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  1. WolverineDG

    What type and size water bottle to take?

    I would buy 1.5 or 2 liter bottles of water, then re-use the bottles by refilling them. I'd replace them after a few days when they became manky. :)
  2. WolverineDG

    Poles or no Poles?

    I wouldn't walk without them. They help stabilize you on steep ascents & descents (of which there are quite a few---that last descent into Hornillos isn't called "Mule Killer" for nuthin'), plus they give your hands something to do while you're walking & keep them from swelling. Kelly
  3. WolverineDG

    Something I upgraded to, and liked.

    Crocs are for both men & women. :) Kelly
  4. WolverineDG

    Something I upgraded to, and liked.

    Those are not only cute, I love the color! :) Kelly
  5. WolverineDG

    Something I upgraded to, and liked.

    I bought a pair of purple Crocs specifically for the Camino. You can't beat 'em as a 2nd pair of shoes. and that hat is a great idea! :scribbling down suggestion for next camino: Kelly
  6. WolverineDG

    Backpack too small?

    You can wear shorts on the Camino. :) I just wore capris because I walked when the weather was a bit cooler. Plus, I don't like to wear shorts. lol Just note that *some* churches (not all of them) expect more modest attire when you visit them. I've seen people wear all kinds of stuff on the...
  7. WolverineDG

    Backpack too small?

    Karyn, take it from me, leave the junk behind. That's what killed me each time. I cut myself down to the most basics of clothes: 3 shirts, 3 bras, 3 undies, 3 pr hiking socks, 3 pr woolen socks**, 2 capri-length exercise pants & 1 full length (black), plus a hoodie & rain poncho. All that...
  8. WolverineDG

    Backpack too small?

    I hope you find a pack that works for you. :) I've used both an Osprey & an Aarn & liked them both. Somehow, though I always seem to stuff all kinds of junk in my pack that seldom, if ever, get used (like extra toiletries & sundries mostly). It's worth it, I've decided, to bite the bullet &...
  9. WolverineDG

    Altus Poncho In USA

    the Altus Poncho covers both you & your pack. I only had to use it a few of times on my camino, but it kept me dry & warm on the days that I had to use it. Kelly
  10. WolverineDG

    Altus Poncho

    If you do a search, sillydoll had an excellent post a couple of years ago that linked to a store in Spain that sells the poncho. I ordered from it long after whatever sale it was she was talking about. I think I placed my order late Monday night & got the poncho Thursday afternoon (!!!), & that...
  11. WolverineDG

    The Lightest Sleeping Bag in the World?

    The lightest sleeping bag in the world is the one you don't have to carry. :mrgreen: Kelly
  12. WolverineDG

    Aarn Backpacks

    While I liked the Aarn that I used 2 times on the Frances, I really missed having front & side pockets to put stuff in, so bought & used an Osprey for my last trip. Kelly
  13. WolverineDG

    Inner socks/

    they're lightweight socks that you wear under the heavier hiking socks. They're also called "liner socks" or "wicking socks." You want the ones that will wick the moisture away from your feet. Any sporting goods store worth the name will know what you're talking about. :D Kelly
  14. WolverineDG


    I wear the clothes I'm wearing the next day. If it's too warm, I just sleep in the tops & put the bottoms on in the morning. Kelly
  15. WolverineDG

    Plug adaptor

    yes, you only need the 2 prong one. only three more sleeps for me. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Kelly
  16. WolverineDG

    Sleeping bag - to bring or not to bring.....

    the nights get really chilly in September. Not all albergues have blankets, such as Roncesvalles. Better to be safe than sorry. :) Kelly
  17. WolverineDG

    sleeping bag: Absolutely necessary?

    I'd say yes because not all albergues provide blankets & the nights at that time are very cool to downright cold. Kelly
  18. WolverineDG

    Hiking Boots vs Running-style tennis shoes

    Evan, I'll let you know how the 977s work out. Kelly
  19. WolverineDG

    Hiking Boots vs Running-style tennis shoes

    On my first 2 caminos, I used the New Balance 976. They are water-resistant (I think) At any rate, May 2007 was very wet & muddy. I did not have problems with my feet getting wet, except the day we had to walk through puddles that came up over our ankles. They no longer make the 976. It was...
  20. WolverineDG

    Hiking Boots vs Running-style tennis shoes

    boots support your ankles, tennies don't. However, New Balance has several styles that can be called "Hybrids"--they look like hiking boots, but are lighter weight & you can wear them like tennies. Kelly