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  1. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    2021 Camino Frances - will be more expensive !

    I daily swing between total dispare of things ever opening up for another Camino and detailing my plans for my next Camino. It's almost like a sickness. I'm willing to pay the price of admission. My mental health is worth it.
  2. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Story: The 3 Camino Amigos – Why it started to fall apart on the Camino Frances (and a Question)

    I had (sometimes verbal) conversations with my original hiking stick I'd picked off the ground in the SJPP park. I discovered the stick was a "He" and I named him Stick. He was my buddy, my pal, my emotional support and I became nearly hysterical when I thought I'd lost him in a small town...
  3. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Discouraged in Florida

    Frankly, I never thought about the distance. It's like eating an's one bite at a time. There'll be days when you'll think you're nuts for putting yourself through it. Days when you'll cry..just because. Days when you're thrilled with the beauty & the awesomeness of it all. Days...
  4. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned?

    I say to those critics..puleese. You got nothin' better to when this world is full of seeming endless real issues? 🤨
  5. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    The Holy Year

    I was also concerned about 2021. Not only is it a Holy Year but now there's the possibility of many extra, post- Covid pilgrims added to the mix. But maybe I'm worrying for nothing. As of now, the U.S. isn't even on the list of invited guests. 🙁