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  1. Helen1

    Solo travel - Lisbon to Porto

    Hello! Avoiding the whole Lisbon to Porto section seems a bit extreme to me. Plus, Coimbra is an interesting place to visit. I didn’t feel safe on the outskirts of Lisbon (couldn’t explain why but I was glad to leave). This is the area that other people have identified as a problem and there...
  2. Helen1


    Agree. I also think that bit just outside Lisbon isn't the safest of places. For the first 3 {?] days I left my things at the Ibis hotel near the station in Lisbon and walked very long days but with a very light pack and an audiobook. I got train to/from where I need to walk (really easy and the...
  3. Helen1


    Quite different - good/bad might depend on what you're looking for! I walked in August a couple of years ago, from Lisbon to Porto it was quiet with a handful of people walking very long days but who you bumped into at various places/walked together for the first mile or two out of an overnight...
  4. Helen1

    How empty is the Lisbon section?

    Walking in August a couple of years ago I don't think there were more than 15 of us. Given that some were camping, some sleeping out, some staying in private accomodation and we were walking different length stages it was really quiet and most walked alone or with a friend but we occasionally...
  5. Helen1

    Brierly or no Brierly..

    Just echoing KJFSophie's comments, it's going to be 40+, maybe 45 degrees in Portugal at the weekend. The early stages of the CP typically involve long days and there's not all that much in between stages. I think it's insane and a bit irresponsible to set out in that kind of weather, for those...
  6. Helen1

    Cicerone article about Central v Coastal Camino from Porto

    Short/nice article on the Cicerone website which describes the central and coastal caminos from Porto: Helpful if you want a summary of the two routes.
  7. Helen1

    Camino Portugues - Pros and Cons of starting from Lisbon

    I think I was paying around E15-20 for private rooms. Big towns are much more expensive. From Tui onwards it was busy and cost more. In Albergaria-a-Velha I stayed at Pensão Casa da Alameda and I scared myself witless. The owners don't sleep in the house and I was the only person staying there...
  8. Helen1

    Camino Portugues - Pros and Cons of starting from Lisbon

    Put it this way, there were 3 of us walking the early stages and when we caught up with each other in the evening I was intrigued that we usually walked slightly different routes. I would need to dig out my book, but seem to remember Brierley taking you down roads parallel to the main road when...
  9. Helen1

    Camino Portugues - Pros and Cons of starting from Lisbon

    The pros and cons really depend on whatever floats your boat and how much time you have. If you like a quiet route, cheap food, friendly locals, flat terrain, towns with a lot of history and don’t mind the heat you’ll have no issues walking from Lisbon. If you want grand vistas, lots of people...
  10. Helen1

    Email from the Camino Portugues

    The observations of that email resonate with me too. The stretch into Golega is brutal and comes at the end of a very long day. I remember 3 of us tagging each other walking into Golgea along the road, must have been close to 40C by then, no shade, all of us needing to rest/cool down every few...
  11. Helen1

    Starting point from Lisbon?

    Totally agree with peregrina2000. I would start at the Cathedral. The walk to the tile factory is historic and interesting, then there's a bit along a road which is docks/factories (but interesting in it's own way) and then you're into the new development and the bridge (this area is in most of...
  12. Helen1

    Camping on Portuguese way

    There are more campsites than it appears at first glance, all the ones I stayed at were lovely and very clean. There are quite a few campsites along the coastal route. I stayed in Lisbon first couple of nights and took the train each day (I think you can camp but I enjoyed the hotel). Tomar...
  13. Helen1

    Places to stay first few days out of Lisbon

    I had forgotten about Vasco de Gamma bridge to Alpriate! I have some beautiful pictures of that part of the walk taken with the sun low in the sky which hides the fly tipping. It was dry when I went so easy walking. I didn't feel particularly safe along that part of the route but I think that...
  14. Helen1

    Places to stay first few days out of Lisbon

    As amorfati1 says check the accommodation list for suggestions. I stayed in a hotel near Lisbon Oriente Station for the first couple of nights. The route follows the train line and the commuter trains run pretty frequently which gives you lots of flexibility on how far you walk. Obviously...
  15. Helen1

    Camino Portuguese 1st time walker - Misc Qs

    If there is a good translation apps for tourists (Portuguese / Spainish to English)? Can't help you with an app but most people I met in Portugal spoke some English - far more people than in Spain. I wouldn't worry too much about language issues on the Portuguese part.
  16. Helen1

    Portuguese camino guidebook

    The Lello Bookshop has the book with the shell on it - and the bookshop is definately worth a visit just to see inside (they refund your 3 euro if you buy something). Didn't see the Brierly guide for sale...