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    Water Intake

    So much for the scientists!!! Personally, if I don't drink lots of water when exercising I get horrendous muscle cramps in my legs at night. I've ruled out low potassium, low calcium, lack of adequate stretching, etc and the only thing that makes a difference is drinking plenty of water.
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    sock allergy???

    I finished the Bataan Death March on Sunday, a 26.2 mile walk/run with 1500 ft elevation gain. It took 9 1/2 hrs and was in the mid 80s. My rash really flared up, legs, arms, back with minimal blistering on the legs. My family insisted I see a doctor, so just came from the dermatologist who...
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    sock allergy???

    Thanks Arn, for the in depth reply to my query. Sounds like something to just ignore and not shell out a lot of money for medical advise on!!! I've read a number of your postings- where do you come up with all your medical knowledge??? And yes, I also fit into that over 50 category, so you're...
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    sock allergy???

    I have overcome a number of obsticals for my upcoming Camino in June, but have encountered a crazy one now and hope someone can help!!! I'd been walking 12 miles at a stretch with no problems, but when I increased to 18 miles I now have a horrible beet red splotchy rash on my lower legs and...