding poles on planes. Some will claim they never had an issue putting their poles into their packs and walking onto the airplane with them for the overhead, others have had them confiscated at the...
  16. KJFSophie

    A Coruna to Ferrol , Sunday Sept...train vs bus ?

    Researching my way to Ferrol from A Coruna...Prices for the trip look comparable ( a few Euro diff ) by train vs bus....wondering which is more pleasant ? Time is not an issue as we are only setting out to walk the following day. Thanking all in advance for their advice/opinion :)
  17. KJFSophie

    ...On Being Short...

    I've often thought there should be a special certificate to acknowledge all the extra effort required of a short person walking the Camino. Walking alone requires 3 steps to every single step of the tall ones. The least little series of stones to ascend is akin to climbing a steep mountain...
  18. KJFSophie

    "Camino Energy Snacks"

    I've survived many a camino day on hard boiled eggs, cheese, nuts, bananas...but this...? THIS could possibly be the answer to every ache and pain, every need for calm, every burst of energy one could ever need...LOL ( of course, kidding! )
  19. KJFSophie

    Route Changes on Ingles/ answers from John Brierley

    Some questions on forums regarding 'old' and 'new' routes in the Brierley Guide for the Ingles route... Why not ask the man himself? Here is my email to him and his response: To the Esteemed John Brierley, I’m interested in finding out if the ‘optional routes’ in the newer 2019 guidebook for...
  20. KJFSophie

    Help with Lamb's Wool Questions...?

    I've recently taken on a new job doing Mental Health Counseling in a gorgeous working farm setting ( yes!, the sessions are out in open air among the animals! ) question is how is the wool treated to use as padding/friction resolve between toes, etc? I have seen many using wool for the...