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  1. Isca-camigo

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Torres Trancoso-Braga June 2021

    Same for me, I would love to start in Salamanca and walk to Braga and take the Geira up from there, but the last few stages to Guimaraes put me off, I don't mind the odd stage of asphalt but several all lined up one after the other would cause me problems.
  2. Isca-camigo

    LIVE from the Camino Geira e dos Arrieiros - June 2021

    Thanks for sharing, i am like a little kid waiting for the next installment of a eagerly anticipated story.
  3. Isca-camigo

    Lone Peak 5 - Sizing?

    🤩 Yes please.
  4. Isca-camigo

    LIVE from the Camino Geira e dos Arrieiros - June 2021

    I took PF with me on my 2014 Camino, because I didn't know what the pain was I just carried it with me, there was lots of little things I could have done if I knew like rolling a tennis ball under my arch and heel or rolling a frozen plastic bottle under them. Because the ailment had happened...
  5. Isca-camigo

    Winter Camino & Washing Clothes?

    The only items I might wash day to day in a winter Camino are my sock liners and my underwear, my other baselayers are merino wool so can take a good few days of use before I give them a clean, and because I usually have two types of the same outerwear then I can go 7-10 days without washing my...
  6. Isca-camigo

    Lone Peak 5 - Sizing?

    Is it the standard LP5 or the wide edition? I have LP3 which I managed to get new recently, they are definitely narrower than the Olympus 2.5 and 3.5. I like using the LP3 for normal activities and work but for doing a Camino they would be too narrow in the toe box and too shallow and every day...
  7. Isca-camigo

    Lone Peak 5 - Sizing?

    I was told by Northern Runners in Newcastle that the LP5 wide would not be available in the UK until September at the earliest,which is about a week too late for me. I tried becoming a member on the US company REI and having them shipped to my address, they seemed ok with some parts of my order...
  8. Isca-camigo

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Torres Trancoso-Braga June 2021

    I was tempted to ask you a couple questions when you arrived on the Torres, one of them being what info have you seen about variant routes being offered by local areas as an alternative to the USAL official tracks. USAL posted on the rerouting of tomorrows stage away from the Ecovia, they were...
  9. Isca-camigo

    Norte Accommodations - COVID Updates

    I was lucky enough to have found out about this place when I was on the Norte in 2012, this isn't one I feel you can put down to the Pandemic, but it helped make up his mind of what has been there for a few years, it felt like it was only going to be short term back in 2012.
  10. Isca-camigo

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Torres Trancoso-Braga June 2021

    I just saw this on my Facebook feed so thought I would share.
  11. Isca-camigo

    LIVE from the Camino Caminho Nascente from Tavira - Spring 2021

    Wow 36 days seem to have flown by, thank you for you lovely descriptive accounts of your Caminho. Lots of hugs from Exeter
  12. Isca-camigo

    San Juan fiesta 2021?

    Have look for Amandi, it is 2km past Villaviciosa on the Camino del Norte and on the stage before Gijon it has a big noche de San Juan, there is a chapel of San Juan nearby and because the estuary/ river is still tidally influenced they have several bonfires alongside the river. I went out...
  13. Isca-camigo

    AMC: CF Open Albergues June 1st interactive map

    I have copied this text from the Facebook of Casa Susi it shows some of the difficulties Albergues are having. .............................. We are feeling incredibly disheartened by the camino situation 😢 We are sharing photos of our sleeping area to highlight why we can’t open. The...
  14. Isca-camigo

    Camigos in S Devon 2020-2021

    Sorry guys I couldn't change my work in the end and forgot to mention it. Hope you had a great day and will maybe catch up in the future. Mike
  15. Isca-camigo

    Large meal at midday like Iberian Culture? Is it for you?

    It is what I do in smaller villages but usually my window for eating is upto 1600 not 1700, I have been doing it for years on various Caminos , I have never had any difficulties in Spain, France is completely different.
  16. Isca-camigo

    Large meal at midday like Iberian Culture? Is it for you?

    If its possible I try to have my main meal(la Comida) at somewhere between 1500 and 1700pm, the latter time is usually only possible at weekends or larger towns, but saying that we arrived soaked in a small town on the San Salvador and managed to catch lunch at just after 1700 before they shut...
  17. Isca-camigo

    What's the state of the Camino Francés right now - June 2021?

    I have friends who have walked recently and one who is on his last day of walking the Camino in Mallorca before he ships to Girona and starts walking to Santiago from there, they haven't had vaccinations yet and the one walking at the moment isn't likely to have had a vaccination by the time he...
  18. Isca-camigo

    Feature in Guardian about Camino da Geira

    Ivar tried to get it for his forum shop but they did not reply, They are giving out updated wikiloc readings for some of the stages so it might or might not mean there is an updated book on the way
  19. Isca-camigo

    Casa Ivar 423 pilgrims got their Compostelas yesterday

    The pilgrims office will publish their monthly report for May which will include the parts of Spain and other countries the pilgrims have said they are from and also their starting locations. Several thousand received Compostelas this month it should make for interesting reading.
  20. Isca-camigo

    What's the state of the Camino Francés right now - June 2021?

    Have a look at this link for a Spanish Pilgrim who started walking the Camino Frances a couple of weeks ago from Logroño, he gives daily updates. What impressed me is how quickly nature reasserts itself, and in some places the CF looks overgrown, + you can get a feel for what is open( at the...