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    Is the Camino an addiction, an obsession or something else?

    For us its " something else " The Camino offers us Peace, Love, Bewilderment, Joy and a desire to be even closer to our God. Also what a privaledge to walk in the foot steps of Saint James. In our troubled world how wonderful it is to be given the chance to find the one who is able to...
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    A Million Steps

    Deseronto, Ontario wishes you Buen Camino Have a wonderful and blessed time.
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    Rocking quietly in the corner.... (UPDATE post 51)

    Take a deep breath, and another one. There is no hell on the Camino, just peace and more peace, love and more love, friendship and more friendship, pilgrims and more pilgrims. Enjoy, you have answered the call, you are about to feel life. Ian & Helen
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    We made it to Leon.

    Just simply glad that you both arrived home , safe and happy both in yourselves and the Camino. God and the Camino will always provide your/our needs. Thanks for sharing, Blessings.
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    LIVE from the Camino DANGER... Calzadilla de la Cueza SPLIT

    You must have been very frightened but you must never forget that we are guests in their country. Hope that the shock of all this is starting to fade, and that you will soon be able to again soak in the wonderment of the camino.
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    Thank you

    Thank you,this was beautiful, it gave us a chance to dream again,how wonderful it is to read posts that are positive and that love the Camino. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    Sarria Blues

    This is your Camino, it really does not matter what others say . You will find peace, contentment, joy, a delight in the presence of the unknown, and a richness of life that no amount of discouraging remarks, could touch, Go do your wonderful 114 KMS, go do your Camino, may you see past any...
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    Warm welcome?

    Just want to address your last para,the Camino is not a waste of time and we feel that you will experience a great deal of acceptance,love, concern,kindness, peace and grace on and in YOUR journey. We belive you will receive answers to all your questions regarding our life journey, just be...
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    A Camino Race - Really

    I am opposed to this, we d0 not own the Camino, God does and he works in many ways that are unknown us. He is the Master painter and only he knows what the picture is to look like. I know some people will not agree with me and that's ok, I just feel that protesting this planned event could be...
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    walking it solo

    I was 75 when I did my camino. I can not run, can not walk fast, was not afraid, was not alone ( in all senses ) within 24 hours of walking I had a new family that was their for me if needed, go, do YOUR camino , enjoy, give thanks, become part of something so wonderful, that will change you...
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    Camino for Koreans

    My wife and I walked from Leon to Santiago in Sept 2016, when we were in a little village in Galacia we met a group of Korean school children who were singing and playing (drums) their way to Santiago.We had a great time of fellowship and friendship and joy with them, they became one of the...
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    So which is the best guide to the CF right now?

    I would get Brierley CF Maps only Guide. Buen Camino
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    Nothing but THANKS

    My wife used Mole plaster, which she bought in a roll and cut it into pieces a little bigger than my implant. then covered the implant each day. Also she moved the chest strap on my back pack lower than normal,so that the strap would not rub. Hope this helps. Ian and Helen.
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    Nothing but THANKS

    My wife and I started our camino in Leon on 16th Sept 2016 , here are just a few of the wonderful things that happened to us. I walk with pacemaker/defibralator/and heart restructer machine implanted in my chest,but would you belive it was my hip that gave out, we were in a little village...
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    Starting our Camino in Leon

    Thank you all for your info, what a great group o people you all are,just so very kind. Ian,
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    Starting our Camino in Leon

    Hi we are starting our camino in Leon on 16th Sept, we are excited and very grateful that we have been given the chance to be part of this, I am in my middle seventies, and my wife in her sixties, and we have a couple of questions that we are looking to find the answers to. We are doing this...
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    Looking forward to 15th Sept

    Can anyone tell us where the bus to Leon leaves Madrid Airport Terminal #4, where is terminal #4 in relation to where the planes arrive? We cannot find a map of terminal #4