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  1. WolverineDG

    Traveling from Egypt

    that's wonderful news! Congratulations!!! Kelly
  2. WolverineDG

    Biarritz to Bayonne

    Safe travels & Buen Caminio, Richey! Kelly
  3. WolverineDG

    By car with children ... and camping

    First of all, welcome to the Forum! Second, like sulu, I think you would be pushing it to walk from Sarria to Santiago in 4 days, especially with kids in tow. There are plenty of pensiones & hostals where you could stay,especially in the larger towns, in addition to albergues. It might even be...
  4. WolverineDG

    Biarritz to Bayonne

    As everyone else has said, either the bus or the taxi will get you to the train station in Bayonne. Just follow the backpacks out the door. :) If you forget which bus to take, the information desk has maps. The Biarritz airport is small, so no worries about getting lost. You come down the...
  5. WolverineDG

    Transportation from Biarritz to Pamplona...

    You could take a bus from Biarritz to San Sebastian & then from San Sebastian to Pamplona. Kelly
  6. WolverineDG

    Santiago Airport - No walking poles allowed

    It's always six of one, half a dozen of the other. I was able to get a very large bottle of sunscreen on board my flight home in 2007 in Spain, where there had recently been a thwarted ETA bombing in Logrono & while the airport & security were still on high alert. Yet, when I had to go through...
  7. WolverineDG

    Traveling from Egypt

    that's good to hear. I tend to be a worry wort & didn't want something to happen to mess up your camino. :) Kelly
  8. WolverineDG

    Traveling from Egypt

    Mina, just an FYI that SJP is in France, not Spain. I don't think this could cause a problem, since you'd be there so briefly, but you never know. I would contact the French embassy/consulate to see if you need a visa for such a short stay. Kelly
  9. WolverineDG

    Traveling from Egypt

    I can't help you with your visa problem, but if you are leaving Egypt from Cairo, I'd check & see which flights are cheapest to Paris, Madrid, & Barcelona. I just did a quick search on Expedia, & could only find direct flights (on EgyptAir) to Paris. Madrid & Barcelona require stops in other...
  10. WolverineDG

    Best airport to come into from the states

    Here's what's worked best for me: Open Jaw tickets between Paris & Madrid. If this costs more, it's not by much & not enough to come in under costs of traveling onward to SJP & then back to the same airport from Santiago. I got a great deal on Expedia in 2009--routed me through Heathrow before...
  11. WolverineDG

    Paris to Roncevalles?

    Why not take the train from Paris to SJP? You can get a taxi from SJP to Roncesvalles at the train station. Kelly
  12. WolverineDG

    Madrid to SJPdP

    Granted, I haven't traveled with a bike before, but if it's in a box, why not take the bus? It could be stored in the luggage compartment. As for getting to SJP from Madrid, that should be no problem. You *may* have to go out of your way a bit, since the only way to get from Roncesvalles to...
  13. WolverineDG

    From Paris CDG on to SJPP

    You have to buy your ticket to SJP at the Bayonne station. It's not a big deal. Kelly
  14. WolverineDG

    From Paris CDG on to SJPP

    Yes, the train station is below the terminal. Just follow the signs at the airport. :) Kelly
  15. WolverineDG

    From Paris CDG on to SJPP

    What I would do is find an airport hotel, such as this one ... ndex.shtml and spend a few hours there before the EasyJet flight. You can then get a hotel in Bayonne (instead of taking the late train to SJP) & see SJP in the daytime, as well as get caught...
  16. WolverineDG

    Heathrow in London to St. Jean

    Can you get to Paris? That way you don't have to deal with 3 different currencies (USD, GBP, Euro). What about an open jaw ticket? Fly to Europe via Paris (CDG), then back home via London. You could take Ryan Air from Santiago to London. (Or any of the other airlines that fly between those 2...
  17. WolverineDG

    Heathrow in London to St. Jean

    Susan, I would look into going via EasyJet from Gatwick. There are buses that go from Heathrow to Gatwick (yeah, they take a while sometimes) but if your flights are spaced right, you should be fine. Keep in mind that getting from Heathrow to anywhere else is going to be expensive. When I went...
  18. WolverineDG

    Madrid to St. Jean Pied de Port

    Glad someone came on with more information. :) As you're walking, stop in to the Tourist Information offices (TI) from time to time. They have mines of information on bus & train schedules, which are handy to have, just in case. Kelly
  19. WolverineDG

    Madrid to St. Jean Pied de Port

    There is a bus to Roncesvalles, but to get to SJP from there, you will have to take a taxi. There is also a taxi that will take you from Pamplona to SJP, but you have to make arrangements in advance. If you do a search, you can find many posts about it on the forum. :) Kelly
  20. WolverineDG

    Estella transport

    NP, Edward. :) Just look at the map above your post. While Estella isn't on it, it is between Logrono & Pamplona. Follow the yellow line from Pamplona up to San Sebastian, & you will see that it connects to Irun & Bayonne. Biarritz is between those 2 cities. When I looked more closely at the...