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  1. josephmcclain

    Toulouse to Somport photos

    Thank you so much for this. the photos are gorgeous and compilation is really delightful. Music, too!
  2. josephmcclain

    Accomodation in St. Jean

    I wouldn’t miss staying at Beilari in Saint-Jean. One of the most remarkable experiences along the Camino and simply an amazing way to start.
  3. josephmcclain

    COVID Americans vaccinated allowed to France in May

    Do you live in the Dordogne? We are planning on being there in September if the vaccinated rule holds! Also will be looking for property in the Dordogne.
  4. josephmcclain

    Searching for the perfect hiking pole

    Hmmmmm...not my experience.
  5. josephmcclain

    Which Camino for my 80th year?

    I love this series of messages. I am having the same questions! I walked my first Frances at 74 and then the primitivo at 76. And I long to return. But now sitting here in the pandemic unable to travel, I worry about doing my next one. When? I have always said I want to do one more, secretly...
  6. josephmcclain

    Pictures of the Aragonés 2019

    Beautiful. would have been there myself a year ago...but we know what happened. thanks for posting. Mor!!
  7. josephmcclain

    The House of the Rising Sun- in Conques

    Thanks so much for posting this. Thanks for writing without your ego sticking our around the edges!!.....assured all our paths will cross when the World is ready for us! thanks!!
  8. josephmcclain

    Looking for a casa rural to run on the Camino in Galicia?

    Would be interested in knowing the length of the lease and what a renewal of lease will be like. Very interested.
  9. josephmcclain

    Looking for a casa rural to run on the Camino in Galicia?

    Would be interested in knowing the length of the lease would be and what a renewal would be like. But interested.
  10. josephmcclain

    A detour in Cathar Country: myth, mystery and lost treasure.

    Found a Spanish versoon online, so looking forward to starting it.!!
  11. josephmcclain

    Input for Rewilding Business

    I am all for your idea. and hope you can make it a reality! For some backup look at David Attenborough ´s new film ¨Life on our planet¨
  12. josephmcclain

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Olvidado!

    Your photos of this Camino are beautiful. I wish I could be there!
  13. josephmcclain

    Alcalá del Júcar, a jewel on the Lana

    How beautiful. I would walk it. What time of year?
  14. josephmcclain

    Pacerpoles for people with diminished core/upper-body strength?

    Actually, I was going to write you the same thing. That maybe he wasn’t using the straps correctly since if they are used correctly all the hand is doing is guiding the pole, not even needing to grasp it. His circumstances might be different with ALS, just a thought. All the best to him for...
  15. josephmcclain

    Primitivo questions

    I did the Primitivo last spring, 2019. Number of days is really dependent on how hard you want to push. I personally needed 12/13 days. Remember that 25 kms on the Primitivo are generally much harder than on almost all days of the Francès. I think it will rain and you got to be prepared. I opted...
  16. josephmcclain

    Winter Camino Frances?

    MSPATH!!! I love your blog!! Saludos and buen camino!!
  17. josephmcclain

    Camino Transcantabrico

    i love “ before my bucket permanently drops”!! My idea too! I see you did the Le Puy. I am thinking about that one next time. How was it for you?
  18. josephmcclain

    Walking the Camino del Norte - Mid September - Am I too optimistic?

    Of course, right now USA residentes are banned from entering Spain, right?
  19. josephmcclain

    Walking the Camino del Norte - Mid September - Am I too optimistic?

    Where do you live, Lirsy? If I might ask. am thinking about a place on the Asturian Coast. Of course, right now, live in a country that is banned from traveling to Spain, so it’s just a pipe dream at this point. Buen Camino