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  1. DowtyCamino

    Pilgrim office statistics

    Does anyone have information about the pilgrim office website? Their monthly statistics page seems to have no updates since July.
  2. DowtyCamino


    My wife and I have walked the CdS from SJPdP to Santiago twice (2014 and 2017) and we're now planning to walk the CF in 2022 (still a long way away...but we like to have a goal!!). We will be walking from Cantebury (perhaps even from London) to Rome starting off in August and ending in October...
  3. DowtyCamino


    For anyone interested - and not thoroughly exhausted with Camino movies, we FINALLY published our documentary from our 2017 Camino. You can view this on YouTube by searching for "NotJustAHike", or click the image below.... Let us know what you think. Our 2014 documentary seemed to be well...
  4. DowtyCamino

    Media request

    In 2017 between Espinal and Zabaldiki we walked along a section of the Camino where the path falls away steeply to the right. Ahead we heard a woman crying out for help. We ran to see what was going on an found the woman about 15ft down the side of the mountain with her crashed bike laying on...
  5. DowtyCamino

    Funniest Camino Picture

    There have been several "Favorite Picture" posts. Just curious....what's your "funniest" picture. My entry is this shot in Burgos. It was supposed to be of my wife and I goofing off with an ice cream. However the background was
  6. DowtyCamino

    Religious/Spiritual Camino

    After speaking with our moderator I'd like to ask anyone that would be willing/interested in replying to this topic to send me a reply as a private conversation. According to IVAR you can add as many people to this conversation as you wish or you can keep it private. You can find...
  7. DowtyCamino

    Religious/Spiritual Camino

    I know that there are many reasons people walk Camino. I'd like to pose a question to the portion of those who walk Camino for religious/spiritual reasons. Specifically I'd like to receive stories/feedback from the subset of those that have had a specifically Christian experience on Camino as...
  8. DowtyCamino

    Charts and Graphs

    I'm sure there was an easier way, but I've manually input all of the statistics from the Santiago Cathedral website and created the following charts and graphs for general interest and comment. Enjoy
  9. DowtyCamino

    LIVE from the Camino Best fine dining

    After 1000 Pilgrims menus sometimes you just have to splurge. My vote for the best fine dining on Camino is Restaurante Serrano in Astorga. Went there for our Anniversary. Actually it was so good we went back a second night. Your Recommendation?
  10. DowtyCamino

    LIVE from the Camino Pilgrim Report

    Just checking in to report. SJPdP to Burgos Crowds: Same volume on the Camino at any one time as 2014 with no problems with overcrowding but Albergues the often near capacity vs many open beds. Weather: Hotter than 2014 by a large margin Litter: Camino seems to continue to be well kept and...
  11. DowtyCamino

    LIVE from the Camino Before Los Arcos

    is there any lodging before los arcos and after Estella except the town before monjardin?
  12. DowtyCamino

    LIVE from the Camino Slightly Stranded

    Crazy hiccup when the bag check at Madrid ate my passport. I've recovered it but missed my flight to BIQ. My 3 companions have gone ahead and we plan to meet in SJPdP. My only goal now is to get to SJPdP at the quickest route so as not to hold them up. We have Orisson reservations for this...
  13. DowtyCamino


    Once arriving in Santiago from SJPdP I plan on spoiling my wife with a vacation from our vacation - traveling to Oporto. We fly out of Oporto 4 days later. 1) What's the best way to get from SC to Oporto? We'd be traveling on a Saturday near the end of June so I expect bus or train services...
  14. DowtyCamino

    Roncevalles Dinner - 19 days away

    In 2014, we had our first Pilgrim's dinner at the Bar Roncevalles con terazza. The fresh trout that night still lingers on my pallet. I see now that the albergue offers dinner (and breakfast). Who's had it and who recommends which?
  15. DowtyCamino

    Spanish Mass Primer

    Perhaps an odd question, but is there any kind of primer for a Spanish Mass. Last camino we attended mass on several occasions but, to be honest, having only a limited Spanish vocabulary and being Protestant and unable to participate in the Eucharist, the services were too "foreign" to be very...
  16. DowtyCamino

    Gram Weenies

    Question and request of all you gram weenies. Q: How much does a compactor trash bag (as used in a pack as a liner) weigh? Request: What's your favorite gram saving tip(s)? My contribution - A pencils weigh less than a pen Re-usable ty-wraps weigh less than carabiners for attaching things...
  17. DowtyCamino

    Pack liners

    Camino 2014 we were blessed with only one day of rain the entire 5 weeks. Crazy. My wife and I both had pack covers. That we put on an off when the weather threatened. Her's was a simple bag with an elasticized draw string that made it simple to put on and off. Mine was a more complicated one...
  18. DowtyCamino

    Craziest thing you've seen someone bring on Camino

    What the most insane thing you've seen someone bring on Camino. For me there are two. I saw a lady in Castrojeriz who had a curling iron. She'd been toting it since Pamplona. The other item (in my opinion even nuttier due to the weight) was a college kid from California who had one of those...
  19. DowtyCamino

    Poles...a recommendation

    My wife and I took Komperdell carbon poles with us on our 2014 Camino. These were excellent and we really liked the Nordic Walking style gloves that attach to the handles. I know they aren't recommended for trekking, but we found them excellent. Unfortunately we were lost one of the poles...
  20. DowtyCamino

    Geeks Only

    Geeks Only #2 by DowtyCamino posted Nov 1, 2016 at 8:29 PM I found this interesting. You can see the impact of the 2010 Holy Year as well as the growth (and potentially leveling off) of Camino traffic. March and April are interesting and trend bucking because of when Easter falls. Geeks Only...