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    Newsletter for all pilgrims is out now!

    Sorry for the extra UK. It's fine now....I hope
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    Newsletter for all pilgrims is out now!

    From The Confraternity of the Glorious Apostle St James in Peterborough Diocese. The most recent edition of our newsletter for all pilgrims is now available. Go to to see it.
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    True Pilgrims and Kindness

    I think that there is something missing from many of the discriptions of a true pilgrim. Yes it is someone who undertakes journey to a place of religious devotion, but the pilgrimage is not complete at that because the journey has to be with the view to returning home in a different and better...
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    Burgos to Leon in 2013

    I have found that the easiest ways to get to Leon are Stansted- Vallidolid the airline bus to town and train to Leon or fly to Asturias, Airport bus to Oviedo then train to Leon. ( Bus and Train share a station at Oviedo.) I don't speak Spanish and get by so you will be fine
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    Prayers for fallen pilgrims

    Each year at this time Peterborough Pilgrims to Santiago hold a gathering for past, present and future pilgrims which is open to all ( see relevant post ) At the Mass we pray for pilgrims who have died on the Camino and in other places. If you know of pilgrims who have gone on the great...
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    Gathering of Pilgrims

    All pilgrims are invited to the annual gathering of pilgrims to celebrate the feast of the arrival of St James in Galicia, held by the Peterborough Fraternity of Pilgrims. It is held at St Mary's Church Towcester Road Northampton NN4 8EZ . Noon 26 January 2013. Pilgrim Mass followed by Spanish...
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    Youth Pilgimage:Leon to Santiago Vid

    I hope you followed the thread as there is another part and the third part is on the way. Ages 16 to 22 years.
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    Youth Pilgimage:Leon to Santiago Vid

    Peterborough Pilgrims organized a pilgrimage of English speaking pilgrims young people. Here is the vid.Go to to see it We will be doing it again next year. Know anyone who would like to come with us ? Email a private message and we will tell you all...
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    St James's Day.

    Happy Feast from Peterborough Pilgrims to all pilgrims and to all other friends of Santiago. Ian Holdsworth Spiritual Director The Confraternity of the Glorious Apostle St James in Peterborough Diocese.
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    Where to start organising my Credecial?

    Check out the free credential button at the bottom of this page.
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    You are more than welcome as is everyone who contacts us!
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    P.S On further searching I have found her address via paypal. She has a credential in the post on the way to her in Southern England. I have just returned from posting it.
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    I have just received Trisha's private email on this matter. Peterborough Pilgrims were not aware that we had failed to answer a request for a credential. I have replied to Trish asking her for her postal address. As soon as I get it I will send a credential. We are not in the habit of failing...
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    Another question about getting a credencial

    This service is still available . See the bottom of this page. the button for free credentials for details.
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    Camino life changes and a community life.

    The community idea is taking shape. I do agree that it should both virtual and actual. Some years ago I founded the Confraternity Peterborough Pilgrims to Santiago ( full name "The Confraternity of the glorious Apostle St James in Peterborough diocese".) This has flourished to the point where we...
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    AND again....walking this wonderful Camino!!

    Glad to hear you are coming back again.
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    Pilgrim Gathering:- You're invited

    Re: Pilgrim Gathering:- Your invited Pray for it to be useful in the ministry of pilgrimage. As to the lights, folk can stay as long as they wish, but expect that the last will go home sometime after tea.
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    Pilgrim Gathering:- You're invited

    Peterborough Pilgrims to Santiago will be having their winter fraternal gathering on 28 January 2012. This begins at Noon with Mass, followed by a pilgrim feast and a talk on modern day pilgrimage with reference to Our Lady of Walsingham and Richard of Chichester by Bishop Lindsey Urwin.Everyone...
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    Prayers for the departed

    Another year has gone around. We will be praying for the departed pilgrims at the Mass and gathering of pilgrims in Northampton at the end of January. Do you have any names that you would like to add to the list? We do not want to miss any of the recent fallen out. The meeting is open to all...
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    Camino life changes and a community life.

    Thanks Reb I'll be in touch. Ian