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  1. DowtyCamino

    I am leaving. Not Forum just yet, but Camino.

    I'm sure your humor and caring won't end here David. It's part of your DNA. All of our walking days will eventually end but your's has been meaningful to many. Enjoy your Camino retirement!
  2. DowtyCamino

    Pilgrim office statistics

    Does anyone have information about the pilgrim office website? Their monthly statistics page seems to have no updates since July.
  3. DowtyCamino

    Comment by 'DowtyCamino' in media 'Nave, Vault and Trascoro'

    A story told in architecture.
  4. DowtyCamino

    Comment by 'DowtyCamino' in media 'Shortly after Castrojeriz'

    You nailed it it was mid June.
  5. DowtyCamino

    Comment by 'DowtyCamino' in media 'Leaving Castrojeriz under a busy sky'

    Of all of your many amazing photos.....WOW!
  6. DowtyCamino

    Comment by 'DowtyCamino' in media 'How to Easily Fix Your Umbrella to Your Backback'

    I can't imagine this working in a wind. Did you experience this?
  7. DowtyCamino


    You are all HORRIBLE people! Because of this simple conversation I now am heartsick to begin prior to 2022! Haha. Honestly though, from the moment we decided to say "Yes" to the beckoning of the VF I have a new sense of excitement. The time of preparation is in some ways as wonderful as the...
  8. DowtyCamino


    Tim: Thank you so much for your thoughts and insights. Please tell me if you get tired of answering my questions. Unfortunately we have until 2022 (retirement) until I have time for the VF (see...i paid attention to your post!). My biggest regret from Camino (and there were very few) was...
  9. DowtyCamino


    Thanks Iriebabel. I've been watching Efren's videos over the last few days and they are excellent. Thanks
  10. DowtyCamino


    My wife and I have walked the CdS from SJPdP to Santiago twice (2014 and 2017) and we're now planning to walk the CF in 2022 (still a long way away...but we like to have a goal!!). We will be walking from Cantebury (perhaps even from London) to Rome starting off in August and ending in October...
  11. DowtyCamino

    Our Camino story - Plus, How do I get from San Sebastian to SJPDP

    Unhelpful for your planning probably, but in 2017 (after missing my flight from Madrid to Bayonne, I caught the next best option and flew to San Sebastian. Because I had to meet up with folks in SJPdP at a certain time I had no option but taxi from SS to SJPdP. It was a nice but $$ ride...
  12. DowtyCamino

    Comment by 'DowtyCamino' in media 'CASTROJERIZ'

    Love the framing!
  13. DowtyCamino

    Comment by 'DowtyCamino' in media 'Are We There Yet?'

    Ignoring the km post for a moment...looking at this picture brings back such great memories. It's funny though, on neither Camino do I recall ever coming across a vista like this - one with the road stretching on forever - and having a feeling of "Oh No!". You'd think it would be daunting...
  14. DowtyCamino

    Camino Francés in the 1980s

    If you want to go back a bit further US President John Adams wrote journals about his unintentional visit along the Camino....He's not very complimentary about it's state in the late 18th century.
  15. DowtyCamino

    Comment by 'DowtyCamino' in media 'Fallen leaves in Ponferrada'

    Do you have any idea what tree this is? It's hard to see in the collage of leaves, but it looks a little like a ginkgo - but that wouldn't be native of course.
  16. DowtyCamino

    Comment by 'DowtyCamino' in media 'The Beatitudes of a Pilgrim'

    Zabaldika - one of the heavens along the Frances.
  17. DowtyCamino

    Comment by 'DowtyCamino' in media 'I'm so glad I learned how to order this in Spanish!'

    On Camino 1, we'd walked from SJPdP all the way Triacastela - the whole time wondering "where are all the eggs for bfast?". And then we learned the magical phrase! Camino 2 was MUCH better in terms of bfast.