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  1. erith long

    COVID 🦠 Travel to Spain/Portugal for Canadian travelers

    Remember that you can start your form whenever you want, but you can only complete the health and travel history questions and accept it in the last 2 days before your arrival in Spain. If you travel to Spain from any country, it is necessary to complete this form, and have the QR code...
  2. erith long

    COVID 🦠 Travel to Spain/Portugal for Canadian travelers

    .- Accessing the portal, clicking on the button “Continue Individual Form” and then enter the Passport number, DNI, NIE or Personal ID number with which you made the request and including the code: this is what you have to fill before you enter Spain. there are different requirement...
  3. erith long

    For non-drinkers...Until!

    I do not think it is bacause of the Orujo,
  4. erith long

    For non-drinkers...Until!

    ORUJO, is an aftermeal drink, made mostly with herbs, to aid digestion,. is served in a very small glass. and you refer to it as a CHUPITO, sometimes, depending who makes it, fruit is added. (rarely)
  5. erith long

    Did you meet "The One" on the Camino

    In 2004, my first Camino. I met an English man while walking towards Astorga, we talked and walked together for about 2 hours, I stayed behind and lost sight of him, several days later I arrived to Ponferrada and the first person sitting by the water fountain in the albergue was him, we...
  6. erith long

    The State will invest 92 million to boost the Camino de Santiago until 2024

    sorry, this is not what the article says at all.
  7. erith long

    FEVERail card and the Tarjeta Dorada

    yes ypu have to show an id with your date of birth
  8. erith long

    FEVERail card and the Tarjeta Dorada

    You can purchase the FEVERail card at any Feve ticket salespoint, such as ticket office or commercial stations. You can travel as much as you like for 30 days, hopping on and off trains at any station, for just 88.90 euro. And if you need more time, you can purchase it for 60 days of travel on...
  9. erith long

    A pet peeve

    hello Bradypus, when and where in the UK will you talk take place, I would like to attend if it is possible
  10. erith long

    Best Camino "tour operator"?

    Prepare for the Camino de Santiago | EduConnect › prepare-camino-de-santiago
  11. erith long

    Best Camino "tour operator"?

    hello, check The Confraternity of Saint James of South Africa l Call CSJofSA
  12. erith long

    People on the Camino that become your Friends

    I came from Canada on 2004, for my first Camino . I was celebrating my 50th birthday, I met lots of wonderful people and in particular this lovely Englishman , who was celebrating his 65th , (our b-days same day, same month, 15 years apart) We have been together ever since, this year we...
  13. erith long

    AA meetings
  14. erith long

    Camino French first two night & baggage weight

    My dear, you do not have to explain why you want to stay two or three nights in SJPP, from the moment you board the plane you have started your Camino, rest, enjoy and take care of yourself, Ultreia!!! Buen Camino
  15. erith long

    Camino Norte Route from San Sebastian

    Albergue Juvenil Ondarreta, in front of the beach and just on the Camino , dorms 10 euros or shared private room, great place . kitchen and laundry facilities. lots pf pilgrims go there
  16. erith long

    Municipal Albergue blankets

    as a hospitalera and veteran camino walker cannot stress enough the importance of bringing your own sleeping bag, municipal albergues do not have blankets, many pilgrims demand and expect the hospitaleros to solve their "problem" which can be prevented with a bit of planing,, You are going...
  17. erith long

    walking from Toledo to Zamora

    Hi Chris: thanks for your offer. I am arriving Madrid Airport tomorrow morning. and I am debating if I should spend the night in Madrid and bus to Toledo following morning or go to Toledo straight from Airport and find a place to sleep. in any case I won't start until the 11, I have a...
  18. erith long

    walking from Toledo to Zamora

    read your blog, Really liked it, i think I will follow some (if not all) of your steps, I am going alone, and checking the weather for next week I feel a bit aprehensive.... will see maybe when \i arrive to Madrid i"ll change my route
  19. erith long

    walking from Toledo to Zamora

    Wohh you will be walking long distances daily, too bad you are not starting in Toledo . I will start as Hospitalera in Zamora May 1. so I am planing to arrive in Zamora 29, rest for 2 days before taking over my duties.
  20. erith long

    walking from Toledo to Zamora

    Thank you very much for your answer ,I just printed your notes from your 2013 blog, Gosh very long distances!!!! I am going alone so hopefully I will encounter some other pilgrim along the way